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GenX Says: Part Seven

And finally, we have to the end of the GenX series. But the legend will live on. I know, it's hard to believe that all of these series were primarily in response to just one GenXpose post, isn't it? But that's how long that post was. Now you see why I decided to break it all down into seven parts. There was a great deal to cover. We also know why Gen and the rest didn't want this series to be posted. It made them out to be the fools they already know they are yet, still unwilling to admit to.

And while we wade through the remains of the last bit of morsels Gen and her gang of bullies have left us to chew on, let's reflect back to how this all started in Part One where I first addressed the issue of Jude's age. It's important to the beginning of this post because on that dreadful day of my attack on Goodreads, the age thing came into question. It's been said all along by Gen that Jude was a minor. We have repeatedly proven that she has no idea the age of what a minor is because nothing inappropriate ever occurred between me and Jude for those final 2 or 3 months she was a minor when she and I met. Like all the other underage people, male or female, I was friends only with them. In fact, I was friends only with everyone, age be damned.

And why was I friends with everyone? Because I already have a full and wonderful life. I don't need the internet to "meet" girls. That is - in my opinion only - kind of lame. Although, from my friendship with Jude while she was a minor, did turn into something more once she turned 18, this is still no reason for Gen and the rest of Bully Nation to go around lying and saying that I chase after underage girls. This is clearly a lie because if they knew what they say was true, we would have seen some kind of evidence from ONE of them that would support this allegation. Since we haven't, then why else would they go around saying it if not to try and destroy my reputation, I.E. book sales. Obviously, this is grounds for me to sue them!

And we also have to ponder the question that if they truly believe the words they write themselves, why do they choose to hide behind fake names? With all the accusations of me using fake names, they are the only ones thus far proven to be using them. Not me. Obviously, they are the ones with something to hide.

Anyhow, in this first screenshot we see where I am winding things down too. (And so are they, GenXpose bullies) I end my statement in the shot asking who do these bullies think they are, the Justice League? Take a look.

"AreaFive" says: "Oh shit, here it comes" - Making me think she knew what Gen was about to say. To which I now turn my attention to. She starts it out with: "I tell the truth."

Really Gen? You tell the truth? OMG! LMAO! So far, in this series alone, nobody has seen the truth come from your soiled mouth and mind. In fact, I started this series out proving you to be a LIAR! The only truth you and your gang of internet thugs have proved (twice in the same post) was the model pic. Which is old news and .... quite frankly .... nobody cares.

So obviously, GenXpose hate blog doesn't "tell" the truth. They merely lie, speculate and spread propaganda around. It's primarily nothing more than their spin on their opinion. End of story. But truthful? ... I think not. And all the evidence backs this up.

She also goes on to say that she cooperates with authorities and she is aware of the law. Well of course you cooperate Gen, failure to do so would result in "obstruction of justice" charges. (Dumb-ass) And as for being aware of the law, that is debatable. Maybe you are. Then again, you certainly don't know the legal age of consent and if you don't know something as simple and common as that, then I am inclined to believe that you don't know a whole hell of a lot where the law is concerned. So I digress to my question which I raised in part Six of this series, are you just that stupid or just a flat out liar? (Or both?)

She then mentions how she won't "back down from me" - Funny Gen, you started this shit so technically, it is I who is not backing down from you. (Dumb-ass)

She then says "I sign my name." - Really Gen? Where? And what name you referring to? Your FAKE name? ... I .... see?

She claims that I crossed lines I never should have. Really Gen? And what lines were those? The ones where I stood up for myself against your hate and lies? And personal attacks against me? Because those are the only lines I crossed sweetheart. Your ego and self-entitlement allows you to believe that no one has the right to challenge your idiocy. Welcome to the real world, idiot.

She continues with her little cry-baby rant saying that I am arrogantly thinking I am untouchable hiding behind my monitor. Well Gen, right back at you honey. At least everyone knows who I am. You still claim you're not Amanda Welling while hiding behind your monitor crying like a little bitch. You attack me and STGRB for no other reason other than to gratify some sick psychotic desire you have to spread hate, gossip and lies. To try and bully me into shutting up, and not to defend myself. You tried every trick in the book and still, here I am. Oh no, Gen, I am not hiding behind nothing but the truth and it eats you up like an air-born bacteria, doesn't it?

She suggests that I "keep running my mouth then promises me that it will only work against me. So far, you and your goons are the ones who are running your mouths and ... so far ... it has only worked against you. Even your feeble attempt to send the feds to my door backfired on your fat stupid ass, didn't it, Gen? LOL Yes! I do believe it did.

But if you would like to see another piece of evidence where another bully ran her mouth and got run out of dodge, allow me to remind you one of things that were said in the attack against me on Goodreads that fateful day. You know, since in one of your comments you question that attack despite the fact that STGRB covered it so well. Take a look.

You see, even this twit of an author, Autumn Rosen, doesn't know what the age of consent is. Looks like you're not alone there sweet cheeks. I'm just surprised that you don't have her on your payroll.

And to duplicate "AreaFive's" comment: "And SLAM! there it went!"


In this next screenshot, I conclude my comments and sum everything up. "EA" obviously is lacking in intelligence with her remark of: "He thinks some very strange things." Check it out.

However, Gen replies: "The only thing that's actually been established here is that he probably shouldn't be alowed to speak in his own defense."

You're right Gen, I shouldn't be allowed to speak in my own defense because ..... I am ripping you a new one! LOL I'm too good at it. I credit that to the fact that I stand on the side of truth. The fact is, you shouldn't be allowed to bully people because you suck at lying and proving those lies. LOL 

Although, I would like to take this time to say thank you for calling it "my defense". That's the second thing you may have gotten right in this series. (The other being the model pic) 

In this next screenshot, I'm not quite sure what these SFB's (shit for brains) bullies were addressing, but I am going to address their comment. Take a look.

 Apparently, they really do suck at math because I never owned 8 blogs. Allow me to explain. I have a Wordpress blog that I only post my poetry and writing / music related stuff on. That's one. (Keeping up so far Gen?) I also have my original blog on Blogger simply called "Carroll Bryant". (That's two)

Let me know if I'm going too fast for you Gen. 

I have another writing only blog called "The Carroll Bryant Collection" and it runs the same lines as my Wordpress blog. (That's three) 

Then I have this blog. (That makes four) 

However, they may have been referring to the three blogs I created back once upon a time and took down after like about fifteen minutes. Those were, "Amanda Welling Lies", "Jude Henderson Lies" and "John Green Lies". (I only posted them when they created "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog.) You see, it's okay for them (and anyone else) to create hate blogs against me, but then their butt-hurt moans and groans come spilling out when it's them being targeted. yet still, those three plus my other four would equal seven. Seven blogs. Not eight. 

of course, you bullies are welcome to double check the math if you don't believe me. And I have a feeling you don't. (Believe me that is.) 

Then they question my statement about my blog views. Take a peek. 

I'll let this next screenshot answer that. 

Enough proof for you Gen?

I will say this much, it is now way over 400,000 mentioned. It is now (as of this writing) 487,404 and climbing. What's wrong? The truth hurts, Gen? .... I bet it does. 

Then in this next shot, they attack me for saying that book sales don't concern me. See for yourself.

Their response? They say that I can't convince people to buy my books or CD's when I mention that money isn't my priority and that I give a lot of them away. Well first of all, when I made my CD's, I made 1000 copies. This was about six months before I released my first book. I spent a good portion of the next four months selling those CD's. Between me, my then manager, my family and a few friends, I managed to sell 900 of those CD's for an average price of about $5.00 dollars. (Some more, some less) It was quite the feat actually. Now, doing the math, even at them prices, I got back between $4,500.00 and $5,000.00 dollars. It cost me about $700.00 for those copies. One would think I cleaned up, right? .... Wrong! .... The studio costs of recording those songs, and the singers, and I had to pay extra for a lead guitarist on some of the tracks, I spent another $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 dollars so ..... in doing the math, we discover that I broke even at best. At worst, I lost about $500.00 dollars. Not that I care because ..... for me .... it's not about the money.

What did I do with the other 100 copies? .... I still have about 50 of them left. I have given away the rest. And I will probably give away the remaining fifty also. Oh sure, I could sell them and recoup my losses and definitely break even, but giving people a free copy seems to make them smile. And I like making people smile. That's just me.

Now, where it pertains to my books, when I first started publishing through Bookbaby, I misread the price chart rules. I thought it said that I had to sell my books for a minimum of $2.99 each. (With a maximum price of $9.99 each) However, I discovered almost a year later (after two books were already published) that this wasn't the case. I decided to just let it go and keep them priced at $2.99 each. That's still a heck of a deal.

And FYI, there is a 3 month gap between sales notification too. By that I mean, I just found this month what I sold for the month of March. Oh, another FYI, I have a sold books in every month of this year so far. And yet, one more FYI to boot, I have gone into my account three times this year. Only three times! ..... I really don't care about my sales. I honestly don't. I only placed them on Bookbaby because it made my life simpler and they offer to make them available for ALL E-Readers. Which makes it easier for people in my family, and my friends, to download them to read if they like, which is why I published them in the first place really. And oh, by the way, do you realize how much it costs me to have a book published, with a cover? .... Around $450.00 dollars. So asking people to pay a mere $2.99 a book isn't asking for the moon. I would have to sell about 350 to 375 books of each book to break even. Just saying. Things often times cost money. That's just the way of the world. But at least I sell mine at a price most people in today's economy can afford. I'm rather proud of that little tidbit.

Now obviously, when one does this, write songs and books, there is always a chance that they will be "discovered" or what not. If that were to ever happen, I would rather be "discovered" through my music more so than through my books. That being said, I have been contacted by a few record labels. Unfortunately, I didn't like the sound of their pitch to me, claiming they could get my songs recorded by big name artists if I would allow those big time artists co-writing credits. I refused. They're my songs. I wrote them. I own them. Case closed. Now, if my only goal was to make money with them and "be famous" so to speak, then yeah, maybe I would have signed a deal or something. But since I'm not hard up about the money issue, my answer was "no thanks".

I also have been contacted by two book publisher's prior to my attack on Goodreads. I didn't like their sales pitch either so I politely refused. Then, about a month or two after my last refusal, I got attacked. Coincidence? .... Maybe not. But I don't care either way. I'm still doing what I do. And not you or any other entity, publisher, will be able to change that. EVER!

Then in that last screenshot that I "expressed" an interest in the STGRB treasury. Wait! What? No i didn't! .... I merely supported the idea behind it. That's it! ... The STGRB treasury has absolutely nothing to do with me because I have no part of STGRB on a personal level, despite the bullies claim that I do. That monies for the STGRB treasury goes to victims of the bullies. To help the victims of their attacks afford lawyers in order for them to sue their attackers for libel and damages. Of course I am going to support that idea.

And while we're on the subject, Gen, why is the STGRB treasury so important to you? And why do you and the rest of Bully Nation continue to think you know anything in regards of what happens with that treasury? It would seem you have more of an interest in it than I do. Why is that?

I have said this before and I'll say it again, I have no official involvement with STGRB. But if the bullies want to continue thinking that I do, then fine, think away. I'll take it as a compliment because STGRB rocks! LOL

But here is another screenshot about the STGRB donation box.

Once again, GenX and Bully Nation going on with their assumptions that they know all about the purpose behind the donation box on STGRB. The fact is, they don't know a damn thing about it. Not a one! And they claim that I don't respect my readers because I'm honest about my stance where that donation box and STGRB is concerned? Gen, you're the one disrespecting your readers by claiming you KNOW everything about nothing! And especially things that don't even pertain to you or is any of your stinking business to begin with. You offer only opinion, speculation and hearsay. Not to mention lies. That's it! 

Then it is mentioned that I am reaping the benefits from that donation box. Really? I am? Then fine, where's my cut? LMAO! Somebody is holding out on me here. LOL But no, I'm not unbiased about it. I support STGRB so therefor, it would stand to reason that I support the donation box. But I am no more unbiased about that than you are about me, GenX. You're pals with Jude Henderson (aka Elsa Hernandez) so naturally, you're going to spin the truth, lie, and speculate all day long about everything between her and I like you know something about our relationship when in truth, and all honesty, you don't know Jack Shit! And I doubt you ever will. But hey, if it makes you feel like a somebody to think you do know, then keep knocking yourself out. Who knows, maybe one day you will knock yourself out so hard that you'll get a magical concussion that will actually knock some sense into you and knock out all your hate and stupidity. 

Yeah, and maybe donkeys will fly from out of my ass.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* GenX doesn't tell the truth

* This is the last of the GenX series (Or is it?) O_o

* The bullies think they're the Justice League

* Carroll does a fantastic job of speaking in his defense

* Carroll sold 900 music CD's in six months

* Carroll's original blog has over 487,000 views in under 18 months

* Carroll has no official involvement with STGRB

* Carroll will always do what he do and nobody can stop him

* Carroll wishes he had a donation box, he would buy GenX a new brain (Maybe)


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