Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Attack On Jac Wright

Well, it didn't take the bullies long to make good on their threat. My previous post, "Bullies Need Not Apply" featured a GR book group, "Crime And Mystery Thrillers" that stood up to the bullies. In the post, I showed you a screenshot of .38 Caliber blog where the owner of the hate blog, "Mahala" made a threat at the end of her post and started her countdown.

Well, she and her bully friends finally made it to "blast-off".

They have taken to Amazon (their bully hangout) and started attacking author, Jac Wright, a mod of the group "Mystery And Crime Thrillers" that banned the bullies when they tried to overtake their group with vile language and a nasty attitude. If you go to his Amazon page, you will see this.

Where Anna Karenina, real name Janis Hinkle, the 2nd grade teacher in Daly City, California, not only attacks Jac Wright with comments, but sends a message to Jenni, another mod of the group "Crime And Mystery Thrillers". 

You see, it didn't take them long to attack this once peaceful group who did nothing but post a question in it asking if there were bullies on Goodreads. Well, that question is answered now, isn't it? But wait, there's more. "CathyR" says something very telling in this next shot. 

Did you see it? She said: "And had all her posts deleted after TPTB (The Power That Be) purged her account."

But who is TPTB? .... Kara Erickson? .... Emily Finley? .... Patrick Brown? .... A GR librarian?

Then Jane says this.

No Jane, you are the cockroaches. You and your bully gang. 

If you want to go and see what is going on for yourself, CLICK HERE 

Then they went to his author page on Goodreads. 

See any familiar names?

You can see it all for yourself if you CLICK HERE 

This is what Jac said to me in an email: " My GR Author page is my biggest problem. I have to find a good Librarian who is not part of the bully gang who will connect me to my author page. Yesterday my profile purged out of goodreads.  I have managed to create a new profile because all my books are there.  But they have so far ignored my request to connect to my author page."

Do you see this? They (a Goodreads librarian?) purged his profile out of Goodreads! And for what? Standing up against dirty language and kicking these bullies out of their group when THEY INVADED THE GROUP'S SPACE? 

You see, this has absolutely nothing at all to do with reviews! These bullies invaded the space of a peaceful group on Gooodreads and started throwing their shit around and when they got banned for violating the rules of the group, this is what they do for revenge. 


Do you now see what I and STGRB have been telling you all along? This whole thing has nothing to do with reading, reviews or anyone going into the spaces of these Goodreads bullies, but rather, them invading everybody's spaces, and attacking them when they are met with resistance. They go where they are not wanted and when they don't get their way, they go to their protectors, Kara Erickson and Emily Finley to hand out their revenge. They just can't let things be. They are nasty little bitches and bastards with absolutely no heart, no soul and no human decency whatsoever! 

They have started to now destroy a whole Goodreads book group that was simply minding their own business and doing their own thing. Then came the bullies and now, the destruction. They are worst than Al Qaeda!  (In my book)


  1. This is horrible. How do you know it's Kara and Emily behind this?

    1. Commonsense and deductive reasoning.

      First, a GR librarian doesn't have the ability or authority to delete accounts and ban members. Only GR staff can do that. Plus, the only names that show up on emails to those who have been banned are either Kara, Emily or Patrick Brown himself. Thus, it stands to reason that one of them or all three of them are behind the banning of accounts.

      Secondly, Kara and Emily are good friends with many of the bullies. This is because many of the bullies are Goodreads librarians.

      Elementary my dear Watson.

  2. Readers have to understand the entire badreads staff is 11 people. That means one hand always knows what the other is doing. So there is no doubt that Brown was in on this shit. If Amazon plans for the site to be anything but a tax loss they have to replace all those people just for starters.


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