Friday, May 23, 2014 Denounces STGRB

Talk about being behind the times, I stumbled across a tweet posted by "" (posted in 2012) proclaiming that they do not endorse STGRB, and on top of that, Athena Parker put their banner up on STGRB "without" their permission.

One would think that for all of her belly-aching about me not getting people's permission to post stories about them (none of which she can give an example of) that she would practice what she preaches and get the permission of other websites first before "pretending" to be associated with them. Or at the very least, make it appear that those websites support STGRB. (Which they don't.)

Be that as it may, it would appear that Athena Parker can't even uphold the expectations for herself that of which she demands from others. In her world, only she is allowed to post without permission, and nobody else can!

Think she would adhere to their wishes of her taking any link to them down and off her hate site? Think again!

She still posts a link to "" - despite the fact that "" really doesn't want her linking to them. They want nothing to do with STGRB. They would rather STGRB didn't demonstrate any association with them. Apparently, Athena Parker couldn't care less what "" wants, she's too busy self-serving her own agenda. So much so that she lists them twice!

Hey Athena, practice what you preach! You don't have "" permission to link to them. They want nothing to do with you. You're not an anti-bullying site, despite your delusions otherwise.

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  1. Hey Carroll, I hope all is well with you! Do you actually still have a dispute with STGRB? To be honest, I don't understand what happened that started the problem.

    I decided a while back that the STGRB agenda of denouncing the trolls on GR did some good. I mean, for the most part, the most vicious of the problem people are gone and the remaining trolls seem to have lost their voices, at least in comparison with past episodes.

    I still read the site posts in email, but rarely comment after the whole Eve fiasco. I felt that she was not being truthful about something that is really important and pinning her on it was not too complicated until they stopped posting my comments on the particular post. That was disappointing and I felt that I was not allowed to disagree or seek truth. She made a crazy statement, but STGRB did not want to allow any questioning of that statement. After that, I just lost interest.

    I also decided that they (STGRB) were not entirely truthful on the topic of having your copyrighted material removed from GR back then when all of that happened, which was before Amazon purchased the company. They have some link on the site to a biz that supposedly could accomplish the mission for $100 or so - yeah, by removing titles from all distribution channels, they could get everything deleted from GR. What good is that? The trolls wanted exactly that and it would have been mission accomplished for them to go that route. Pass. Of course I wouldn't have paid anyone to do anything because if it was possible, I'd have done it myself, but just sayin'...

    On the topic of your post here... STGRB doesn't need permission to post links to any sites. I don't think I have permission from anyone at any site that I link to on my blogs or website. Each could easily claim the same thing you are saying here. Once I linked to a Fourth Amendment blog and when I later went to read a post, I hit a "this has been linked without our permission" statement instead of the post that sounded so interesting. Of course I removed his stupid dead link, but decided it was absurd that the blog owner would not want people to read his posts. It's easy to make a Blogger blog private, so I decided that he must have an issue with me and my linking his content. Oh well. These people sound as dumb as he was/is, except that they don't know how to block STGRB from linking.

    Sort of surprised that Anne Rice stuck herself out there on their site. Of course she has no idea what type of comments they've always deleted. I know that my comments were only about discovering truth and exposing an outrageous lie and didn't fall into the reasons they claim to delete comments.

    Hope that all is good in your life!

    1. Hello Vicky,

      All is well with me currently. I hope all is well with you too. The only dispute I have with STGRB are their lies. Their lies about me, their attacks on Rick Carufel, calling him a 'coke monkey', and the lies they post about others.

      Our disputes began when Athena tried to blackmail me regarding one of my posts. She attempted to try and tell me how to run my blog more or less. But I know there was a deeper reason for her uncharacteristic behavior. That reason involves her "back door deal" with Goodreads and my refusal to end my friendship with Rick Carufel. And like you, I too asked all the "wrong" questions.

      Athena is famous for not posting comments that challenges her "truth's". It is common knowledge at this point that Athena is "right" about everything and everybody else who disagrees is "wrong". Like it is with most bullies, there is no room for "debate".

      I know people don't need permission from others to post links on their blogs, my point with this post was to show how Athena disregards the wishes of others. She accuses me of this practice without showing evidence to support her claims so I just figured to show her the same courtesy only I provided the evidence.

      I think everyone is surprised that Anne Rice has put herself out there in support of STGRB. Especially since we have discovered that STGRB doesn't always tell the truth. (And they are run by sock puppets.) While I am still on record that STGRB did do a lot in the beginning to help combat bullying, their agenda has changed. Now they simply attack those who merely question them and their practices and or attack / bully those they simply do not like for reasons outside of bullying. A good example of this is Rick Carufel and myself - we do not bully people yet STGRB "bullies / attacks" us. If you're going to pass yourself off as a legitimate anti-bullying site, then it might be in the best interest to stick to focusing on bullies. Not attack authors who have been bullied just because you don't like them for whatever reason. Does that sound fair enough?

      Great hearing from you!


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