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STGRB Coattails Ellen Painter Dollar/Legal Issues

In the beginning, they were fighting for a purpose. Now, there are many scratching their heads over what exactly is the point of STGRB?

Here are screenshots of a post they published on May 13th, 2014, talking about troll-proofing the internet.

It would seem at this juncture, STGRB is against bullying of authors, and they claim that the comments made by Ellen Painter Dollar in her article represents the exact point that they (STGRB) has been driving home for two years. I ask, really, STGRB?

STGRB also says in the screenshot above that "Bullies have turned the web into a virtual cesspool of hate filled impropriety, targeted at anyone who ventured to articulate their disapproval of this behavior."

I think we should store this in our memory banks for now as this statement, and more to come, will come back to haunt them shortly.

But it appears to me that STGRB is once again flapping in the wind of hypocrisy. More of this hypocrisy can be seen further into their post. 

STGRB proudly proclaims that: "Time and again, STGRB has written blog posts of the damage "cyber-bullying" causes." And they ask you to "remember" their Charlotte Dawson post. Then they finish out that screenshot talking about how you should ignore the bullies and the horrible things they say about authors. And how it was considered dangerous to give these bullies any kind of attention or publicity. Then they state: "Mostly because there was so little support other than this site (STGRB) and a few brave authors who had taken it upon themselves (Carroll Bryant and Rick Carufel) to expose this abominable behavior. They did this knowing they were placing a bulls-eye on their foreheads for the bullies to throw poison laced knives at. But we (STGRB) did not quit."

Now obviously, STGRB did not mention who the few brave authors were that placed themselves in harms way of the bullies by standing up to them, nor did they mention myself or Rick Carufel. And since STGRB praises themselves in this post, allow me to do the same for myself and Rick Carufel. 

In the beginning, yes, STGRB did take a stand against bullying. I followed their lead and did the same. Then Rick Carufel emerged as one who stood up to the bullying. Look where it got us. Evidently STGRB has forgotten this in their memory banks. They took my attack and rode it like a white knight into the kingdom of Fame. (Until they made their deal with the GR devil.) It didn't take them long to turn on those who were / are fighting for the cause. The problem with this was: STGRB was fighting / is fighting for a different cause now. The Melissa Douthit cause. 

But at the end of the that screenshot above, they quote Ellen: "So when people attack us - when they don't merely disagree, but ridicule and dismiss and name call - it feels personal and is personal." - End of quote. 

I want you to keep that in mind also. "It feels personal because it is personal."

Then STGRB goes on in their post. 

STGRB admits that: "It's personal because the trolls mean it to be personal." AND "They want the feeling of satisfaction it gives them to "decimate another human-being" without being challenged."

Those are your words, STGRB. And here are your actions.

My questions to STGRB are this: 

1) Do you take satisfaction in attacking authors?

2) How is this not personal?

3) If you're a anti-bully site, then why bully authors who are not bullying others?

4) Does it please you to "decimate another human-being" like calling author Rick Carufel a "coke monkey"?

5) Did you go to the lengths you did to keep him and I from reading your posts in so that we wouldn't challenge you?

6) Are you not concerned that your attacks against Rick and myself could lead to another "Charlotte Dawson" tragedy? Or is it, you just don't care?

So which is it? Is STGRB and Athena Parker / Melissa Douthit really concerned about the bullying THEY do? Or the damage they might cause because of it? Especially when they claim to be an anti-bullying site and yet, they intentionally bully Rick Carufel and myself without any regards to the fact that he nor I have ever bullied anyone? What gives here? 

But as it turns out, Rick and I are no longer exclusive in their attacks. They are now beginning to attack other authors. (Rick would know more about that than I. Read his blog for more info on that subject matter.) 

My concern is this: That riding the coattails of Anne Rice wasn't enough, now they are going to ride the coattails of Ellen Painter Dollar too? And in hypocritical fashion at that. If I could give Ms. Dollar any advice it would be, contact STGRB and ask them, no, demand them to remove any mention of you or your article. 

Miss Dollar appears to be a very nice lady. It would be a shame to have her name tainted by association with that of the recently tainted name of STGRB.

Then STGRB posts some comments made by Ms. Rice - still riding that coattail. 

You are correct Ms. Rice, it isn't about authentic ratings and reviews, not for STGRB anyway, it's about "PERSONAL" to them. And you are endorsing this site? STGRB is attacking a friend of yours and fellow author, Rick Carufel, and you haven't a problem with that? Sorry if I have to scratch my head on that one. I mean, no offense, Ms. Rice, but if you are against bullying of authors, or any kind, which you claim, and I am trusted to believe, then how can you endorse a site that does just that? It really makes no sense. Or am I not allowed to question your position? 

I'm not trying to pick a fight with Ms. Rice in any way, shape or form, just asking a question or two. I hope at some point some of these, if not, all of these questions get answered someday. Perhaps someone can send Ms. Rice these questions and see if she cares to answer. That would be interesting. I have already conceded to the notion that my questions to STGRB will never be answered. Or maybe they already have been answered by their actions and words not meshing like they should. It seems to me that Ms. Rice is doing more to cover up the truth about STGRB than anything else. And this worries me. But how will that eventually go? I mean, her endorsement of STGRB? You see, STGRB is now in bed with Goodreads and I have it on record right here on The Glass that Anne Rice does not endorse Goodreads. Eventually, this may cause a conflict of interest between the parties, one would imagine, except for the fact that STGRB is riding the Anne Rice coattails for attention. 

That's what I'm seeing anyway. And how would I know that STGRB and GR are in cahoots? Maybe this comment from Rick Carufel will explain it. 

So, STGRB is waiting to hear back from Goodreads? Can we take that comment made by Athena Parker to indicate that Goodreads is revealing private information to Athena Parker and STGRB? Or is Athena Parker simply lying yet again to stir up the crowd? It has to be one or the other. I'll leave you all to figure which one of the two is correct. But if GR is providing STGRB with private / personal information, wouldn't that be against the law? Some of you may want to dig deeper on that one. If I were a member of Goodreads, I would certainly want to know the answer to that one. If they deny it, then I guess that would mean Athena Parker / STGRB / Melissa Douthit would be lying again. Kind of like the following lie by "Chewey" and "Johnny".

Oh, but "Chewey", I have debunked many Athena and STGRB lies against me. And now, we have another one that may be debunked because if GR is indeed turning over private information on members to STGRB, then someone is in a lot of serious legal hot-water. If not, then Athena / STGRB is lying. AGAIN!

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.



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