Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amanda Welling: Drama Queen

You see, this is what I'm talking about. Just when I was to sit down today and put together another post, I check my email first and see that somebody sent me a link to Amanda Welling's "Bullylikes" blog and knowing how she loves to talk about me, I get swamped with curiosity and couldn't resist clicking on it.

Low and behold did I discover that Amanda Welling is now stalking herself. (Seriously folks, you really can't make this shit up.)

But there is so much more. I didn't even know how to begin. I had to go to the store and get a cup of Joe, come home, and ponder this one for a good hour or more.

So I'm going to start with the boring part first. It's a screenshot that Amanda posted on her BL blog. It's some comments made on STGRB. (Yeah, she's stalking them now too it would seem) LOL

Really Amanda? STGRB hasn't written about you that I can ever recall. At least, not in their "Topic" anyway. They have mentioned you in passing, like this one for example Naming and shaming leads to arrest, where they compare you and your husband's stalking of me to the people in the article they wrote about. But outside of things like that, they don't really care about you on a personal basis. They certainly have never posted any screenshots of your blog(s).

So then I ask the question, why do you post screenshots from their blog on yours? Why do you care what they say in their comments section? Especially when it doesn't have a thing to do with you? Sounds like somebody is looking for attention. Sounds like somebody is a drama queen?

Who is trying to start shit now? *Wink*

Here's the rest of her post.

So again, I ask you, Amanda, what's your beef with STGRB? Or are you just upset that they aren't giving you any major attention that you do posts like these to try and gain some? Stop being such a drama queen! LOL

I know STGRB isn't going to give two shits in the wind about it, you're a nobody really. But I know how much you like the attention so I will post about you until you come home. (I'm sorry, I meant to say until the cows come home. How did I ever misquote that?) Ahem, moving right along .....

Since you and I have such a rich history, to no fault of my own, I figured I would keep in accurate character in giving you the attention you crave. Sorry I'm not STGRB, despite you and the rest of Bully Nation believing otherwise. I suppose attention from me will just have to suffice for now. 

Now, for some reason, you take aim at their post (or rather, comments) about Athena explaining how GR makes money off of your opinions about books (and authors). Now, why would this issue concern you, Amanda? Is it because they aren't talking about you? And while I'm thinking about it, why are you stalking STGRB to begin with? Is it because they aren't showing you any attention?

Here are the comments posted for her BL blog.

You see Amanda, this is proof positive that people need not even speak of you for you to stick your nose in where it doesn't belong. Nobody in that STGRB post mentions you nor do they mention you in the comments section. Yet, you still take it upon yourself to talk about them. Now, why the hell is that? I mean, for someone who claims not wanting to be part of the drama, you sure do bring a lot of it upon yourself, don't you? I really don't understand.

But for what it's worth, to respond to your post and the comments, especially the last one where you ask where your paycheck is for writing reviews, well, first of all, you're not smart enough to sell your opinions for money. Or rather, people are not dumb enough to pay you for your words. This is why you do not get a paycheck for what you write. 

Now to the good stuff! LOL

Apparently, Amanda Welling wants people to stop playing games, as this next screenshot from her "Bullylikes" blog will show, but this is confusing considering the games she plays as demonstrated above with her post about STGRB. But this post of hers addresses another BL blog that somebody started and yes, you guessed it, she is blaming on me. Take a look. 

Now, I am going on record to say that I do not approve of this. Even though karma is a bitch, I do not approve of stalking and harassing people, even stalkers like Amanda. If I find out any of my friends are behind this, I will quickly disassociate myself with them. That's a fact! But I do find it fascinating that she (and others) are quick to point the finger at me. This leaves me wondering, did Amanda start that "fake" blog herself for the attention? Did her husband? Did one of her bully friends? You know, just so they could gather up the troops and lay blame in my direction? This wouldn't be the first time, I reported on this blog about a "fake" account on another website that was started where the person was pretending to be me, and the bullies jumped all over that. They tried to say that I was "Zemy 96" on "Wattpad". 

I already have an account there, just haven't been to it for like over a year. Never got into it. But I digress. 

It seems to me with Amanda's hunger for attention, she could easily have made that account herself just to get that attention she yearns for. I think the first part of this post sets up that possibility nicely. 

Just check out the comments on it. 

No, Amanda, you're the flea. I'm just the flea flicker. 

No, TinaNicole, you don't know who is behind it, but that doesn't stop you bullies from spreading lies and rumors about it though, does it? Then again, you wouldn't be bullies otherwise. 

Then Amanda says it wouldn't be the first time I would have created a fake profile of her and references back to when I created a blog called, "Amanda Welling Lies". Which wasn't a "fake" blog where I was pretending it was her because I left my name on the blog as the admin of it, so technically, you lie again Amanda. I wasn't pretending to be you or John Green (when I also made "John Green Lies") and I wasn't pretending to be Jude when I also created, "Jude Henderson Lies" blog. 

So how about telling the truth, Amanda? You know damn well I created those blogs back in the day to counter these two blogs you and your bully friends created. (And are still active by the way)

But when I created those other three blogs, you and the rest of Bully Nation began crying about it, yet you have no problem when these fake blogs appear with my name, do you? How is that for hypocrisy? 

But unlike you bullies, I did not hide the fact that I started those blogs. I don't hide from anyone. Especially criminal minded bullies like yourself and your friends.

So yes, if I was behind that fake blog of you, it would have been my first time doing it. Unfortunately, it wasn't me. And yes, I am denying it, however, I have an offer for you at the end of this post so keep reading. 

Shoshana Bick leave this comment. 

No one called me out on it Shoshana. I guess you can't stop lying either, can you Miss Fugly? 

Yeah, I went there, deal. And you can call me ugly all you want, I still get laid more than you do so, you know. LOL Just saying.

But again, nobody called me out on it, everyone in Bully Nation just went ballistic over it with their butt-hurt moans and groans. But again, they have no problem when fake blogs are made about me. And I took them down because I only started them to see how you bullies would react. I never intended to keep them up. But funny thing, it took like 5 minutes before you people started posting about it after I published the blogs publicly. Proving also how much you people stalk me. Not to mention, I sent those blogs public at like 2 or 3 in the morning. No rest for the wicked, is there?

Now this next comment from Amanda herself is very telling. In fact, I consider it an admission of guilt. She admits to "pissing" me off. Check it out. 

Did you see it? "Besides him, I haven't pissed anyone else off except Eve". Really Amanda? Only myself and Eve are the only authors you pissed off? Well, thanks for at least confessing to your dirty deeds. Although, I find that hard to believe. Still, I appreciate the confession none the less. But no, it wasn't me. Read on. 

This next comment post is also very telling. It shows how much Amanda Welling lies. Check it out. 

I don't have to twist anything like you do, Amanda, if I had done it, I would own it. Something you and the rest of your bully friends never do! But that's a whole other post. Then Amanda finishes with the bottom comment saying that this has been going on since June or July of 2012. And she's right about that! It has been, however, July 2012 is the actual beginning of this saga between Amanda and I because that is the month she originally posted on her old "Hippie" blog about me first. But I let it go. Then in the following months, six to be exact, her and her husband continued with me by posting comments on my other blog, and other blogs about me, and of course emailing me from out of the blue. Unwanted emails I might add. And they did this for six months straight until I finally started this blog and began addressing it. 


Before I ever addressed them.

And no Amanda, I don't hold a grudge. When you finally quit, I quit too. Then you ran to "Bullylikes" and started posting about me again. Then I responded. Like I am again here. You know, because you don't want the drama. *RME*

Then Amanda takes a shot at my bi-polar condition. The one I was diagnosed with after my near fatal auto accident where a guy driving drunk was in my lane without his headlights on in a thick fog, and we collided head on. 

Yes, that's it Amanda, attack a person and their illness. You're such a classy lady. *Sarcasm* But here is a newsflash, my bi-polar condition is about my depression I sometimes suffer from, and my memory, and my sleep disorder, and I can also be somewhat short tempered from it too. All due to the accident. It doesn't make me stalk and harass people like you and your husband and the rest of your bully friends. It also doesn't make me unsympathetic to people's mental disorders like apparently, you and your bully friends are. But even if it did make me a stalker like you and your friends, my bi-polar condition would be an excuse for it, so this leads me to ask you and your friends, what's your excuse? 

As for whether or not I take medication for it, it's none of your business. Just like everything else in my life, it's simply none of your business. So why you trying to make it your business? 

Have you and your friends no shame? ... Apparently not. 

Then finally, a wise comment. 

Yes, Amanda! Go to the police. I encourage you to do so. 

And another suggestion of going to the police here.

I think contacting law enforcement would be the best thing for her to do. Especially since I had nothing to do with that fake blog. But here's the thing, she won't because either Amanda started that fake blog herself or one of her friends did, maybe even her husband. This is why she will never go to the police about it. Who wants to bet me? ... Crap! I picked the wrong day to stop gambling. 

But by all means, Amanda, I hope you do go to the authorities with this fake blog issue. I really do. As I stated before, I am totally against that sort of thing. Even if it was a fake blog to attack you. You and the bullies should know by now that if I wanted to attack you, I would do so using my real name because no one would have more reason to do so than me. And who knows, maybe if you don't stop with your bullshit, I might restart that "Amanda Welling Lies" blog up again and trust me, there wouldn't be a damn thing you could do about it either. But I am contemplating doing it. So there! Doesn't sound like I am hiding from anyone now, does it? 

FYI - I don't have to hide my identity. I will do it with my real identity and be proud of it. 

Stay tuned for that new blog. It could be coming in the near future.

This will also stop all the bullies trying to call me a troll with no evidence to support it. If I do it out in the open of my real identity then I wouldn't be trolling, now would I?

And then Dawid comes and saves the day. Yaaaay!

And no, I won't say how Dawid protects the bullies because that fact was established a long time ago. By now, it is common knowledge. (As one commenter noted)

However, I will offer this to you - as promised earlier - that if Dawid wants me to start a new account on "Bullylikes", I would be willing just so he can see my IP address and compare it to the one that showed up with this fake account to prove it wasn't me. But first, he would have to send me an email with the IP from the fake address. This way I will know he won't try and pull some kind of shit on me. I don't trust the guy. There, I said it. But if he is willing, so shall I be willing. 

Better yet, contact the police Amanda, and give them my phone number. (I know you got it) And I will be more than happy to cooperate with them in their investigation regarding that fake blog on "Bullylikes". 

Other than that, hear this, Amanda Welling, this is your last chance to stop running your stupid fucking mouth you stupid fucking cunt. Your last chance. If I get one more link sent to me from someone where you are running your cunt mouth again, I will start that blog in your honor. And guess what? There won't be one god-damn thing you or your stupid fucking husband can do about it either. If you want something to fucking cry about, then I will give you something to cry about bitch! You got my word on that. And I will eagerly await the police and or your lawyer too. You want to go to court, then we will. Only I am going to make you do it. 

But guess what again? You won't do it. And you know why? Because you know the truth that you are the one who started this shit. Don't you? But hey, if you want to call me on it, go ahead. I will make that blog just for you. Try me. I beg you, try me. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass

Things We Learned Today:

* Amanda starts her own drama

* Amanda can't shut up her stupid fucking mouth

* Jon Welling is a pussy

(I threw that last one in there)

* Carroll doesn't hide from nobody

* Carroll wants Amanda to go to the police 

* Did Carroll beg her to go to the police? Carroll begs?

* Amanda confessed she "pissed" Carroll off and Eve

* Carroll is ready to start a blog in Amanda's honor

* There is nothing Amanda or her husband can do to stop it either

* Amanda attacks people with disorders and she attacks their disorder

* Amanda is one classy cunt

* The above was sarcasm

* Or was it? O_o

* Amanda Welling is still horny for the Carz

* Shoshana Bick (Co-axial Creature) is FUUUUUUUUUGLY!
* The above was NOT sarcasm

* Yeah, Carroll is still going there, deal!


  1. They're completely stupid, Carroll. Everyone knows that if you have something to say to Amanda or anyone you would do it here, not anywhere else. You have never been shy when dealing with these ass holes. Nobody believes for a second that you made that BL blog except for the ass hole bullies.

    1. You are a hundred percent right. I have never backed down from these bullies, ever! And I certainly never do anything or say anything anonymously either. I am too "in your face" for that.

      This just goes to prove that "Bullylikes" is all about bullying and not about books. What does STGRB have to do about books? Nothing! But Dawidiot allows these bullies to continue their bullying and attacks. "Bullylikes" is not about books. It's about bullying. Hence the name, "Bullylikes".

      Dawid is a bigger pussy than they are. About the same level as Patrick Brown.

  2. I say start that blog. If she is going to accuse you of it without proof then maybe you should go ahead and do it for spite. Put it on her to get the law involved and or lawyers. Give her a taste of her own medicine. Torment the shit out of her until she cracks. It's obvious she isn't going to stop Carroll. Go for it! Start that blog and harass the fuck out of her. My uncle has bipolar and it's not a funny illness to mock. He lives in constant hell with it.

    1. That's what I intend to do if she doesn't shut her trap. If it's my attention she wants then it's my attention she will get, but not here anymore. I will start a new blog dedicated just to her.

      And no, mocking mental illnesses is not cool. But that's bullies for ya.

  3. I think you are absolutely correct! Drama Queen + Troll + No Life = bad combo. She probably did create the account just to draw attention to herself. I'm just shaking my head.
    Hang in there. You've got plenty of sane folks like us on your side! (We may not be normal and we may be weird but we're not criminals and we've got your back.)

    1. I appreciate that.

      She had no reason to run to BL and start posting her junk again. I blame BL for allowing non-book discussions and author bashing to take place on a so called book site. Still, Amanda needs to start acting her age eventually. Now would be a good time to do so.

      In short, she needs to let it go. She has to understand that when she starts talking her shit about people, those people are going to defend themselves.

    2. Couldn't the same be said about you? Perhaps you are the person that needs to understand, when you talk shit about people, they are going to defend themselves? Who can blame her for her thinking that you made that blog after everything you have written about her and that you indeed did create a blog just for her at one point. It's only logical.

    3. No, the same can not be said about me. I didn't start in on her first, she and her husband started in on me first. She can't defend herself when she attacked me first. Every time she does attack me in some way, I defend myself. My posts are "response" posts only to her and her husbands attacks.

      Also, when she and her husband first attacked me, I ignored them for six months. They didn't stop. Their attacks got worse when they started emailing me out of the blue. The lesson here is, when she attacks and you ignore her, she doesn't stop. What other choice then do you have but to defend yourself? Then when you do, she cries foul. She lies out of her fat ass that YOU started it for no reason despite the evidence presented that clearly shows otherwise. (Which I clearly did present)

      I don't talk shit about people. I show what they are talking shit about me. Big difference. Maybe in my defense I might talk some shit, but that shit would never be said had she and her husband not started talking shit first and kept on talking for six months before i responded.

      I made that blog because she, nor her husband, would stop stalking, harassing and bullying me. Or stop talking their shit. And everything I wrote about her was nothing more than responses to her constant writing about and stalking, harassment and bullying of me.

      So no, you carry no logic. It's only logical that when she starts running off at the mouth, ignoring her won't work, I tried that for six months, but to fight back and defend yourself is the only solution. That is the only logic.

      Everything was done and over with and quiet until she joined "Bullylikes" and started it all back up again. She needs to move on and she needs to stop trying to play the victim here. She is the aggressor. Not the victim.

    4. She put a post up, Thought you should know. new blog time for amanda.

  4. I feel like busting out the world's tiniest violin and handing you some diapers and cookies. Here, go cry in the corner and suck your thumb.

    1. Oh, me like cookies. :)

      Hey, wait a friggin minute here ... you can't afford the world's tiniest violin!

      Diapers? O_O Role playing? O_o Daddy likes. :D

      While I'm sucking my thumb, what will you be sucking? O_o

      Thanks for the comment.


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