Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Letter To Carroll Bryant

We all go through some tough times in our life. I am no exception, despite the perfect world I live in. I call it a perfect world because I have amazing friends around me, both in my real life and my internet life. Some of those friends are dealing with things that far out-weigh anything I am going through. Some of those friends are fighting for their life. It does put into perspective all of what I have to deal with.

We each take on our individual battles as best we can. We do what we feel is right. Even if others think we're wrong in doing so. I like to think this is what makes us all different.

For myself, my biggest battle is trying to deal with the life threatening battles that some of my friends are dealing with. Or trying to deal with tragedy that directly effects me on a personal basis. One such tragedy occurred last week. A woman and her two kids were involved in a car accident here in Piketon. An accident that left this woman's youngest daughter, age 9 I believe, in serious condition. her oldest daughter, age 11, died in the accident.

This accident has touched my heart in ways I can't possibly find the words to describe. My whole entire body quivers constantly and I am finding it hard to fight back the tears, and losing terribly. You see, I knew this woman and her two daughters. Not well, mind you, but over the past few years I have bumped into them at the local gas station. On occasion, I would buy her daughters an ice cream or Skittles, their favorite treats.

What really pries at my anguish is, the death of this 11 year old girl, and the injuries suffered by the 9 year old, could have possibly been prevented. Neither of these girls were wearing their seat belt. However, the mother escaped without any major injury, but that was probably because she was wearing her seat belt.

I can't possibly fathom why on earth this woman couldn't have taken ten lousy seconds to make sure her precious cargo was strapped in. I can't! I seriously can't!

Like I said, this accident occurred last Friday. While I heard about it that day, I was unaware of who was involved ..... until earlier this afternoon, when a friend mentioned something about it. My mind has been mush ever since. I took a long walk. I returned to break down into tears. I will never get to see that little's girl face again when she smiles at me and says hello. I will never again get to buy her an ice cream or another bag of Skittles. Her precious young life has run its course. And I am absolutely heartbroken over it. Her little sister is still fighting for her precious life as well.

This puts a new perspective on everything in my life. Especially where this fighting the bullies and STGRB is concerned. When something like this happens, it's only natural to start sizing up your world in all aspects. You begin to question the importance of what you do.

When I look back at my efforts to try and make the internet a little bit better for authors and people in general where bullies are concerned, I wonder, is it really worth it? I mean, there are so many people out there fighting way bigger battles in this world, right?

I don't know. I mean, what might seem to be a big thing to one is a small matter to others. There always seems to be more important issues out there than the ones you think are important. What can be more important than life?

I received an email a few days back from a reader. At the time, it meant the world to me. Now, I'm not so sure. For some reason, I went back in to my email and read it again. After what I learned today, it didn't carry the same punch as it did when I received it. Still, in some strange and perverted way, it does put things into perspective. Here me out.

I began to realize that what I have been trying to do was to make the world a little better. A little more nicer. Let's face it, bullies bring pain to others. Emotional pain. Mental distress. Anxiety perhaps. And after re-reading that email, I soon began to understand that although fighting bullies is certainly trivial when compared to a little girl needlessly losing her life, just as I tried to make her life a little better by buying her and her sister that ice cream and Skittles, I fight the bullies to try and help other people's life to be a little bit better too. The point is, I take great comfort to know that while that little girl was alive, I helped to put a smile on her face. Even if inside a fleeting moment. Even if I didn't know that her time on this earth was going to be limited. I did it to be nice to another human being. This is when it hit me that these bullies, they aren't trying to be nice to other human beings. They are being mean. All we have to try and do in this world is be nice to one another. That's it. How difficult is that to do? And why can't these bullies do it?

This is when I realized that this email, in its own way, that this person who sent the email to me, in their own way, was trying to send me that message. That all we have to do is try and be nice to each other because none of us know how much time we have left on this earth.

I also realized that what I do is somehow relevant because what I am trying to do is make this world a little better for others. This is why I have been fighting these bullies. And it's for the same reason I bought those little girls their treats. Being nice to someone takes a whole lot less effort than being mean to them. And best of all, being nice warms the heart. It makes my day a little brighter, I can tell you that! And it warms my heart to know that while she was here on this earth, I was able to put a smile on the face of that 11 year old girl. It may not have been much in the scheme of things, but it was all I could do at the time. Just like fighting these bullies. It may not matter much in the scheme of things, but it's all I can do at this time to try and make life a little better for those who fall victim to these mean people. I'm glad to know that there are others out there who see this too. I guess it's just good to know that there are others out there who understand. Who get it. Now more than ever, I am starting to get it as well.

I want to thank the person from the bottom of my heart for sending this email to me. But before I post it, I just want to say to everyone to please, take a few moments to buckle up your children when you place them in your vehicle. It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but just when you start thinking it could never happen to you, that's when it will happen to you. And hey, let's just try and be nice to each other, okay? Better yet, if that's such an impossible task, let's just try and not be mean. The clock is ticking on us all. Let's make each click count. Being nice might not seem important now, but rest assured, it will be important later.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


I was sent a link to the Genxpose blog earlier. It appears that GenX is angry because nobody is showing her any attention anymore so she invited herself to get into my business again like only a true blooded bully that she is can. The person who sent it to me asked if I was going to do a post about it. My reply was, "I doubt it.". 

The reason being that GenX doesn't prove anything in any of her posts, and this latest one of hers about me is no different. All she does is shows screenshots that I have already posted, and spins words. She does show a screenshot of some guy named Carroll J.S. Bryant who died in 2001 in Columbus, Ohio and claims that I am stealing his identity. When did I ever use the initials J.S.? The answer is of course, never. I can Googled the name Carroll Bryant and found a few across America. I guess in the bully world of one GenX, there is no such thing as people sharing multiple names. This is how mental GenX is. The thing is, nobody really cares if my name is a pen name or real. It's completely irrelevant.

Then GenX ridicules the fact that a young girl lost her life and that the young girl in question was someone I knew. GenX has no compassion or class and isn't afraid to show it. She really is an evil creature to the core. She also suggests that I don't even have a mother, but people on my Facebook page who know me in real life know otherwise as do the pictures of her I have posted. 

The truth is, GenX still doesn't know a damn thing about me, and she still hasn't proven one single thing that I have ever done. She's even still clinging to the "I attacked her first" lie despite the fact that I have already shown here on this blog with actual evidence that she attacked me first. She emailed me first and she stalked me for months, as well as she stalked Athena Parker on STGRB. Speaking of which, it appears from the GenX post that she and Athena may have joined forces, How predictable was that?  

Then she mentions something about Fox News. I have no idea what that's about. I doubt GenX knows what that was about. Then she attacks the email I received. This GenX isn't human, it's a glob of pure concentrated evil.

So, am I going to do a post about it? About poor little nobody GenX and her dysfunctional theories and her hate? I doubt it. Then again, maybe I just did. Where GenX is concerned, she demonstrates consistently that evil never dies. It just takes a hiatus once in a while.  Her brand of evil has no shame.   

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