Monday, August 19, 2013

Goodreads Author Program: KDP Select

In a recent KDP newsletter, Goodreads community manager, Patrick Brown, had this to say.

I understand that Patrick is required to boast about the product he represents, that product being Goodreads, even if it means he has to outright lie, and or simply refuse to mention some things. By lying, and posting misinformation about the Goodreads Author Program however, should be a crime. Most in part because while he is luring new and unsuspecting authors to Goodreads, he fails to mention that Goodreads will probably ruin an authors career more than enhance it. He fails to mention anything about the bullies he allows to roam freely on Gooodreads to attack authors without rhyme or reason and with extreme prejudice. 

He also fails to mention that he, Patrick Brown, protects these vile people.

Interestingly enough, in the Goodreads author guidelines, it is mentioned that authors should not respond to bad reviews in order to not be attacked by his gang of thugs. Take a look at this excerpt from those guidelines:

Notice that he associates authors complaining about bad reviews to the bullies "destroying" authors reputations. 

First of all, an authors reputation shouldn't have to be "destroyed" just because they might complain about a bad review. I guess that's the going rate for complaining. Also, this statement alone is Patrick's way of saying, "I won't do anything to stop it if you're attacked. Nor will my staff do anything either."

And he thinks authors are going to sign up for this?

Secondly, I think myself and STGRB has shown on multiple occasions where an authors reputation was "destroyed" despite the fact that the author never complained about bad reviews. To wit; the reason I was banned had nothing at all to do with me complaining about bad reviews. Nor was it the reason for author John Reeves. Here is his response to Patrick Brown's KDP newsletter and the Goodreads Author Program guidelines. 

So, you see Patrick Brown, your lies won't float here. Nor will your misinformation tactics. The cold hard truth is, you allow bullies to run your site, and attack authors for ANY reason. The fact that you post such a threat in your "guidelines" to authors, warning them of the consequences you allow to their reputations says it all plain as day. And let's face it, basically, that's pretty much what you're saying. 

The Goodreads ship is taking on water. It is slowly beginning to sink. We are at the beginning of the end for Goodreads. I think that's fairly conclusive after my earlier post showing the Alexa rankings decline for Goodreads and Amazon Kindle Forum Boards just this year alone. Trust me Patrick Brown, your pathetic begging and pleading to authors to join your program for the sake of risking being targeted by your bully friends and staff isn't going to fix your problems. 

Get up off your knees boy!

Everyone who has been keeping up with this story and everyone who stumbles across it on this blog and STGRB and other sites, will see the truth. And FYI Patrick, you can bet your bottom dollar that I and STGRB and others will continue to spread the word about the truth where Goodreads and Amazon is concerned. 

Warning to authors: Goodreads will ruin your career more than it will help it. 

Here's another response to the KDP newsletter. Check it out.

Right you are Lloyd! It's always about the money for Patrick Brown, Goodreads, and Amazon, isn't it? And I don't blame you one bit for leaving Goodreads due to the infestation of evil people that Patrick, GR and Amazon allows to roam on their websites. No decent human being wants any part of that crap. And this is why you see them fighting tooth and nail to save their financial asses. It's just too bad for them that their feeble attempts to convince authors to join up is going in vain. The truth is already out there for the masses to see for themselves. 

While I understand Patrick's position, I still give him the "Wag of the Finger" award for his tactics. I mean, come on Patrick, if you can't be honest with people, how can you expect to be honest with yourself? Shame on you for trying to lure innocent and unsuspecting authors onto your website of hate. How dare you invite authors to have their careers and reputations "destroyed" in the process. You could be Satan's right hand man in Hell when your time comes. It's one thing to allow your bully friends and staff to do the horrible things you allow them to do to authors in the first place, but it's something altogether more sinister when you invite potential victims to sign up for it. 

Get up off your knees, boy!

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Patrick Brown is trying to recruit victims onto his website of hate

* Amazon and Goodreads still don't get it

* Attacks on authors on Goodreads and Amazon has nothing to do with "bad reviews"

 * Patrick Brown is on his knees

* Goodreads is more of a career killer than a career enhancer for authors

* Patrick Brown, Goodreads and Amazon: Lies! Lies! Lies!



  1. He also fails to mention that many of the books on the Badreads website are stolen intellectual property. Many, many authors have left badreads in disgust and sent badreads DMCA take-down orders to get their books removed from that hostile site. They flatly refuse to remove content even against the direct wishes of the copyright holders.

  2. I'm very disappointed in Patrick for misleading authors like that. He knows damn good and well it's not about reviews. I've seen authors attacked just because they liked the wrong person. You should be ashamed of yourself Patrick, leading the lambs to the slaughter. This is why I have blocked GR from all the computers in my home. I forbid my children to be a part of that nonsense.


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