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Christina Wilder and Adolf Hitler

When the crack down over at Goodreads began, so did the mass exodus occur for the bullies, and they took their hate to "Bullylikes" in droves. This is when the real mud slinging started. These Parmesan crusted cheese heads took to their new bully toys, BL blogs, and let loose a firestorm of moans and groans. They pretty much picked right up where they left off at GR.

I might have covered some of it. I know STGRB documented the early happenings. All told, we got to see some really messed up stuff. The bullies left their lasting marks on GR by "carpet bombing" books by the thousands. Total disregard to the sanctity of trust and honesty. They did what they did best, and that is lie on their way out the GR door. (Carpet bombing is one starring books which they never even read) Liars from the start. Liars throughout. Liars at the end. Then once they became Dawidiots, they kept on lying and still do so to this day. Cry, whine, moan, "Woe is me. The world is making it harder to be a cyber bully. Feel sorry for me someone, please?"

We also got to read some very disturbing comments in the wake of the new alleged policy of Goodreads by the bullies. Today's post is no different. We will get to see another disturbing, if not just simply outright stupid comparisons that some of these bullies have made in response to the new GR policy.

I wanted to do this post sooner, but I got caught up in a project on my other blog for the entire month of October when I told the story of my time in Norfolk, Virginia when I was in the Navy. Now that I have completed that and took a little breather, I decided to get to this post. I wanted to write it and post it on the 5th of November, but something else came up.

What you're about to see is probably going to make you dizzy. The outrageous claim these bullies make (or comparison) could very well toss your senses to the toilet. You may even have a stroke. So by all means, before the Affordable Health Care Act kicks in, you might want to keep your favorite and most trusted physician on stand-by.

Meet Christina Wilder. A hard core bully in her own right. 

Now at first glance, she might come off as some hard core reader. At first glance. But at second glance, you realize she is one of those judges, juries, and executioners that we have come to discover are bullies who like to do their part in ridding the world of writers whom they do not agree with on certain issues. 

Let's face it, we all know not everyone is going to believe the same thing as yourself. We all hold different views and opinions. The road we travel in life helps to mold those views and beliefs. We each take a different road for the most part. Things will happen to you in life that may not happen to me and likewise, to me that doesn't happen to you. 

Still, there is hope that commonsense will rule our thoughts. I mean, if you read a book, and love it, then you decide that is one of your favorite authors, only to discover later that your favorite author is for abortion and you are against it, is it really going to change your view of the book? The author? Really? Okay, fine, so maybe it does. I doubt normal people really care about such things. Sociopaths might care, but not normal people. Normal people have that commonsense to understand that not everyone is going to share the same beliefs as they do. Not to mention, normal people, I think, can separate a book from it's creator. I mean, there are books I like written by Hemingway yet, I don't really particularly approve of the person Hemingway was. Not that I am judging him in the least, but I have heard some things. Just because I might not have liked to ever meet him, if I could, doesn't mean I am going to suddenly dislike a book he wrote. That would be stupid. But then again, maybe there was a reason for the person he was. Maybe he went through some shit in his life that molded him into the man he became. Hell, maybe he took a blow to the head or something and had a mental disorder that went undetected. Who knows? 

The question is, would I dare compare him to a modern day writer? Heck no! That would ridiculous. Even more asinine would be for me to compare him to an Indie author of the modern day. And I will confess here and now that while I was a member of Goodreads, I met some authors of whom I didn't really care for on a personal basis. But I kept that to myself. I even read some of their books, and I liked them. But what I didn't do was rate or review their books poorly just because I didn't care for them on a personal basis. I also didn't attack those authors through reviews either. Maybe that's because I am one of commonsense and decency, and can understand that not all people are always going to believe the same things as myself. And I can separate the book from the author. I'm just cool that way.

But for Christina Wilder, and the rest of Bully Nation, they can't seem to do this. They can't grasp this basic commonsense fundamental concept nor can they apply it to their everyday lives. Oh no, they would rather sit and judge and for some unknown reason, they just want to share this with the world. Then when they do, they think they are entitled to sit and judge authors of books they have read and often times, authors of books they never read. Then they take it a step too far and start spreading rumors and sometimes, just outright lies. To them, this is okay. But then they go and do what Christina and her bully friends did. Compare modern day authors, Indie or otherwise, to a dictator and mass murderer, Adolf Hitler. 

Yes, you read correctly. But before I show you the proof, let's take a look at what Christina wrote on her BL blog. 

 You know Christina, I have some gay friends. A lot of them actually. I have no problem with gays and lesbians at all either, like apparently, you don't. However, I also understand that out there in the world there are some closed minded people who may be homophobic. Here's the thing, and my gay friends would say the same thing, that's no reason to hate their work. In fact, in my commonsense mind and heart, that's no reason to hate either. 

You see, when someone is homophobic, they only hurt themselves. They don't hurt me and they certainly don't hurt gays and lesbians. So why does it hurt you so much? Why would you even care that an author is homophobic? More importantly, why judge a book written by a homophobic person? And why do you find it such a desire to tell everyone you hate that person and their work because of it? 

You see, hate is hate no matter the justification you place on it. Someone hates gays and lesbians, so in turn, you HATE them for hating gays and lesbians. See what the disease of hate can do to you? It can turn you into the same hateful piece of shit the person who hates gays and lesbians is. Why lower yourself to that level? In essence, you're no better than they are because guess what? You both have hate in your hearts!

Why not just state in your review that you didn't like the book because of the homophobic nature and or content and leave it at that? Why attack the author? Why hate another human being just because you don't agree with their views and or beliefs? I mean, it's not like this homophobic author is a dictator of some country and is randomly killing gays and lesbians by the millions like say, oh, I don't know, someone like Adolf Hitler?

And that brings us to the last portion of her little blog post. She is screaming bloody murder over the new GR policy and comparing Adolf Hitler to, are you ready for this? She and her bully friends are comparing Hitler to modern day authors!

Gump was right, stupid is as stupid does. (Or in this case, as stupid says)

Here is the screenshot she provides on her blog post.

There is so much wrong and stupid in her comparison that I really don't know where to start. First, Hitler was not really an author. He was a dictator. He was a mass murderer. He was evil to the core. Some say, in religious circles, he was the second coming of the beast. Lucifer in the flesh. The man organized the killing of millions of Jews. Men, women and children. This is documented historical fact. The man was a monster. And yet, you and your goon squad of bullies dare to compare this horrible creature to modern day authors? Really? 

Calling Adolf Hitler a monster or a murderer is not really an opinion as it is a historical fact. I mean sure, there are probably some people out there who may look at Hitler as some kind of hero or whatever, but that is just messed up. And creepy as hell. I admit that. But still, to compare comments to a dead man from so many years ago who was an evil mass murdering dictator to modern day authors and the comments you and your bullies make to them, and unfounded accusations and even lies, is absolutely criminally insane in my book. I mean, if I were a dictator and forced people to publish my writings, that wouldn't necessarily make me an "author", now would it? And if I were proven to me a mass murderer, or a convicted criminal of any kind, then it would not be bullying to state those facts about me anywhere, really. A fact is a fact. 

But there is a huge difference between a fact and bully lies. For example, I have been called a pedophile yet, I never been charged for anything of the sort, much less, convicted. So that claim wouldn't be a fact now, would it? It would libel. And that's exactly what I have been up against when it comes to you and your bully friends. 

But yes, you do have a right to your opinion, but you do not have a right to libel people. An opinion based on fact is one thing, you still needn't hammer that opinion about an author in a book review. It's just classless. But an opinion based on rumors or no facts is libel. That is wrong every which way you look at it. And to put that in a book review is not only wrong also, but bullying and carries with it, possible legal ramifications and responsibility, not to mention, civil action. 

So you and your cronies can cry all day about your right to speak your opinion. You certainly have that right. But Goodreads is a private business. They can decide to allow it or not. They are not violating your free speech, they are simply trying to set the tone of their book reading community. It's their website (Amazon) and they can set the rules to it as they see fit. And your opinion stops becoming your opinion when you venture off into the land of libel and unproven rumors and speculation. And you certainly do not have the right to libel for the sole purpose of intentionally trying to ruin an authors career or book sales. (Something I will be touching on in my next upcoming post) 

In my next post, I will provide actual evidence of a blogger / reviewer bully who makes a cry for just that. A blatant attempt to destroy MY career and book sales. Yes, you read correctly again. So be looking for it in the near future. 

Meanwhile, for Christina Wilder and the rest of Bully Nation, perhaps you could ask Santa Claus for some of that commonsense I mentioned earlier this Christmas season. After seeing you guys trying to compare a murderous dictator of millions to modern day authors, well, quite frankly, in my opinion, you could use some. A whole lot in fact. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Christina Wilder and her bully friends compare Adolf Hitler to modern day authors

* Adolf Hitler was an author?

* Christina Wilder is a self proclaimed judge, jury and executioner of authors

* Commonsense is clearly lacking with Christina and the bullies

* Carroll has another post on the horizon? O_O

* Carroll has proof that the bullies are trying to "ruin" his career / book sales? O_O

* Santa Claus needs to bring commonsense to Christina and the bullies this Xmas

* Wait! Santa Claus is real? O_o

* There is a fine line between opinion of facts, views and beliefs, and libel

* The bullies libel, not opinionize 

* Is opinionize even a word? O_o

* It is now!


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