Thursday, November 7, 2013

Angela Horn Lies

If you ever want to know what a cyber stalker looks like, just Google Angela Horn. More on that later, meanwhile, let me show you some of how this monster lies and spins everything that comes out of her ass. (And when I say ass, I mean mouth.) For the most part, the following is a great example of how all of these bullies lie and spin everything.

On her "Bullylikes" blog, home of the Dawidiots, she tries to claim that STGRB threatens people with violence. Thi swould be shocking if it were true, but you will have to take a look at the screenshots first to see that what she posted, has absolutely no violent content what-so-ever.

Did you see it? Or should I say, did you not see it? In no way was there any threats of violence used against anyone. All that was said was, they wanted JennyJen (a notorious cyber bully) to kiss their ass. I guess when you ask someone to kiss your ass, it must be a form of violence. In that case, color me violent because Angela Horn, kiss my ass. Better yet, don't. I don't want your STD infested lips touching my skin so - just kiss your own ass.

Or maybe she took the phrase: "Your hours are numbered" as a violent threat. Good luck in getting that to hold up in a court of law. The truth is, nobody threatened anyone with violence here. Angela Horn is just a lying, brainless cyber bully who enjoys the drama of bullying people. This post clearly shows this. As for mother's pride? I can't speak for Athena, (Or can I? O_o) but I know my mother is very proud of me for standing up to the bullies like Angela Horn.

Now onto our next screenshots.

It would also appear that Angela Horn doesn't know what doxxing is. Thus, the reason why I referred to her as brainless in the previous paragraph. To prove this, take a look at what she also posted on her "Bullylikes" blog.

Did you see any doxxing on there? I know I sure didn't. You see, doxxing is actually when you post someone's home address, phone number, or other personal information like social security number, or perhaps the address where someone might work. Quite frankly, it's just not there. Besides that, the comment where it says she lives in Livermore was posted by "Anony Mouse", not Athena. So even if that were actually doc dropping, or doxxing, which it isn't, Athena wouldn't have been the one to actually have done it, "Annony Mouse" would have been the culprit. Brainless she is, indeed.

Noticing anything else so far? Well, keep reading. 

In this next screenshot, we see Angela Horn posting about how STGRB is "going out of business". But that isn't even the case. Athena merely explains that now that GR has shown some kind of effort in cracking down on the bullies, which was the original goal of STGRB to begin with, or that is what I was led to believe, Athena just doesn't see much of a need to cover the bully activities. Most in part because the bullies like Angela Horn, and their cyber criminal attacks, have pretty much been thwarted by GR. However, that still doesn't keep Angela from lying and spinning the situation. 

Did you notice the last part? About the skiing? I guess sin Angela's brainless skull, if you ski, then you must be Athena Parker. 

Now, keep in mind that in real life, Athena and Melissa are friends. They used to live next door to each other. (I guess that too equates to them being the same person. By that standard, my name is also Jim and John. Those are two fellows that live on my street of whom I am friends with. Or do they have to join Goodreads in order for them and me to be the same people? (Just trying to use bully rationale here.)

I myself enjoy the fine sport of skiing also, It looks like Angela Horn has cracked the case wide open! Congratulations numb-nuts, you caught me. I am everyone on STGRB, as well as Carroll Bryant, as well as Rick Carufel. I am also M.T. Dismuke. You got me. I surrender to your awesome powers of stupidity. Damn it! I would have gotten away with it to if it weren't for those meddling bullies. 

Now, have you seen a pattern here? Remember when I opened this post with "If you ever want to know what a cyber stalker looks like, just Google Angela Horn?"

Well, for someone who claims she isn't a cyber stalker or a bully, she sure does take a lot of screenshots of STGRB, doesn't she? Maybe Angela Horn is a hermaphrodite and secretly has a penis to go with that vagina because she sure does display publicly a huge woody for Athena and STGRB. 

Here is a question for you Angela, rhetorical I assure you, but how many times a day do you go and visit STGRB? 

With a non-stalker like Angela Horn hanging around, who needs a real one?

I'm Carroll Bryant, Athena Parker, Melissa, STGRB, Johnny B. Good, Rick Carufel, M.T. Dismuke ..... and this is The Looking Glass.  

Things We Learned Today:  

* Angela Horn lies

* Carroll has multiple personalities

* Angela Horn stalks STGRB and Athena

* Angela Horn doesn't know what doxxing is

* Angela Horn is secretly a hermaphrodite? O_O 

* Nobody threatened anyone

* Carroll made a Scooby reference

* Angela Horn isn't talented enough to kiss her own ass

* Carroll's mom is proud of him

* Seriously, Angela Horn has a penis? O_O

* Carroll has never had an STD and is damn sure not going to get his first one from Angela Horn

* Seriously though, a penis? O_o


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