Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goodreads: Meet Your Next Stalker

Recently I announced in the comments section of one of my posts that I had decided to start writing a new book for release called, "Goodreads: Meet Your Next Stalker". While a majority of this book is complete, I have decided to take a break from it to concentrate on a few other projects that I have going on at the moment.

The book is going to cover my personal experience on Goodreads from beginning to end and will go into some details about my stalker(s) and online relationship. It will also cover my attack.  I will hold nothing back.

Here's the thing, I am still contemplating how I will make this book available. I have considered making it into an E-book, however, the more I think about it, the more I like the "paperback" idea.

I'm not sure if I will actually "sale" it, but probably make it available through giveaways and promotions. While I work this out, I will keep everyone abreast as I go along.

There is also another option on the table that I have been discussing with another author. To add my story to this other authors book that is being written in regards to the stalker situation. To combine our stories into one book.

So while we hash out all the details, just know that this "tell all" book is in the works, and I shall let you all know when it is done and how you will be able to get your hands on it.


  1. This sounds great, but what if you name names? because then the bullies can pull your book. I wonder if it'd be okay to list their user names? I'm just wondering how you could go about it without breaking the terms of use.

    1. The terms of use for what? ... I don't publish my books on Lulu. Also, this is why I may consider paperback publishing only.

      Still, this is an accurate account of what happened to me. Everything in the book will be able to be confirmed.

      And yes, real names will be mentioned. Real user names, the whole nine yards. This book will not be "my opinion", but facts. Facts supported by screenshots, emails, and the like.

  2. I think the Paperback option is the best. I also suggest that all the SS be put in the front and numbered and referenced by numbers in the text to prevent any preview reviews. If the trolls want to attack the book make them buy it to find out what's in it.

    1. The book itself will not have any pics / SS. (However, I may reference the posts on my blogs in the book for where people can see the SS - That is yet to be decided.)

      The paperback does seem my best option. I could always put it up as an E-Book later. Of course, I wouldn't even attempt to list it on Amazon. (What with the conflict of interest.) Even though, I could and Amazon couldn't do a thing about it because they have a contract with the company I use for my E-Books. I just wouldn't want to put my publisher through that kind of situation.

      But everything is still in the early stages. Nothing has yet been decided. By the time I finish the book I may have it all figured out. Just can't really focus on it right now due to all the other projects I have going on. (And the holidays.)

    2. I just wanted to add that none of my friends will be mentioned in the book. Not even their user names. STGRB might be mentioned for all of their hard work, but that's it as far as friends are concerned.


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