Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodreads Bully Patrick Brown

It has come to my attention that the Goodreads bullies once again, got their way. After their attack on Lauren Howard/Pippa, and wishing her death, rape and sodomy, they then turned their attention on a legitimate book group on Goodreads after one of their members stumbled across the story on lauren and like Lauren, asked a simple question. That was, "Does Goodreads really have bullies?" That group was "Mystery And Crime Thrillers".

Just by asking that question, and the members quietly, and calmly, discussing their opinions among themselves, many of the Goodreads bullies, after catching wind of it, joined the group for no other reason than to start trouble. From my sources, the mods themselves, these bullies used foul language and were extremely rude. Clear violations of how this once peaceful group operated.

When the bullies were warned about their language and behavior, and the rules, repeatedly by the mods, the bullies not only ignored the mods of the group, but fired back at them with more obscenities.

These bullies did not join that group to participate in their book discussions. They went there for one reason and one reason only, to harass the members and mods. To disrupt their peace and harmony and to destroy their group. They invaded these peaceful people's space and tried to take it over.

When they were finally banned from the group for their language and behavior, the bullies vowed to destroy them through their higher up connection on Goodreads. Those connections are paid Goodreads staff members Kara Erickson and Emily Finley.

In my previous post, "Bullies Need Not Apply", I showed you a threat made by .38 Caliber blogger, "Mahala", where she says that all hell will break loose on that group and their mods. She made good on that threat as not only did they attack author Jac Wright, who was one of the mods of the group, but they also attacked a non-author, by the name of Jenni, who was another mod of that group.

Jenni, as it was just reported to me, has been banned from Goodreads completely. Simply because she defended the rules of her group when the bullies invaded their group with nasty language and even worse attitudes.

Now, I just learned that "Mahala", the one behind the hate blog, .38 Caliber, is really Anna Karenina. And as we all know now, thanks to Rick Carufel, that Anna Karenina's real name is Janis Hinkle, a 2nd grade teacher in the Daly City community of California.

Yes, a bully with multiple sock accounts. How many times have heard about this? That these bullies operate under various sock accounts? STGRB has uncovered this kind of thing before with other bullies.

Patrick Brown, you should be ashamed of yourself. So should Kara Erickson and Emily Finley. I will be doing a story on those two shortly. It is already scheduled. I also will doing future stories now on other paid Goodreads employees. I will be giving them all the attention they deserve. But as for Patrick Brown himself, he has proven to the world that he is nothing but a bully himself. A worthless, pussy little coward.

I am calling out for everyone who has a Goodreads account to go in and delete it. Send the message loud and clear that this kind of tolerance for bullying innocent people will no longer be tolerated. Send the message to Patrick Brown and the idiots at Amazon who endorse this kind of cyber-criminal behavior that this kind of thing is not right. Hit them where it hurts, in their membership numbers. Send the message to that other pussy coward, Otis Chandler, that his creation, Goodreads, is no longer a decent place for anyone who loves books.

Don't just abandon your account, delete it! Make that statement! Send that message!

This incident is a clear indication that this issue is not about authors and or reviews. The fact that non-authors are getting banned as well for doing nothing more than trying to preserve the integrity of their book group is atrocious! This incident clearly shows that everyone and anyone is fair game for the bullies. 

Word is getting out there though. Jenni and Jac have been in contact with several major news websites and are in the process of deciding to take their story national. You think the publicity that Lauren's story got attention? You ain't seen nothing yet. This story is going to put hers to shame. There will be no way for Patrick Brown to spin this. Nor the bullies. But I'm sure they will try. Oh yes, I am sure they will try with all of their sock puppets too. 

Keep digging your hole, Patrick Brown, Otis Chandler, The Goodreads Bullies, Kara Erickson, Emily Finley. Now here is my threat to all of you bullies .... you're going down! 

Let the countdown begin ..... 10 - 9 - 8 ..........

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* This is not about reviews!

* Patrick Brown graduated from bully supporter, to just plain BULLY!

* Goodreads staff members (all of them!) support and endorse bulllying

* Nobody is safe on Goodreads except for the bullies

* Carroll wants everyone to DELETE their Goodreads account


  1. > in contact with several major news websites and
    > are in the process of deciding to take their >
    > story national.

    We are not actively doing that now. We are just continuing our reading club on Facebook which is all we ever wanted to do. I just answer the question anybody asks.

    - Jenni


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