Monday, November 18, 2013

Rick Carufel Leads The Way

Thanks to the hefty response of authors and readers alike, and to author Rick Carufel leading the way, the bully book, "Off Topic: The Story Of An Internet Revolt" has been taken down by Lulu.

As many of you are aware, this book the bullies collaborated on mentioned several authors and painted them in a negative light, being somewhat accusatory and demeaning, and was riddled with inconsistencies if not, outright lies. After a barrage of complaints regarding its questionable content, it was finally removed.

This is the kind of action we all need to take when the situation calls for it. The bullies continue to attack many people, most notably, authors. They have gotten away with it for so long on Goodreads and have now taken their hate to "Bullylikes", that perhaps they thought they could write a hate book to boot, but the plan they put together was thwarted by the active participation of those who stand against internet cyber bullying, and for that, many thanks goes out to all of you involved, most notably, author Rick Carufel who spearheaded this campaign.

I am also very impressed with Lulu's decisive response once they realized what the bullies had done. I appreciate them taking the time to listen to those who responded, and hope they actually read the book for themselves to get a better understanding of what these bullies did, and continue to try and do to indie authors, which is of course, to ruin their reputations for the sole purpose of ruining their book sales and careers.

Strike one up for the good guys!

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* The bully revolt has been thwarted

* Lulu enforces their ToS (unlike Goodreads / Amazon)


  1. Thanks Carroll for the great write up. Unfortunately it was you the trolls singled out the most in that filth. I first published with way back in 2006 and there is still a free comic I made for a game available form that time. Some say indie publishing didn't start till 2009 but lulu was one of the very first and so was I. Lulu has always been a very professional and easy to work with site. At first they only did POD hardcovers and paperbacks, but now they offer ebook publishing too. I was overjoyed when I got home and saw that a website had actually act in a completely professional manner in regard to the troll problem, Bravo Lulu, Bravo!

  2. I read Rick's post. This is great news! While I appreciate everything Rick does in the fight against the trolls, you might want to explain to him the definition of humble. He wasn't the only one who complained to Lulu.

    1. There is a method to my madness and I recognize I do not work alone. Carroll has been instrumental and inspirational in my fight against the stalker trolls. Humility is not part of the overall plan and is detrimental to one of my goals in the fight. I've explained it to Carroll in private and he did indeed pass your message on to me. Bear with me, This is not an ego trip and there are well thought out reasons for everything I do.

  3. Good job, everyone.


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