Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pete Morin: Moans And Groans

I was dancing around on Youtube one night, mostly giving my buddy Vincent Crowley a hard time. For those who may not know, Vincent Crowley is the front-man, songwriter, and lead singer for the gothic/death metal/Satanic band known as "Acheron". Chances are, many of you might not like him simply for the fact I used "Satanic" to describe his genre of music.

Okay, I get it, he's not your cup of tea. His beliefs are not the mainstream. He's a hell raiser and all that jazz. But actually, in real life, he's a pretty swell guy.

There have been some who has asked me why I am friends with someone like Vinny. My response is, for the same reason I have Christian friends. And Muslim friends. And Latter Day Saint / Mormon friends. And Catholic friends. Which is, because I don't judge people. If they're cool with me, I'm cool with them. I accept people for who they are. Hey, he accepted me for who I am despite my beliefs.

You see, I can get along with just about anybody. Even if we disagree on such things as politics, philosophy, and even religion. You can be wealthy, living in poverty, short, tall, fat, skinny, smart, ignorant, black, white, Japanese, Chinese, or even .... gulp ... Mexican? Or Canadian? ... Yep, none of that garbage means a thing to me. However, there is one group of people I have a difficult time making friends with. Can you guess who that group of people could be? ... If you said "mean people", then you would be correct my friend. I simply do not get along with mean people.

Because of this one tiny flaw in my social preferences, this might be the reason why I doubt I could ever be friends with fellow author, Pete Morin. Not that I know for a fact that he is a mean person, but he does hang with the Goodreads bullies crowd.

Wait! But Carroll, isn't that presumptuous of you?

Yeah, you're probably right. Just because he runs in the bully circle doesn't equate to him being mean. And besides, if I were to judge him in such manner, I would be no better than the Goodreads bullies. I'm sooooooo much better than that! However, that being said, perhaps he's just slightly misinformed about what is really going on with the Goodreads bullies.  

The reason I bring him up is because while dancing on Youtube one night, I stumbled onto a couple of his videos. The reason I suspect that he is slightly misinformed about the Goodreads bullies and their so-called "cause" of authors complaining about "bad" reviews is because his videos speak of this issue. 

Here, let's meet Pete Morin.

Off hand, he looks like someone I would probably get along with. That is until I realize he doesn't do much research for the causes in which he stands for. Well, at least where this cyber-bullying situation is concerned. By showing his support for the Goodreads bullies, if we would have been friends, I would probably have to break up that friendship. Like I said earlier, I have a difficult time being friends with mean people, or anyone who supports mean people. 

But first, I would try and carefully explain to him that what he thinks this whole mess is about isn't really what he thinks it's about. You see, his videos mocks authors who complain about bad reviews. And actually, I concur with his sentiments. Authors shouldn't complain about bad reviews. I know I don't. I never did and I seriously doubt I ever will. 

As a matter of fact, of all the authors I know who has been attacked by the Goodreads bullies, not once have I ever seen any of them complain about "bad" reviews of their books. And yet, for some strange reason, he is in cahoots with the Goodreads bullies. Or at the very least, appears to support them. I made this clear to him in his video comment section on his Youtube channel.

This baffles me.

His videos are animated. They're quite entertaining actually. Only mildly humorous though. But cute nonetheless. When I first saw them, I thought that perhaps some 13 year old put them together. I didn't recognize the name at first. But when it hit me, I thought, Pete Morin? Now where have I seen that name. Then I remembered, the STGRB 'Badly Behaving Goodreader's' list!

Noooooooooo! And I so wanted to like the guy too.

Here, check out this screenshot of his videos.

It just goes to show that looks can be deceiving. At first glance, he appears to be an intelligent person, and for all intent purposes, he probably is. But, if this being the case, how could he have failed so erroneously in regards to his judgement of the Goodreads bullies? 

You see, it's like this, he seems to think that us authors complain about "bad" reviews. But that is simply not the case, Petey old boy. (Wait a tick! Pete? Petey? Petey Parkerson? .... Hey, are you ... I mean, is he .... could he? ......... Naaaaw, he couldn't be. Never mind then.)

Anyhow, where was I? .... Oh yeah. So anyway, like I was saying, this difference of opinion between the Goodreads bullies has nothing at all to do with "bad" reviews. It does however, have everything to do with "fake" reviews, and book reviews that attack, and libel authors. 

You see, there is a huge difference between the phrasing of this issue. We discovered this throughout the year of 2013 on this blog, and on STGRB.

While the bullies make the claim that it's about authors who complain over "bad" reviews, they have yet to supply any screenshot proving this. Meanwhile, I and STGRB have supplied plenty of screenshots and given plenty of examples of this not being the case. Hell, the bulllies themselves confessed in a captured screenshot that this issue wasn't "just" about "bad" reviews. And let's face it, if it were merely a case about authors complaining about "bad" reviews, then could Pete Morin please come to this blog and answer the question as to why I was attacked by these bullies?

Never mind, Petey, that was rhetorical my "could have" been - perhaps in another lifetime - friend.

But to further deepen the mystery, I will also ask the question that if this was all about authors complaining over "bad" reviews, then why was "almost" author to be, Lauren Howard attacked? Again, just two quick examples there, but I could give plenty more if I wanted to. Especially when these bullies attack other authors who do nothing more than simply become a fan or friend of an author who is placed on these bullies shit-list. Then that author suddenly finds him or her self on the bullies shit-list too. 

On second thought, maybe I do wish Petey would come here and answer these questions.

But this is what his videos talk about. This is also what one of his GR blog posts talk about too. Check it out. 

You see? He speaks intelligently yet, he has not the concept of what he is talking about. He honest to goodness thinks that all of us authors who were attacked by these Goodreads bullies were attacked because we complained about "bad" reviews. 

Yet, repeatedly, I and STGRB have shown time and time again that this is not the case. And since we all know that this is not the case, then why does Pete Morin moan and groan constantly that this is the case? What part of all of this evidence does he not see? Not comprehend? Doesn't register with his medulla oblongata? 

It's quite the conundrum. 

A seemingly intelligent man, well into his golden of years, yet, where this issue with the Goodreads bullies is concerned, he hasn't a single clue. He just simply can't seem to buy a vowel. Help him out Vanna White so he can spin the wheel again, please. Oh crap, bankrupt!

He mentions in his blog post that he feels fortunate to have not received many "bad" reviews. He then proceeds to go through a list of some of them and makes clever little comments about them. However, Petey old boy, a "bad" review isn't a 'bad" review. Not if it is an honest "bad" review by an actual "honest" reader. And there lies a couple of issues. First, a "bad" review can be just as important and helpful as a "good" review, but this isn't about "bad" reviews, it's about "fake" reviews. So I think what Petey is trying to say is, he has been fortunate thus far not to receive a "fake" review. Or a review that libels him, or calls him a rapist. Or a pedophile. Multiple times! Nor do I suspect he has ever been told by a so called "reader" in their so called "bad" review that he should go hang himself, or that he should be raped and sodomized. 

Nope, he hasn't .... I checked.

Another issue with his statement is, the reason he hasn't received a "fake" review or been attacked yet is probably because currently, he is in cahoots with the people who do these nasty things, the Gooodreads bullies! But Petey, I have a mission for you should you be willing to accept it. Go to some of authors of whom your bully friends have attacked and .... ahem .... become a fan of us. Rate and review our books highly. Recommend our books, etc. Then let's see how fast your "so-called" friends turn on you and your books. 

Go ahead ... give it the good old college try. Go on. It's okay. Don't be scared. 

Then again, the bullies will see this post and not do it just simply for spite, to act like they don't go around doing that sort of thing when we have already seen them do it way too many times. 

And another issue I have with his statement when he says that not many "readers" have given him a "bad" review is, to be a reader, one needs to actually "READ"! 

In fact, the whole definition of the word "reader" is based on the concept that "one has to read" in order to be called a "reader". When the bullies rate and review a book they NEVER READ! then guess what? ..... They aren't "READERS"! 

Get it? ... Got it? ... Good!

And so the mystery continues. How could this seemingly intelligent man go wandering through his golden of years believing that this issue between authors and readers is all about "bad" reviews? When we all know for a fact that it's not a battle between authors and readers, it's a battle between authors and BULLIES! ... Because we all know that readers do not bully authors, bullies bully authors. Readers give legitimate reviews for authors. And authors appreciate it greatly! At least this one does. And I'm pretty sure that all the authors who have been attacked by your friends, Pete Morin, would surely agree with me. 

Get it? ... Got it? ... Good!

Then again, maybe you are just a mean person. Maybe you're not as intelligent as you appear to be. I have been known to be wrong about people before. 

Damn it! ... Just when I thought I could make a new friend.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll can get along with anybody (except mean people)

* Pete Morin is severely uneducated with the issues (or maybe not?) O_o

* Carroll hopes that Petey would come here to his blog and answer some questions

* Carroll called Pete Morin, Petey

* Carroll thinks Pete Morin could be "Petey Parkerson"

* Carroll thought Pete's videos were made by a 13 year old

* The above comment was NOT sarcasm!

( But that one might have been )

* Readers are not bullies

* Bullies are not readers

* This battle is not between authors and readers, but rather, between authors and bullies

* Carroll has been wrong about people before?

* Carroll has been wrong about people before!

* Get it? ... Got it? ... Good!


  1. After reading this post, I went to Mr. Morin's page and read his bad reviews. (By the way, this is one of your better posts, Carroll) Then I went to your page, Carz, and saw a dramatic difference.

    Mr. Morin's bad reviews were all about the book. Your bad reviews Carroll were mostly all about you. Insulting you on a personal level. Calling you names. A huge difference!

    It is obvious to me that Mr. Morin does not know the difference between a healthy bad review and a unhealthy bad review. Or in your case, Carroll, a bully review.

    1. You just gave me an idea for a follow-up post.

    2. You must have looked at some of his Amazon reviews too because on his Goodreads reviews, I only saw a few one star reviews and only one of them had any commentary with it.

      But assuming he is correct about the one star reviews he got on his books in his GR blog post, all of those one star reviews he got were addressing the book. While my one star "bully" reviews address me. As does many of the fake one star reviews for all the authors that Pete's bully friends target. Their reviews do not address the book, they address the authors.

      Having claimed to be a "trial lawyer", one would think Pete Morin would be able to see that difference. Then again, maybe he wasn't that good of a trial lawyer.


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