Monday, April 28, 2014

Amanda Welling: Off Her Rocker

We have another Amanda Welling sighting to report. Another "Carroll Admits The Truth" post which, quite frankly, I never admitted. What is this "confession" of mine that Amanda reports on her Bullylikes blog? Well, take a look for yourself.

No, Amanda, I didn't "finally" admit that you and Gen Xavier are two different people. I still contend that you are Gen Xavier. I merely stated the facts as I knew them at that particular time. That I was stalked by a Gen Xavier AND stalked by you and your husband at the same time. Back then, those were the facts of the situation. Of course, we discovered other facts later, didn't we? (Like you and Gen being the same person.) The link to you two are about as coincidental, circumstantial and eerie as the link between Athena Parker and Melissa Douthit.

I do like what you added at the bottom though. "Apparently, I still stalked and harassed him for six months." - Well, this is not "apparently", it is TRUE! And the facts support it. Let's take a look at those facts again, shall we? (Just click on the FACTS to read the posts.)

Fact One - You and your husband commented on MY blog first back in July of 2012. You also wrote an article about me on YOUR blog back then. Remember? You and your husband Jon also sent me unwanted emails too. All of this SIX months before I started "The Glass". You and your husband also left comments on Gen's hate blog attacking me before I ever started this blog.

Fact Two - It was in this post where I showed you why I was led to believe that you and Gen were the same people.  

Fact Three - This shows you being a drama queen and you just can't get enough of me. When you first joined "Bullylikes", all you ever seemed to talk about was ME!

Fact Four - This post shows you to be a liar. It's the defense post of mine showing how you claimed I threatened your life, and of course, that was a bold face lie, now wasn't it?

Fact Five - This post shows a screenshot on your "now deleted" hippy blog where one of your "friends" / "readers" wishes me dead. Oh no, nothing wrong with that, is there? (sarcasm)

Fact Six - In this post, you continue to deny stalking me and harassing me (as you still maintain) despite all the FACTS showing otherwise. I wasn't the one who reached out to you, you were the one who reached out to me. You and your husband.

Fact Seven - More evidence that when I didn't even know you, you were head first in supporting Jude Henderson and her friends in attacks against me.

I could go on and on for days, Amanda, but why bother? All the proof anyone needs to see in regards to you stalking me for six months is right here on "The Glass". All one has to do is type in your name in my blog search and presto! All the facts one ever needs to learn about you and your husband and the torment you two caused me for not just the six months prior to this blog getting started, but also, beyond.

So you can keep claiming that you are the innocent victim here all you want while never providing proof that I started in on you first, it just won't fly in reality. Because in reality, you and your husband stalked me and harassed me for months on end for no "apparent" reason. This isn't speculation on my part, it's what the evidence shows.

But starting wars with people is nothing new to you, is it? Let me ask you this, Amanda, what has Anne Rice ever do to you? When has she ever mentioned YOUR name? The answer is of course is nothing and never, yet you have taken to your "Bullylikes" blog to rip her a new one, haven't you? But alas, it's not just her you rip on, it's also her "fans" you rip on to, calling them all "SHEEP"!

I suppose in your infinite wisdom, anyone who likes Ms. Rice and is a fan of her work, they are all nothing but sheep? How non-judgmental of you. I guess where Ms. Rice is concerned, you have a whole lot to say, don't you? I suppose this is of her own doing, I mean, the nerve of her standing up for a cause she believes in. A cause, mind you, that has absolutely nothing to do with you, by the way. But that doesn't prohibit you from weighing in against her, does it?

Well, well, well, look who is making it "personal" with Anne Rice. Why, it's "Little Miss Innocent" Amanda Welling, screaming at the top of her lungs begging for attention. Attention received.

But you're a kind soul, aren't you Amanda? So let's just see how kind you are, shall we?

You like to use the word "fuck" an awful lot, don't you Amanda? And for no apparent reason too. Hell, not only are you such a kind person, you're also very brave - refusing to allow Anne Rice from scaring you, intimidating you, or make you run away from her in fear. Funny how I have never seen or heard of Anne Rice attacking you on a personal basis. It seems to me that you have made this war up in your head also. Everyone is attacking poor Amanda Welling. Let's throw her a pity party. 

Strangely enough, I have never heard Ms. Rice complain about a negative review. All I hear her talking about is bullying that is going on through book reviews. You know, book reviews that are talking about authors in a personal manner when in fact they are supposed to be talking about books?

  And look at all of these links you provide about Anne Rice and her cause.

How many links has she stalked you with regarding you, Amanda? That's what I thought. What's wrong? Getting the feeling that she is shutting you out of your well deserved fame by not responding to you? *Pity party*

Here you are claiming that you are not going to make your fight with Anne Rice "personal".

But you did make it personal, didn't you Amanda? (Trying to anyway.) And to think, you're the only one who is making it personal because to date, Anne Rice has never mentioned your pathetic name, has she? It reminds me of another time in the past when you didn't want to make something personal with someone when you went after them despite the fact that for six months, that person never addressed your existence either, did they? Now, who could that someone be? Oh yeah, it was ME! 

Of course, when I finally responded to you, all of a sudden, you were being attacked by me. You were the poor little victim. I guess Anne Rice should be careful to ever address your insanity because if she ever does, which I know for a fact she won't, you will all of a sudden start claiming her to be stalking you too? It must be nice to live in your psychotic and delusional world of self entitlement. 

And here you are still being nice and everything, calling Anne Rice, someone whom you have never met in real life or has responded to you or said anything bad about you in her life, a "bitter woman" and then-some. 

And of course, in that previous screenshot, I see you mention her "adoring" fans again, all "kissing" her ass. That's mighty "nice" of you, Amanda. But again, you are still stuck on this "negative review" topic that nobody else is talking about. (Except for the bullies.) Because this isn't about negative reviews, it's about bullying. It's about personal attacks on authors. You know, Amanda, like the attack you have waged against Anne Rice for her standing up against cyber bullying. You know, the attack "you" didn't want to make personal but ....... 

And here you are talking about the right for bullies to use fake names in reviews, and authors using "pen" names as your argument. 

It's bullshit, isn't it, Amanda? Your personal stance against Anne Rice and the notion that reviewers should use their real names instead of a fake name is baseless. Let me explain why. (Not that you or bully nation will understand this.) But your claim is that if reviewers use their real names, they automatically give up their "privacy"? Really? Oh yeah, because if Pete Davis uses his real name, then someone could just type in "Pete Davis" and find his personal information? Let me try that and let's see what we get, shall we? 

Holy crap! There are 100 listings for a Pete Davis. Now, which one of them is the Pete Davis on Amazon who left me a bad book review? 

See what I mean?

So you see, Amanda, your whole argument is baseless. It would take a total nut job to actually dig anything deeper than that to find some specific info on a particular Pete Davis. You know, the same kind of nut job that would spend endless hours searching for an author's "real" identity like .... like .... like you, Gen Xavier and Athena Parker searching for the real personal information on author Carroll Bryant?

I think I'm making a pretty good point here. 

Nobody cares about a negative review on a book. This is not the issue. It's personal attacks against authors in book reviews that are under fire. Using a book review as a stage to attack someone on a personal basis is wrong. And if you don't practice this behavior, Amanda, then nobody is attacking you for doing it. So why are you so fired up? Or is it that you just support using book reviews as a platform to attack authors on a personal basis? 

Also, an author using a "pen" name is not the same as a non-author (or reviewer) using a "fake" name. They are totally two different things altogether. Apples and oranges. 

Amanda also continues to say this in one her posts about Anne Rice. 

I see how you alluded to "Anne Rice must want 45 million people to divulge their personal information." - First of all, using your real name online isn't "divulging" personal information. And secondly, just because Anne Rice believes that people who use their real name online in regards to book reviews would decrease the amount of bullying doesn't mean she is in favor of 45 million people divulging their personal information. This is just you "spinning" words and meanings. Not to mention, defamatory against Anne Rice. But you know, you're nice and everything. 

You are right about one thing Amanda, their are plenty of trolls online. All you need to do to find one is look in a mirror. In this next shot Amanda makes the comparison to Pen names and fake reviewer names. 

I would like to note that a five star review or a one star review of a book is neither bullying, or what this issue is all about. Not one author cares about legitimate ratings / reviews good or bad. Especially me. What the issue is all about is fake ratings / reviews and or ratings / reviews that are meant to attack authors on a personal level. It is also important to note that by being required to use your real identity for reviews on Amazon, it would cut out both, sock puppets from both sides, from being able to go in and either jack up the ratings or lower the ratings of a particular book. This would be a great thing!

This next Anne Rice fetish post by Amanda Welling I saved for last for a reason. It's where Ms. Rice talks about how honest reviews from family and friends should not be banned from Amazon. (Which they currently are.)

Apparently, Amanda Welling has a problem with legitimate reviews from friends and family of an author but doesn't have a problem with strangers posting fake ratings or reviews. How wrong is that? So then I should play the Amanda Welling game and put words into her mouth like she does everyone else. Okay, I'll play along: I guess this means that Amanda Welling supports cyber bullying, lying, and personal attacks against authors! 

Not that she wants to get personal about anything, but ...... 

Amanda Welling, please get back on your rocker.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass. 


  1. "Apparently, Amanda Welling has a problem with legitimate reviews from friends and family of an author but doesn't have a problem with strangers posting fake ratings or reviews." Seems to me that Gramazon has the same problem. The reality is because fake ratings and reviews are allowed, nothing on Gramazon means a thing.

    1. I think what with the wide spread abuse of reviews in general over the internet, be it books or companies, or whatever, on-line reviews have pretty much lost their influence as a whole.


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