Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hey Ya'll, Chill Out: It's All Good

So I have had several people emailing me, freaking out over the fact that I have seemingly been pulled back into the Gen Wars. But I just wanted to say that there is nothing to worry about. I have not flipped my wig or anything. The truth is, most of what I have been writing in response to Gen crying over my pen name versus my real name and all of that, I have been doing it with smiles and laughter. It's hard to keep a straight face when I am responding to her idiocy. Well, except for the part where my friend lost her daughter, that was and remains very distasteful of Gen to even bring up. But here's the thing, I know this. I know she's flipped her freaking proverbial wig. I mean, writing an entire post built around my name? The Gen Krunk has gone ape shit batty.

Just don't think that I am unaware of the magnitude of the silliness that is Gen Xavier. And while yes, at first and for the better part of 2013 I took her somewhat seriously, at this point I understand she is a joke. We all know this by now and her latest moan and groan over my name is perhaps the lowest Gen may have ever sunk in her efforts to try and be heard or to try and be someone of significance or relevance. These past days of recent, I've just been toying with her. So to those who have emailed me with concern, I love ya's. But honestly, I am fine.

There is not going to be any lawsuit filed or anything. Do you even know how much that would cost? Just to get the ball rolling would run about 10K dollars. And that's just start up! Seriously, you think I or Gen are going to kick out that much cash to sue the other? Ha ha. Although, it would only cost me 2,500 dollars for a cyber investigator to find out Gen's true identity. I told the guy if he could throw in Athena Parker and her real identity I would have sent him a check yesterday. I think he is thinking it over. But 2,500 bucks is still a lot of money to find out Gen's true identity. She's not even worth a nickel, right?

So you see my friends, I have not gone off the map here where my senses are concerned. I'm just humoring myself with Gen, that's all. But I do appreciate your concern. It means a lot to me. And the truth is I am a little bored with Gen and her comical exploits of, "Carroll is a pen name" or "his age and family don't show up in web searches" and silly crap like that. Not that I'm not concerned a little about the fact that she seems to be trying to find out who my relatives are, yeah, that's worrisome. There's no telling what she might try to do to one of my family members if she ever does get that information. The woman is unstable. But as far as me taking her seriously right now over my pen name and old stuff that no longer matters anymore and all of her self entitled demands, trust me, I've just been goofing with the goof. It's kind of like when I playfully annoy one of the kids in my family or something. You know, when they might say, "Uncle Bubby, your hair is getting too long you're looking like a girl." And I say, "Oh yeah? Well, you're fat, your farts stink, and you got a pimple on your nose." You know, something like that. I'm just funning around with them like I am right now with Gen.

So worry no more. I am in control of my faculties. And the truth of the matter is, I've just been poking a little fun at Gen's expense over her "Pen Name" butthurt whines. LOL I mean seriously, making a stink over my name? ..... Get out of here! It's the most comical thing I ever heard. 


  1. Perhaps you and I should both put a paypal donate button on our blogs to raise the money to finally find out who is really behind these aliases.

    1. That sounds like a good idea. But I don't deal with Paypal. Nothing personal against them, but I just don't.


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