Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fickled Bullies, Kara Erickson and STGRB

According to Randolph "Dilda" Carter, another mass exodus has occurred where the bullies are concerned.

Yes, it would appear that the bullies, despite their "promises" of leaving Badreads for good, are returning to their old stomping grounds. Also, as expected, many of them have turned to "Leafmarks", too, to continue their author bashing over there.

I did a post about "Leafmarks" already. I think we have established their connection to "Bully Nation". However, according to this Randolph Carter, the bullies have tired of "Bulllylikes" - despite their warm hospitality to accepting the bullies - and have (or are currently) defecting back to the "enemy" of whom they have accused of violating their "freedom of hate". (I mean, speech.)

Fickle indeed. 

Randolph has also update everyone on the whereabouts of one Kara Erickson. You remember her, right? Maybe you remember this?

Anyhow, it seems she is no longer an GR employee, and hasn't been since November. Kara was one of the secret weapons used by the bullies. She and Emily Finley assisted in banning many of the victims of the GR bullies. Then when public scrutiny got to be too much, and GR had to finally start making it appear as if they actually "cared" about the bullying and wanted it to "stop". Poor Kara had to actually start doing the right thing and turn against her bully pals. I guess she couldn't take the heat and left.

Of course, now that GR has bought out STGRB, STGRB has recently come to her defense in a post titled "The Bullies Track Down Kara". No shocker there. Ever since STGRB and Goodreads became best buds, STGRB is now contractually obligated to "praise" Goodreads at every turn. (Including current and former employees evidently.) It was part of their agreement. (An agreement that I cannot prove, but all the circumstantial evidence suggests.) 

STGRB has also become the official "Goodreads" public announcers too, or so, the evidence would suggest yet again. 

So, if you want to keep up with all the happenings on Goodreads, then you might want to check out STGRB. They are in good cahoots with GR and they seem to know everything that is going on. From enemies to best friends overnight, STGRB and Goodreads, teaming up to help ***coughfightcough*** author bullying. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

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