Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gen X Strikes Again

And we're back .... to GenX being stupid is as stupid does. I knew she couldn't refrain too much longer from showing her ignorance. (Or should I say, stupidity?) She finally got around to repsonding to Rick Carufel's post "Eye For An Eye, Troll For A Troll" on his blog where he abruptly sends a message to all the bullies who have been stalking him, harassing him, and bullying him for years with threats of getting hackers to find out who they are. (When I say finally responded, I mean it took her hours where I thought it would take her like 30 minutes) You're slipping Gen dear.

In fact, they even doc dropped him, posting his address all over the internet from an article released by a local Minnesota newspaper, showing his arrest record from nearly 20 years ago.

Nice going there, bullies. More on that in later posts due in September and October. Look for them.

Anyhow, I thought I would comment on his post earlier this morning, and bait the "I can't wait to get back into the bully game" GenX. (Amanda Welling) 

But first, a screenshot, and a few words on Rick's post.

You see, Mr. Carufel has been stalked longer, worse, and more times than probably all of us authors put together. He may have suffered the most from these bullies. His frustrations must have been piling up big time. A person can take only so much, so when they finally doc dropped on him, he may have reached his limitations.

Now, on his blog, he clearly indicates that he planned to do a little doc dropping himself. Most notably, on Janis Hinkle, aka, Anna Karenina. And for the better part, he did. He revealed the school where she works at and the principle of the school's email address. 

Looks like the bullies can't take their own medicine. 

But leave it to Beaver, or in this case, GenX, to go author hunting and as expected, to take the side of the bullies in this manner. She did a story on her hate blog today. Check it out. 

Yes, Mr. Carufel had finally had enough. He decided to go after the bullies like they go after him. He finally rolled up his sleeves and dropped into the bully gutter. That was his decision. He threatened to hire some hackers and get personal information on the very people who have criminally stalked and harassed him for years. He probably decided this because he wasn't getting any results the traditional, more lawful way. We all know when it comes to justice, the wheels spin at a snails pace. 

So Mr. Carufel finally reached his breaking point, or so it would appear. Big deal. We all have our breaking points and for Rick to have held out for this long, is testimony to his toughness. I mean, all of us who have been bullied have our own unique and personal attacker. Mine is Jude Henderson. But Rick has had many personal attackers. From Anna Karenina (Janis Hinkle) to Miranda Koryluk, who has stalked and harassed him relentlessly on Twitter. (You will be able to read about that in September in my "Miranda Koryluk: Cyber Criminal" post) 

But after finally giving up on harassing me, GenX of Genxpose blog, took to pretending that her blog was legitimate by posting a swarm of boring posts about things that mattered despite the fact that she herself, and her blog, simply don't matter in the scheme of things. Her blog was started as a hate blog towards myself and STGRB and that is all it ever will be, a hate blog. A bully blog. 

And in her "holier than thou" chair in which she sits so proudly upon, GenX (Amanda Welling) condemns Mr. Carufel for finally going down the road that she herself has traveled. And her bully friends. He sunk to her (and their) level. I guess it was a matter of time. 

But wait! It gets better. Check out this screenshot of me commenting on Rick's blog. 

You see, all I said was: "Go get them Dexter." And how does the queen cunt bully herself, GenX (Amanda Welling) take that as? Well, check it out for yourself.

 Yes, she sees that as me endorsing doc dropping. Well, here is a newsflash GenX, I don't endorse it. And I have already discussed Rick's post with him, and told him I don't endorse doc dropping. Not like you do, and certainly not like your bully friends who doc dropped Rick Carufel. 

My comment was to support him in his decision to deal with your bully friends the way that is right for him. And if Rick wants to do unto those who have done the same thing unto him, and as you done unto others, GenX, then so be it. He is on his own in that regard and he knows it. Do I like it that he has chosen this path? No! Do I condone it? No! Do I endorse it? No! And this is why, unlike you GenX, I don't do it. Nor does STGRB as you claim in your bully article. You have no evidence to prove that STGRB or I ever doc dropped anyone. But do I understand him finally coming to this decision? Yes! I do understand that. 

But wait! Here is GenX making the claim that she doesn't partake in such things like doc dropping people. Check it out. 

Did you read that? Good! And for the record, she never shut her blog down. Nobody doc dropped me. Just saying. She is lying there just like she lies about her not partaking or condoning such activity. Take a look for yourself. This next screenshot is GenX doc dropping Athena Parker and Melissa Douthit. 

Yes, that's GenX doc dropping on her blog, Genxpose. You can also see it on the post "Sad Times At GenX High". 

Even more stupid, she then drags STGRB and Athena Parker into by "assuming" that she and STGRB condones what Rick is doing. (Notice how she loves to bring them up even when they aren't even mentioned?) 

And nowhere on the internet will you find Athena or STGRB supporting Rick's decision to doc drop Janis Hinkle. (aka Anna Karenina) In fact, I talked earlier this morning to Athena about it on Facebook and she has left one of Rick's Facebook groups because of it. She is very disappointed in Rick for that post of his. I will go on record also to say that I am disappointed in him, too. But he is a grown man. And the bullies have put him through more hell than any of us. And like I mentioned earlier, for a lot longer time. But am I going to "abandon" him? No. I am not like that with people. Because where Rick Carufel is concerned, I understand completely why he has decided to take this road. I'm not happy that he chose this road, but again, I understand. A person can only take so much. 

But at least to this point, Rick has just threatened to doc drop Janis Hinkle. As of this posting, he hasn't actually gone through with it. I hope he doesn't go through with it. But it is his choice to make.  Posting someone's address and phone number is a serious thing. People can hurt from it. In more ways than one. Children could be involved, and that is not cool. Just because GenX and her bully friends do it, still isn't a good enough reason for him to do it.

But the GenX stupidity doesn't end there. Check this next shot out in her hate post on her hate blog. 

She says we (Myself and STGRB) keeps telling the truth even though, we can't prove it. Didn't I just prove that she, GenX, doc dropped? But has she yet showed any evidence that STGRB does this? That I do this? .... No! And she never will either. Because she can't. Because the proof isn't there. It would appear that GenX needs to learn the difference from running her hate-whore mouth and backing it up with proof. In fact, I'll also give anyone a thousand dollars if they can show that I practice this behavior or condone it. (And no, GenX, spinning a comment I made isn't proof, you twit. You twat. What ever. Saying to someone to "go get them" isn't proof.) Geesh. You would think at some point she would just go visit the Wizard of Oz and get that damn brain.

And she also needs to learn that I never said in my comment on Rick's blog post that I endorse his decision to doc drop Janis Hinkle. That is just her way of spinning words to fit her own bully agenda. End of story. 

But we all know this already about GenX. My "GenX Says" series shows exactly what kind of a bully she and her friends are. It's not our fault that she (and they) are too damn stupid to understand this. 

But I knew if I left that comment on Rick's blog post, that there was a better than average chance that she was going to jump in on it. And sure as shit, she did. I played that wet-fart bitch once again like my personal violin. Hateful, stupid people like her are easy to predict. And honestly, I kind of missed the bitch. I missed all the many different ways she spins everything, and lies out of her 250 pound ass. I missed how she makes herself the idiot with little to no encouragement from me. I missed her stalking me. I missed her harassing me. I missed the way she opens her mouth against doc dropping and I, to go and post the proof that she does / has practiced that art. I just missed it. 

Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend you again with a weight joke, GenX? I guess it's okay for you to do it to others but not to be done with you, right? Well, get your stoner husband to kiss the boo-boo. He might be getting the munchies right about now anyway. A big healthy pork chop might just hit the spot.

But she responded and .... the missing is gone. Now she's back to her little pimple on the ass self. All is right again in the bully universe. She makes a post. She drags STGRB into it. She makes claims without providing evidence. I respond in defense. I provide evidence. Yep, everything is back to normal. She's an idiot. Nothing has changed. Damn, I just wish she was relevant. It would be more fun if she were. 

As for Rick, he's an adult. He knows how to fight his battles in a manner that is right for him. And if by chance he does actually doc drop, I will lose some major respect for him. But I won't abandon him. He has to do what is right for himself. He doesn't represent me or STGRB. Not like the bullies represent each other. But if doc dropping is Rick's way of dealing with the bullies, then so be it. The point is, I don't do it. It has never been proven that I have done it. Nor shall I ever practice it. Not like the bullies do and most certainly, not like I just proved that GenX (Amanda Welling) from Genxpose blog does. Nope, I just won't do it. I will reveal real names of the bullies if I discover them, as I find it pointless to hide behind fake names like GenX does, and like most of the bullies do. And no, GenX never "defended" me from being doc dropped. That's just her lying out of her anus again as she likes to do. She doesn't have to defend me. My shit is public record already. Under my real name, Carroll Bryant. You don't have to look very hard to find it either. I'm not hiding from anyone. Nor have I anything to hide. 

Sorry GenX, you lose again. But hey, welcome back to bullying! Now, go away again. You're just stinking up the place with your lies. Sure, I missed you .... but not that much. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* GenX is still a liar

* GenX is still a bully

* A zebra can't change her stripes

* Carroll doesn't support Rick's decision to doc drop Janis Hinkle. But he does undertand it

* Carroll hopes Rick will change his mind about doc dropping that bitch Janis

* GenX is a wet-fart dripping down the leg of humanity

* Carroll missed GenX .... but not that much

* Carroll proved that GenX doc drops (again!) 

* GenX never protected Carroll from being doc dropped

* GenX never shut down her hate blog, Genxpose

* GenX likes to pretend she is relevant

* GenX always has to drag STGRB into everything

* GenX is stupid. No, I mean it, she really is dumb as shit

* GenX still hides behind a fake name


  1. For an extra $10 a years people can conceal their domain name registration info. Well worth the cost.
    Trolls need to be made to feel the same as their victims. I want them yo long on each day and wonder if their personal history has been plastered all over cyberspace. I want them to wonder if the next knock on the door is some writer they've destroyed. As Commissioner Gorden says in the last batman movie, "He's not the hero they want but the hero they need."
    They've doc dropped me after years of abuse. As they say back in the neighborhood I grew up in, "Do what you think is best but the payback is a motherfucker." Take it from there trolls.

    1. When I lived on the South-side of Columbus, Ohio, right off Parsons Avenue, whenever trouble broke out and the police even bothered to show up, they would ask the the victim when they got the suspect in custody, "Do you want to handle this the legal way, or the street way?"

      It meant: "Do you want to file charges or do you want to deal with him on the streets?" - If you chose street way, the cops would give you all their information on the suspect(s) right then and there, (addy, phone number, etc) release them, let them get a five minute head start then they would leave. Justice was now in your hands to dish out as you saw fit.

      I always chose the "street way".

      Now that's bad ass right there!

  2. I also want to make a correction here. I have never ever said I was going to hire hackers to do anything, nor have I, I simply asked for help. Please don't lend credence to the lies perpetrated by the trolls. Thanks, otherwise a great piece as usual. :)

    1. My apologies.

      Not to worry friend, I won't turn on you like the bullies do to each other. As Jesus once said: "Hate the sin, not the sinner."

  3. Gen needs to learn when to shut her damn mouth. She doxes 2 people and dares to have the nerve to say anything to Mr. Carufel? What entitlement does she feel she deserves? I guess to her, doxing isn't doxing if she does it. Nice slam Carroll.


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