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STGRB: John Farrow

Remember my post The Athena Parker Lies? Well, there's a story behind that post and it's about time you all know how it came about. One email at a time.

So one day, from out of the blue, I get this email from a guy named John Farrow. He sent me the screenshots that I used in that post mentioned above. Take a look.

He said that he used to be a member of Athena's Anti-troll Alliance group on Facebook. None the less, the screenshots he sent me pertained to the conversation Athena and Mike Dismuke had discussing me. I also posted those screenshots in the post. I also posted John's message to me, but I left out his name, and never did show his email address. I also left out where he misspelled my name. I only showed the message.

Now, why did I show the message? For three primary reasons, first of which, to prove I got the message, otherwise, I felt Athena would try and say that I never got a message and would have ended up accusing me of having a sock in her Facebook group. She's been known to accuse me of things I never done in the past - which I will also prove here in this post shortly, to serve as an example - so why wouldn't it be only fitting to assume she would travel that road once more?

Secondly, John had already admitted that he "left" the group. Plenty of people have left Athena's Facebook group(s) because of her questionable tactics against me, and Rick Carufel, one most notable tactic to mention was her sending a private email I sent her to other parties behind my back, as reported, and shown, by Rick Carufel in his post Is STGRB Breaking The Law?. This will come into play as Athena claims that she doesn't condone behavior such as that yet she practices the very same type of behavior. And apparently, so does her other personality, Melissa Douthit. This next screenshot shows the real personality of one Athena Parker as she refers to Rick Carufel as a "coke monkey". (Yeah, nothing personal about that attack, is there? Not to mention, completely uncalled for.) So would there be any reason for Athena to not accuse me of having sock puppets had I not posted that message from John in my post? Is there any reason for me not to think she would stoop to bully tactics against me? The answer to both of those questions is a resounding NO.

And third, I was smelling a set up. But before I go off the handle and and actually say that it was a set up, I'll let you decide by the emails as they play themselves out.

Now, as soon as I got the initial email from John, I replied with this. 

This was me "asking" for permission to post his message. However, after I had a moment to think about it, I realized, I could post his message without showing his identity because anyone who used to be a member of that group could have sent it to me, right? And we already know by Rick's report that plenty of people have left her Facebook group in recent weeks.  

So, I decided that since I wasn't posting his identity, or his email address, and only posting the message itself, I felt there was no "trust" violation occurring. Nobody would know who sent it to me. There is absolutely no way for anyone to know it was him specifically, and this would prohibit Athena from trying to claim I had a sock puppet in her group. Anyhow, this is John responding to my request. 

At this point, I am trying to figure out how "they" would know who he is. Didn't he already mention that he left the group? And that he took the screenshots of this conversation before he left the group? So not only was I wondering how "they" would know who he is, but why would he pretty much care? I mean, he left the group! And since there was no mention of his name in the post I did, all "they" could do is speculate on who took the screenshots. After all, no "date" was ever shown of when that conversation between Athena and Mike took place. Was it a recent conversation? Was it a conversation they had weeks or months ago? So pretty much, anyone who left that group could be a suspect. But again, I ask the question, if John left the group, then why did he care if "they" would know it was him? And why would he fear "them" knowing? Was he afraid of retribution from Athena Parker? And if so, wouldn't that just prove that people fear Athena and her bully tactics? 

Then John sent me this.

Oh yes, John, I did ask, I just didn't wait for your response because I concluded I didn't really need your permission to post screenshots of Athena Parker and M.T. Dismuke talking about me. But John wasn't finished. He had more to say. 

She was right about me? Okay, whatever you say John. Then I finally respond.

As you can see in my response, I now admit to my suspicion of this being some kind of a set up. Then I go on to explain to him:

Do you see how I choose my words now? I now mention that I don't need his permission to post the screenshots of two people (Athena and Mike) talking about me. (Which I don't.) Now read his response very carefully. I was expecting him to say something like, "I don't care about the screenshots, I just care about the message I sent you." - However, that's not what he said at all. Take a look. 

Yes, he says: "I sent you those screenshots because I thought you had a right to know what your friends are saying about you, not so you can publish them for the whole world to see."

Let me see if I get this straight John, it's okay for the people of her group to see this conversation but it's not okay for me to show the world what other people are saying about me? Really? Well, it doesn't work that way in the real world, John. I have every right to post to the world what others are saying behind my back. I'm pretty sure the world would agree with me on that one. And seeing how I never published your name in the post, or your email address, nor was your name even mentioned in the conversation between Mike and Athena, and since you already (allegedly) left the group, I'm still not seeing how anyone could ever come to the conclusion that it was you who sent that message to me. Unless of course, this was a set up perpetrated by Athena Parker to try and get the "goods" on me to prove I don't get people's permission to post stories about them. There's just one flaw in this scheme, I didn't post a story about someone else, I posted a story about myself. I posted a story about two people talking about me. Nobody else was ever mentioned by name except those who did the talking and me. Oh, and Rick Carufel, because they mentioned him too, but you see, even after all of this, you John were still never mentioned. So I ask yet again, how is it that "they" would know it was you? And why would you even care if "they" suspected you when you have already left the group?  (Allegedly)

Me paranoid? I think not. 

Then John sent me this. 


"Now Athena has all the proof she needs to back up what she's been saying about you." John tells me. Except for what I already mentioned earlier, because what Athena has been saying about me is that I post stories about OTHER people without their permission, but again, the post that I posted wasn't about OTHER people John, was it? No, it was about ME! 

I guess it was a set up all along, for Athena to prove her case about me because she had nothing else to show everyone that I practice the art of posting stories about OTHER people without their permission. I mean, ever since she started making that false claim, she has only focused on ONE post, and that was the Mr. Lucy Flood post. However, no one else has ever come forward to complain that I posted stories about them without their permission, nor can she specifically point to any certain post I ever wrote in the past to use as her example to support her claim. However, now she has this example of me posting a story about MYSELF to prove her claim that I post stories about "other" people without "their" permission. Well here is a news flash for you John, I gave myself permission to post a story about ME! (Or in this case, two people talking about me.)

Then John sends me this. He is now letting me know that he is sending MY emails to ATHENA so she can prove (once and for all) that I'm a liar and betrays people's "trust". 

Yes John, I betrayed my own trust by posting a story about ME. Except as I mentioned earlier, I did give myself permission to post a story about ME. No trust has been violated, except your trust. After all, you sent my emails to Athena just as you two conspired to do. The suggestive evidence is too overwhelming. 

And still, up until this post, your name or email address was never revealed. Nobody knew who sent me that message except those who were involved in the "set up". 

And now on STGRB, we see John has kept his word in forwarding my emails to Athena. In her defamation of accusing me of posting stories about other people without their permission, she links to this email of mine. (Only one email, not the entire conversation.)

The email itself doesn't prove anything. It's just John rambling on, and me requesting that he not ever email me again. It doesn't show me posting a story about someone without their permission. And again, the story I posted wasn't about you, John, it was about me. And of course, Athena also links to my post about her and Mike talking about me. 

She also links to this screenshot below to prove my name isn't Carroll Bryant. (She highlights the part she wants everyone to read.) But if you continue reading, you see directly after what she highlights, I say, "It started out as my pen name. There is nothing unusual about that. However, my name now IS Carroll Bryant." (The key word here is NOW. Because my name is whatever I want it to be. But I like how Athena is just as focused on my name as Gen Xavier is.)

I'll tell you what else she links to in her little sidebar box declaration that STGRB is not associated with Carroll Bryant. A link that is supposed to show everyone how I threatened members on Goodreads and STGRB (as Athena Parker claims.) The link goes to a page that says, "Oops! Page Not Found". 

Yes, her "evidence" to prove that I threaten people is a blank page. Just like all of her evidence regarding her claims against me are all blank pages. Just like her head is a blank page.

Oops! Indeed!

So you see John, I didn't betray your trust by writing a story about you without your permission because I didn't write a story about you. (Until now.) The story you are bitching about is a story about Athena Parker and Mike Dismuke talking about ME. 

I also never revealed your name in that post. Nor did I reveal your email address. So I ask you for one more time, how would anyone have known that it was you who sent me that email? And why would you be so concerned about being a suspect if you already left the group? 

Allow me to answer for you, John.

The reason everyone would know is because you and Athena (and perhaps Mike) put this whole thing together. And the truth is, you never left the group, did you John? 

But here's a little something for you, now you can send her a link to this post as her new evidence that I don't get people's permission to post stories about them because I never asked for your permission to do this post. Then again, I don't need permission from bullies to do stories about them. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


This is not a cheap shot at Mike Dismuke, but in one of the screenshots in this post, John asks me why I didn't discuss the screenshots that he (John) sent me (of Mike and Athena talking about me) with Mike in private. Well, here is why John: Because Mike didn't come to me in private to discuss any problems he had with me. Instead, he posted his concerns in a Facebook group for all to see and talked openly with Athena about those concerns. Why would I show him any respect if he isn't going to show me the same courtesy? Had Mike just came to me instead of having a conversation with Athena where others can read it, then I would have kept it private and between Mike and I and then he wouldn't have been compelled to talk openly about it with Athena where others can read it, and this whole thing right here (this post and the other post in question) would never have happened, now would it? Because there wouldn't have been any screenshots for you to "capture" and send to me, thus which opened this whole can of worms in the first place.

Then again, this whole thing didn't happen by accident, did it? 


I believe that Mike Dismuke holds the power to once and for all, set the record straight as it pertains to STGRB / Athena Parker. Mike knows the truth about whether or not this was a set-up. But I doubt Mike would ever admit the truth. Once upon a time, I thought Mike to be of high honor. After these screenshots were sent to me by John, that thought evaporated. It's just so outside of his character to willfully engage in public scuttle-butt like that. But I also know that Mike is passionate about stopping the bullies. I also know that he feels strongly in that STGRB and Athena were instrumental in the progress that has been made to combat the bullies. However, STGRB no longer is concerned about the bullies. They have been more focused on attacking me, Rick and other authors. Or make lame ass posts like their recent "Shelby" 4 part series posts. Or go after anyone who doesn't support them. What Mike doesn't realize is that Athena Parker and STGRB are now hurting the fight against the bullies. And while I wish he would do the right thing and come onto this blog and confess the truth, that this was a set up organized by Athena Parker, I have a strong feeling that he won't. He won't because he knows it would be the end of STGRB and Athena Parker. And to Mike, if this were to happen, he may feel that the bullies would once again break free all over Goodreads and pick up right where they left off. 

Mike, this is my plea to you. Man to man. Come on here and admit the truth. This whole thing can end right now. And you know it. Do the right thing. STGRB will only do more harm for a cause you once were so passionate about. Just do what you know in your heart is right. Stop playing politics with people's lives. 

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