Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Angela Horn Banned From Goodreads?

Great news everyone, one of the most notorious bullies on Goodreads has been banned from the site. This coming from a report posted on STGRB.

It would seem, for now, that Goodreads has finally caught on to what she was doing in leading bully nation on the warpath against Indie authors, and several readers, reviewers. She constantly pushed the envelope in her attacks and for now, it would appear that justice has finally been served.

Or was it? I got it on good authority that Angela may have simply "left" on her own accord with intent on returning later, to try and make fools out of a lot of people. We'll have to stay tuned to see if that indeed turns out to be the case.

Meanwhile, for now at least, Goodreads has become a little more safer for everyone and perhaps, a little more enjoyable.

Keep in mind though, that her sock puppets are still active. And if she hasn't been banned, she could simply continue her campaign of evil under those sock accounts. Let's just wait and see how this develops.


  1. She IS continuing her barrage of terror under the name "ETA: soon"


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