Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well, here it is, read it and weep. Amanda Welling decided not to heed my advice and let it go. She has posted yet again about me. Her favorite hobby, and my most dreaded past time.

I'll post the screenshots below. Meanwhile, I'm going to say this: 

Amanda Welling, you are a liar. I never threatened your life. You're a liar. I never threatened your family. You are a liar. In fact, your family consists of two stalkers, harassers, and bullies, namely, you and your husband Jon. 

You say you went to the police. Good! I look forward to talking to them. I honestly do. I will tell them the same thing I have told you before repeatedly here on this blog and I will say it again, I will stop when you stop. Period!

If you continue down this road, it won't end well for you or your husband, trust me. 

But Amanda, you are a liar. You say I started this, but I have proof that points to you and your husband and you know this is fact. You're a liar. 

I have proof you first wrote about me. I have proof you commented on my blog first, stalking me, antagonizing me, you and your husband. I have proof you and your husband emailed me first and persisted in your harassment against me for six months before I ever responded to you two. You are a liar.

I have proof you went to "Bullylikes" and wrote about me again after everything was quiet. To say otherwise, you are a liar.

It doesn't matter that you didn't "use" my name, everyone knows (knew) who you were talking about. There was no point in it at all. And in that post, you lied. This prompted me to respond because Amanda, you are a liar. 

You claimed I am part of STGRB. That is a lie. You are a liar. 

You say I call you fat, and I do, that is not a lie, but you called me fat first. I have proof of it. To say otherwise, you are a liar. 

I have screenshots showing you called me a pedophile. To say otherwise, you are a liar. 

In closing, you are a liar Amanda, and I have all the proof right here with me to show this to the police, a judge, your lawyer, my lawyer, the entire free world and world's that are not so free.

You are free to speak your mind, but your mind speaks of me, I am free also to respond to it, and speak mine. Your bully entitlement is false. The real world works in a different manner. What is good for you is also good for me too. But my posts about you will end when your posts about me does. That's just the way it is. Take or leave it. So far, all I see you doing is taking it. Not leaving it. You keep on writing lies about me for no just reason.

Amanda Welling ..... you are a liar. 

Time for a reality check.

Now send the cops to my door. 

Have them call me. 

Send your lawyer. 



Stop your butt hurt whine and send them this instant!

Now, be prepared in the next few days to a week for the blog in your honor.

I promised it, and now I must see that promise through.

I don't have time to put it together right now. I want to come up with a really cool name.

A really cool design.

But trust me, it is coming. 

Oh, and one more thing Amanda Welling, you are a liar. 

And I can prove it.

I have proven it already on this blog.

I will prove it again to the police. A judge.

Now for the screenshots of Amanda's BL post.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


I have a better idea, Amanda. Instead of a blog in your honor, how would you like to be in my next book? Yeah, I have to confess, I like that idea better. I will honor you in my next book. A book about my experience on Goodreads. And just like that, a star is born. 

Things We Learned Today:

* Amanda welling is a liar!

* Carroll will be working on the new "honorary" blog for Amanda.

* Stay tuned

* Carroll decided to write a book, and make Amanda (and others) a star, instead of giving her, her own blog. And they say Carroll never compromises. Phooey! 


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