Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Melissa Chesley: Author Unprofessional

So back in July of 2012, author Melissa Chesley of the blog, "Writings, Musings & Other Such Nonsense" decided to take it upon herself to write about yours truly. Are we going to have fun with this one.

First of all, we are talking about an author here who decided to bash another author. Worse than that, she does so by simply reading other posts. Other posts mind you that fail to show any evidence of their claims against me. She actually admits to this. Here are the posts she read. The first one she links to is gone. But it used to belong to a blog called "Dream Wish".

The next one she links to is of course, the famous (sarcasm) Rex Files. (Didn't I do a post on him already and debunk his claims? I'm pretty sure I did.)

The last one is a joke. She links to "Absolute Write Water Cooler". I showcased them in my "Internet Scams: Absolute Write" post recently. Remember?

So we know right from the get go, Melissa got some very bad information. Perhaps if she were more professional, she would have sought actual evidence of the lies she read. Instead, she writes this post. We'll take them one screenshot at a time so we can discuss it, okay?

First this. 

She starts off my crediting me with "single handedly" making indie publishing that much harder for indie authors (like herself) with my "lack of ethics and professional protocol". (Kind of like what she is doing by writing this post about me) RME and SMH

Then she states clearly: "Mind you, I'm going by other blog posts ..." 

Ahem. Really Melissa? That's your references? Other blog posts that fail to show any proof of their claims? And of all places, a scam website like "Absolute Write"? ... Okay, if you say so.


Then she goes on to say: (And get this) "Bloggers tend to be pretty good in gathering their facts."

Wait! Didn't she just say she got all of her information about me from other blogs? And the blogs she got this information on me from didn't present screenshots of their claims? How is that evidence? How is that proof? How is that THE FACTS?!

* SIGH *

You see, these are the kinds of people we're dealing with here. 

Unprofessional nit-wits.

Then she claims at the end of that screenshot "Once you are a little more informed, like me, you'll still see this as a bad thing. This guy did not act in a professional manner at all."

Well, you're right about that, Melissa. It is a bad thing. It's a bad thing you took stuff you read off the internet with no evidence to back it up as the gospel truth. And it's a bad thing you had to go and write about it to boot, contributing to bullying of a fellow author. And it's a bad thing you didn't get all of your facts straight. Or produce evidence to support these claims that you took as the gospel truth. 

Who is the unprofessional now? O_o

YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! 

But wait! There's more. Check this out. 

She says that authors behaving badly is a trend. Really Melissa? And reviewers behaving badly (like yourself) isn't a trend? Wait a tick, she ain't no stinking reviewer, she's an author! And she is behaving badly by writing about me. Oh, my God! She's right, authors behaving badly is a trend! 


Or was it? O_o

Then she says that badly behaving authors numbers are "rising" and those like her who have professionalism and integrity (like writing about me) struggle. 

Did it ever occur to you Melissa, and I'm just throwing it out there, that maybe the reason you are struggling is because you suck at writing? Or perhaps, just perhaps, you write about your fellow authors, calling them badly behaving without any evidence to support your jibberish? 

Something to think about, Miss Integrity. 

Then we get to the proof that this "fellow indie author" is crying out for people to not buy my books. Now I ask you, how is this "ethical" or "professional"? 

It isn't. And all of us with commonsense know this, don;t we? But here is what she says: "If people continue to buy Mr. Bryant's books, and his numbers continue to grow rapidly due to his now A.B.B. image, more authors are going to follow suit." - End of quote.

I can't believe it. I'm actually at a loss for words.


First of all, there has never been any evidence presented that I ever behaved badly. Secondly, my success has nothing to do with other authors standing up for themselves, Melissa. They stand up for themselves because they are being bullied by you and your friends. That's why they do it. It has nothing to do with me. I don't think. But hey, if me standing up for myself inspires other authors to do so, then great! But no, my success won't have anything to do with it. 

But isn't it great that another author is basically calling out to everyone to "not buy my books"? And haven't I and STGRB been saying that this is the real reason for these people to act this way in bullying authors? That it wasn't about reviews as they cry about? But more so about them killing careers and preventing book sales? 

I think we stumbled onto something here. 

Then she says "reviewers will stop reviewing". 

Um .... no, Melissa, they won't. Most in part because this isn't a war between authors and reviewers, it's a war between authors and bullies (Like you) who are not professional enough to do their homework or present evidence to support your "so called" facts. 

Moving on .....

Then she asks, what does this mean for writers? Reviewers? ... Well, a very good question Melissa, allow me to respond. 

It means nothing! Well, except that writers can still write despite bullies like you. And reviewers can still review despite bullies like you. So yeah, life goes on as normal as possible. It means nothing! Drama queen Jr. (Amanda Welling is drama queen Sr.)

Then she goes on to say this.

Yes, yes, if my perverse way of gaining readers works, then others will follow suit. Wait! What? Do you even know what my perverse ways of gaining readers is? I mean, other than what "you read". Well, I'll fill you in as to edumacate you some. My ways of gaining readers is to write books, be friendly, be respectful, I never complained about a bad review, never had a bad review until you and your bully friends attacked me, and oh, I don't do blog posts about people and call them "perverse" without getting all the facts. Something you might be able to learn from by the way. Just saying. 

I never spammed. I never approached people for interviews. I never engaged in gossip (like you) or rumors about people (like you) or spread lies about them (like you) or ever called for people to not buy other books from other authors. (Like you!)

Then again, if you were really professional, you would know this already. And while we're on the subject of professionalism, a real professional doesn't tell everyone they are a professional. Everyone will just know it. So .... you know .... something to dwell on in cold lonely moments. 

Then she says: "People hide behind the computer everyday spouting off things (like Melissa) they would never say to someone face to face. Seriously, I would like to meet with people face to face who bad mouthed me." (Like she does me) Then she wraps up by saying she would like to meet those people who bad mouthed her on the internet. 

Well, Melissa, so would I. Seeing how I never bad mouthed anyone who didn't bad mouth me first, I would love to meet them in real life and see what they have to say to my face. You are now added to that list. 

As for me, I never say anything on the internet to anyone that I wouldn't say to their face. Especially you. And by the way, I would love to see you use my head for a doorstep. Such tough talk from such a stupid bitch. Oh shit! Did I just bad mouth you? Now you can add me to your list. A dollar says I will call you a stupid bitch to your face. I would risk more money, but you're a failed writer so I figure you probably couldn't spare anymore than a dollar to begin with. Now that I'm thinking about it, fifty cents might be pushing it.

Shit! Did I just bad mouth you again? O_O

Oh, never mind, you then said: "Not really" ... ditto for me too. 

Then she says "maybe". Shit! Ditto for me too again. 

Then she says I need to be taught a lesson. Then she says the reviewers had every right to do what they did to me. Really Melissa? So I am guessing here that if they attacked you for no good reason like they attacked me, you would deserve it too? Okay, nice to know. And while we're on the subject, what exactly was their reason for attacking me? Because I made a post listing a few reviewers who lied to me and stole from me? Then I take it that you condone theft? .... Good to know. 

And what lesson exactly do I need to learn? 

Another dollar says that she probably doesn't even know. 

Shit! Now I am bankrupting her!

Bad Carz!

She is right about one thing, reviewers are vital to authors. But not bullies. You see, there is a difference. There are reviewers, then there are bullies. Two different things here we're talking about. 

She goes on. (Yawn)

The thing you have to remember here, Melissa, is that calling authors a pedophile in a review is not reviewing a book. Thought you might like to know this. 

I agree, most indie authors are probably pushy, but you also have to remember and take into account, they have to do their own marketing. You see, this is probably why we come off pushy. I'm sure you do it too. I never did. I mean, yeah, on my blog maybe and stuff, but I don't invade other people's space and push my work. 

Now let's look at some comments left on her blog about her post. 

Alex J. Cavanaugh says that my behavior was bad. Really Alex? How so? Nothing was ever proven about what these bullies wrote about my behavior. How was my behavior bad? What exactly did I do? 

Melissa responds asking "What was he thinking?" ... Well, what was I thinking about what, Melissa? What did I do? What do you think I did? I could ask the same of you. What were you thinking in writing this post? Or is it true that stupid people don't think? 

Felicia seems a bit upset that Melissa was referenced in the post. It would appear that Melissa did not get her permission before hand. A typical bully thing to do. It's that entitlement of theirs. 

Then Jamie Gibbs puts his stupidity on display with his asinine comment. He says I got "burned" (LOL) and turned to the internet to act like an idiot. Kind of like what he is doing with his comment. Okay "know it all" Jamie, how did I get burned? You mean, when the bullies "stole" my books with broken promises? Yeah, I got burned. But I didn't just "turn" to the internet. That took many months later when Jude stalked me on my shared blog when I decided to post that "list". SMH Numb-nuts.

Then he says I'm just an awful person. Not the people who stole from me mind you, but I'm an awful person. That dick weed doesn't even know me yet he takes it upon himself to judge me. Must be nice being holier than thou. 

In response to his last line, about trolling, you're right Jamie. But unfortunately, it;s probably your bullly friends who are doing all the trolling. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it. (And that is a scary thought indeed) Next comment please!

Carol Marrs Phipps says that she hopes all the kind and respectful authors out there can continue and overcome the damage I have caused. 

I am a kind and respectful author Carol so I hope you are right. Drop me a line sometime, you and Melissa, and I will teach you how to be a kind and respectful author. See how kind and respectful I am to offer up my services to you for free? 

You're welcome. 

Then Melissa kisses ass for her indiscretion. Or should I say, her self entitlement? Eh, either way, she kisses Felicia's ass now that she realizes her unprofessional action. 

Then she kisses her ass some more with her next post. Check it out.

Hey Melissa, where's my apology you unprofessional bitch?

Don't quit your day job. 

I want my two dollars! 

I'm Carroll Bryant "sole proprietor of 'Damage to the worlds indie writing careers' inc" .... And this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll is responsible for turning the worlds indie writing upside down

* Melissa didn't fact check her information

* Melissa is not a professional writer

* Melissa is drama queen Jr.? Really Carz? Seriously? O_o

* Amanda Welling is drama queen Sr.

* Carroll is unprofessional for standing up for himself against the bullies

* Carroll face palmed again

* Melissa Chesley supports cyber bullying

* Melissa owes Carroll two bucks

* Melissa has a day job? O_O

* Bullies apologize to each other, but not to their victims

* Melissa got her blog title right. She does cater to other such nonsense

* There's still no evidence that Carroll did anything to anyone


  1. You posted about this after over a year?

    1. You're darn tootin I did.

      Hey, I said when I started this blog that eventually, I would be making the rounds. She took the time out of her day to post about me, the least I could do was show the same courtesy.

    2. It's because he has no life. He's a shit stirrer.

    3. Said the shit stirrer who came to my blog and left that comment. LOL

      How is it that I am the one stirring up shit when people who don't even know me, post about me first? Oh, wait, I almost forgot, the bullies are entitled while the rest of the world is not.

    4. No not at all. If anyone even gave two shits about Melissa CHesley or this happened recently then sure thing, fire back... but this happened almost 18 months ago and you're dredging it up? That is shit stirring

    5. Hey, do you know many bullies have written about me? I said when i started this blog that it would take me a while to get to all of them. I'm just one guy. I don't care if she wrote it 18 years ago, she still wrote. It's still there. It still warrants my response.

      Now stop coming here and stirring up shit. LOL

  2. Let me see if I have this straight. These people post about you, Carroll, and lie out of their ass in the process, and that's not them stirring up shit? Then you respond to their posts, and that's you stirring up shit? These people are really stupid. How is it they can not see this?

    1. It's a mystery. NOT!

      Blame everyone else for their failures - That's the bully creed.


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