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Genxpose: Pure Concentrated Evil

Remember in my last post when I said in my update that when I was asked if I would do a post about the Genxpose post about me and I said, "I doubt it."? Well, it would appear that my decision went the other way. I'm doing a post. I guess I don't (Melissa) Douthit after all. (See what I did there?)

In my last post I talked about a friend of mine and her two daughters who got into a car accident last Friday and though I was aware last Friday that an accident involving a woman and her two daughters had occurred, it never dawned on me that it was my friend. Only yesterday did I discover that it was them. What I didn't mention in my last post, "A Letter To Carroll Bryant" was that I was so upset about it that I hit the bottle, and I hit it hard.

Yes, I got drunk. That's how much it hurt inside. But leave it to GenX and her hateful blood, and evil nature to attack that tragedy, and me, and to attempt to spin and twist it into something perverted. Then again, that's what evil people like Gen Xavier does, and they do it for kicks and cheap thrills. You'll see what I mean later in this post.

I was supposed to go to the studio today to wrap up the vocals on my new song and start working on my next one, however, my emotional state combined with my hangover and sluggish movements got the better of me. I made it about a quarter of the way when I hit a massive traffic jam. Fifteen minutes and fifteen feet later, I decided to turn back home. I couldn't go through with it. Not today. I rescheduled for Monday.

Another reason why I didn't go was because I couldn't get that post on Genxpose out of my mind. I mean, we all know she's a bully, this is well documented right here on this blog, but I would have never imagined the depths of her evil until I read that post she did about me. Not that I'm the least bit surprised because I'm not. Not totally anyway, but I did want to think that even her brand of evil and hate had limitations. I was wrong. Her hate and evil has no limitations.

The foundation of her post focuses mostly on my name. Yes, you heard me, my name, Carroll Bryant. Apparently, this is now the topic of discussion with the bullies. (Including STGRB)

One would think that when you go to write about someone like GenX writes about me, when she does a post about me to show how much of a horrible person I am and everything that she would actually present something in the form of a screenshot revealing an action of mine that would be considered an act of mean aggression against another person, right? But alas, she does not present anything of the sort. Instead, she writes about the fact that my name, Carroll Bryant, is a pen name. I guess this is my horrible crime, that I use a pen name. Really? Seriously? That's it GenX? That's all you got on me? Okay, if you say so. (Tnayrb Llorrac)

What I want to point out here before I go any further is, how long has she been stalking me to grab all those screenshots from my blogs? And there is about a half dozen of them from various posts and from my other blog as well. Not only that, but we're going to see that she has been web searching my name on top of that. How obsessed does one need to be? I'm telling you, it's creepy to the point of scary. This GenX is totally consumed by me. She's searching the internet for any information she can get on me, and personal information at that, and scouring my blogs and posts religiously. So let's take a look at some screenshots of this, shall we?

The screenshot above is how she starts her post off. I told you, she's completely obsessed with my name. Also notice how obsessed she remains about "the picture". (Which by the way, is so old news and has already been addressed that it's pointless to even bring up anymore.) *Yawn*

She says I let everyone believe it was me for a few years. Really Gen? You're going to lie about that too? (That, by the way, is a new lie.) The truth is, I was only on Goodreads for about a year and a half. That is a year and a half shy of three years. I joined GR on April 3rd of 2011, and was banned mid July of 2012. Actually, that isn't even a year and a half, more like, 15 months. That would be 21 months shy of three years. (I think I mentioned before that bullies suck at math.) So you see, right out of the gate, the biggest bully on the internet, GenX, lies right from the start. In fact, had I still been a member of Goodreads today, this month would have been my three year anniversary. Now to the next screenshot.

Oh look, a screenshot of my blog banner. Oh hell yes, that proves I'm a big meanie, no doubt about it. Great work there Gen, you caught me ..... you caught me ..... what did you catch me doing with this shot? For that matter, what did you catch me doing in your first screenshot? So far, we have two screenshots posted by Genxpose but neither of them "expose" me doing anything horrible to anyone. Maybe the next one will, shall we take a look?

Aha! There it is! There's proof that I .... that I .... oh, that I sent an email to Athena announcing my new blog, "The Looking Glass Of Carroll Bryant". I'm still not sure what this "evidence" proves other than I emailed Athena to announce my new blog. She does go on to say that I spent the month of January taunting that I was going to drop a bomb that ended up being a fart. Well, it must have been one hell of a fart because even before my "bomb" was dropped, Patrick Brown and Goodreads rushed like hell to try and delete all the evidence of the role play groups, and hide some of them from the public while re-writing their "policy" regarding role play groups. It must have been one of those silent but deadly farts. Not to mention, he even emailed me shortly thereafter asking for my help and for the rest of my evidence in so that he could address the problem. You can see the actual email right here in this post Goodreads: The Aftermath Of Shame.

Oh yeah, silent but deadly. 

It's kind of hard to deny the truth when in fact the Goodreads Community manager himself admits there is a problem, isn't it GenX? That was one hell of fart, better check girl and make sure it wasn't a wet one. But that is three screenshots of evidence Genxpose has posted so far that I am doing something horrible to other people. Or that I am a bully. Are you as confused as I am so far? Well, it gets more confusing. You see, GenX goes on to say that the only reason I started my "hate blog" was just to do this role play story. But when you read the evidence of the screenshot she provided, nowhere in it do I say that that was the reason I started "The Glass". What I do say is that I started the new blog and haven't yet posted anything on it yet. Then I mention that I do have a story to kick start the blog off with that will "shake the foundation" of which Goodreads stands. Then I go on to mention GenX and her goons. Nowhere in that email do I say that I started "The Glass" simply to post the role play story. This is where the spin and lies kick in where GenX is concerned. (I have always said the reason I started this blog was to address the bully hate attacks and lies published on Genxpose. Now you're seeing more of them.) If you're keeping score, it's GenX - 2 lies, and 3 screenshots that prove nothing. Moving on. 

She also claims that she is the innocent victim of me. That I started in on her first, but the emails in this post I link to will tell a different tale. She was the one who came to me first with an email from out of the blue. GenX Part One.

Now we get back to my horrible deed of using a pen name. I know, it's ridiculous as hell, but as I have stated before, it's her obsession. (And apparently, Athena Parker's obsession too.)

She moans and groans about the fact that I said Carroll Bryant is my real name backwards. Of course, GenX, being as stupid as she is, thinks I mean that my real name is / was Tnayrb Llorrac. Really? You actually believe this?

Perhaps I can explain this to where even a Neanderthal like GenX can understand because it's evident that my name - like my age - is of some major importance to her and the rest of bully nation. Perhaps I could, but I'm not. I don't see what purpose it would serve. Nobody cares. Well, except for Gen, Athena, and the rest of the bullies. I don't know why her good pal Jude doesn't just tell her. She knows the story. The whole story. It's not my fault that you bullies are too dense to get it. I actually wrote it all out but then decided to delete it. I guess I'm having too much of a good time with it. Not to mention, it makes bully nation look stupid with their obsession. Now that I'm thinking about it though, Tnaryb Llorrac does have a nice ring to it. You want to know what's so hilarious? The answers to the great mystery of Carroll Bryant is looking them right in the face, and they can't see it. (Or can they? O_o) Hint: Tnayrb Llorrac.

Okay, enough with that. If me using a pen name is all they have on me, I'll let them have it. 

Now let's look at some more screenshots that GenX has captured, keeping in mind that at the end of the previous screenshot, GenX admits that she went to the public searches to sniff out the horrible truth of my real name. And what did she come up with? Take a look for yourself. 

Yes! without any consideration what-so-ever, GenX posts the name of an innocent elderly man. Posting it on her blog for the whole world to see. An elderly man who died in 2001 at the age of 66 in Columbus, Ohio. Then she proceeds to add defamation (again) to her long list of cyber crimes against me by hinting that I am stealing this mans identity just because he has the same name as me .... only .... his middle initials are different. Not only that, but now she brings my elderly mother into it. Like I said earlier, her evil has no shame. 

But wait! What's this? Do my eyes deceive me or is it in the middle of that screenshot GenX is defending .... GULP! .... Athena Parker? ..... DOUBLE GULP!!

Why, I do believe it is so. Has GenX and Athena Parker joined forces to battle the horrible Carroll Bryant? Is this why we have now gone through 5 (count them) 5 screenshots that show absolutely nothing? Why, I do believe it is so. It would seem GenX doesn't think that Athena and Melissa are the same people. Keep that in mind as we go along. There is a screenshot coming up that will bust your gut.

Actually, I am surprised that she didn't use Carroll J.J. Bryant to try and make her ..... point? (Whatever that may be) Because let's face it, he is 51 years old, still alive, I think, and he too shows Columbus, Ohio as his location. Not to mention, he also shows Dayton, Ohio and Saint Augustine, Florida. I hung out one summer in Saint Augustine, Florida. Got some cool pictures of St. Augustine Lighthouse in fact. I should look for them and post them on my Facebook page. But I digress. If I was going to steal someone's identity, that would probably be the one I would choose. 

Also, did we notice that in her stalking of .... I mean, her search of me online that Carroll Bryant pops up? Hhhmm, I'm sorry, what was her pointless point of all this? Oh yeah, now I remember, she's defending her friend, and stalker at large, Athena Parker. But right smack in the middle of the two other Carroll Bryant's, is the one from Piketon. I wonder what would pop up if I type in Tnayrb Llorrac?

So far, I'm the stalker, bully and all of that jazz meanwhile, it appears to be that GenX is the one doing all the stalking and searching. What gives? 

And then some more evidence on her hate blog that she enjoys stalking me and my blogs.

 And no, GenX, for the record once again, I don't have a problem with people using a fake name on the internet. Obviously, if they come across you, using a fake name would be wise. But I do have a problem with bullies, (like you) and stalkers (like you) using fake names because you're out trying to cause harm to people. You're the one out stalking them and searching for them on the internet like some sociopath clown in bad make-up. (I stand by this statement too, thus, shedding any notion that I am a hypocrite.)

And for the score, this is six screenshots now that prove absolutely nothing. 

 Now let's look at pointless screenshot number seven.

Yes, my cable bill. One that GenX seems to think is doctored. She is trying to tell people that it's not an actual bill yet, if you notice, there is a space for an account number (which I whited out for my own protection), there's a listed payment due date, and to the right, a total amount due that I whited-out also, but because I whited that information out, as well as the bar code that was at the bottom, it has to be a "doctored" document. Well of course I wasn't going to allow that important information to be shown on that bill, I didn't want someone (like GenX) to see it, and then contact my cable company pretending to me be and do whatever crime she would do, like pretend to be my wife and have my service disconnected. I already got a phone call once a while back from the post office that some girl called them and requested my mail to be stopped. The girl claimed to be my wife. The people at the post office knew me and knew I wasn't married. They tried to look into the call but evidently, the caller must have used a calling-card because they couldn't find a number on it. They did say it appeared that the call came from Canada. Hey, wait a minute, don't you live in Canada, GenX? 

It's a small town here. A really small town. My kind of town. And this is important information to know because this fact is going to come into play shortly. Meanwhile, let's look at GenX's version of an "official document", shall we? 

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, it's a package from Domino's pizza. Maybe in Canada, Domino's pizza is an official document revealing real names, and from what I gather, Gen Xavier must be trying to say that General Xavier is her real name? She makes it a point to say that what she is showing on the package, hand written mind you, is her real name. You know, because Domino's delivers. But here's the thing, she calls it real mail. What does real mail prove anyway? I didn't post "real mail", I posted a cable bill. I tell you what, when my next bill arrives, I won't open it, I'll just scan it and post it as an update on this post. That will be "real mail". But like I said, Domino's must be some kind of official document company in Canada, doubling as a pizza delivery company. Of course, in this next screenshot, number 9, mind you, that like all the others, shows nothing in regards as evidence against me of showing that I am a horrible person out on the internet doing horrible things, but rather, it is a screenshot of GenX's official list of what constitutes an "official document". Take a look. 

I don't see Domino's Pizza on that list, do you? But hey, you guys don't need a list or a copy of a bill in the name of Carroll Bryant to prove what name I live by, all you have to do is dial 4-1-1 (information) and ask for a listing in Piketon for a Carroll Bryant. Guess what? You'll get that listing. Go ahead, try it. Then try and do the same thing with General Xavier in Canada while you're at it and see what you get. 

Now let's see what GenX has to say in this next screenshot. 

Yes, in her own warped mind, she has somehow uncovered something that defends her new bosom buddy, Athena Parker in an effort to prove that Athena and Melissa Douthit are not the same people. Or is she? I don't know. One moment she kissing Athena's ass and praising her and the next, I don't know. Is she trying to say that Athena isn't Melissa, or is she saying they are the same? Well, regardless, here is a screenshot of an GenX original post where she claims they are the same.  Not only that, but she also claims that Johnny is an Athena alias too. 

Did we get a good look at that? And now she's saying that Athena and Melissa are not one in the same? Again, the way she words her thoughts sometimes, it's hard to tell what she's trying to get at. But it does seem at times like someone can't make up her lies. I mean mind. No wait, I mean lies. Okay, both. Here's another example of GenX hypocrisy.  

Oh, here's an idea, while you're dialing up long distance information on Carroll Bryant and General Xavier, take a shot at asking for information regarding one Athena Parker and one Melissa Douthit. See what you get. Go ahead. Chances are you will call to get a listing for four people, and only one will come back. That one will be mine. Who is more real now?

Now, I know what GenX will say, she will say that some people have private listings. This is true. But the operator will mention this if there is such a person that actually exists with that name. The problem you will face in this task is trying to get the right city for which the operator can check. Rumor has it that Athena and Melissa used to be neighbors somewhere in California. You might want to check out Genxpose for that information because she doc dropped her new gal pal Athena once upon a time. You can read about it here. GenX Strikes Again. And according to the information, GenX doesn't have the time to search for it because she is too busy with her busy life, is that Athena and Melissa lived in Monterey, California, so that would be my suggestion of what town you could start with your phone search. I would say to search for her online but here's the thing, we already know that Athena Parker isn't her real name so maybe you should try Melissa Douthit? I heard she lives somewhere in Colorado now where people are free to smoke themselves some weed. 

But in the previous screenshot, GenX claims that Athena is winning the battle of the bulliest bully in bullyland. Yet we still haven't seen in any of these screenshots (or any other screenshot anywhere on the internet) where I am bullying people. Not to mention, I am not battling Athena, Athena is battling me. Athena is the one who says a lot but never shows anything in the way of proof to back it up. (Like GenX) I mean, when Athena says that the bullies are carpet bombing on Goodreads, she shows you the screenshots to back it up. When she says that an author got attacked, she shows you screenshots to back it up, but when she says I threatened members on Goodreads, or on STGRB, she doesn't show a screenshot of it. I mean, come on! Is a little bit of evidence really that much to ask for? And the same goes for GenX. When she says I am a bully, she never shows you a screenshot of it. When she accuses me of anything, she never shows a screenshot of it. All she shows you is screenshots of me saying that Carroll Bryant started out as a pen name and now I use it as my real name. So I get the months confused sometimes as to when I made the change, big deal. I still don't know when my mothers birthday is. I know the month, but not the day exactly. I know it's late in the month. I don't know how old she is exactly. The point is, I'm not always good with dates. But what am I saying? I don't have a mother, as according to the one person in this world who knows me the best, GenX. (That was sarcasm by the way, Gen, math isn't the only thing you bullies suck at.) And for some reason, Gen is making a big deal about my name. What is so important about it anyway is beyond me. What it ultimately proves that is of any significance is beyond me. I'm sure it's beyond you as well. And because of this, Gen seems to think Athena is winning some kind of battle and has me where she wants me. 

But wait! She doesn't say Athena, she says "Douthit"! I thought I was in a battle with Athena and STGRB? Seriously, go back and read that last screenshot, she says, and I quote: "...losing his battle with Douthit." and later says, "Douthit's got him where she wants him." - Is this another mindless flub by the same GenX who let it slide that she was Amanda Welling? I think so. Just as the last screenshot shows GenX claiming that Athena is Melissa is Johnny, and here she is actually trying to convince us that they are two different people? Again, I can't figure out her point or what she is trying to say. I don't think GenX even knows who's side she is on anymore, her own or Athena's. And if now GenX thinks that Athena and Melissa are no longer the same person, then who the hell is playing the role of Johnny?

And then she says she is done, and that she is going to get back to her busy life. You know the one, where she is on the internet searching for me or reading my blogs. Then she says to be nice to each other, more of her hypocrisy, as she can't refrain from being so nice to me. (sarcasm) Oh no, she makes sure to go out of her way to be mean. The earlier lies she spoke is just a small fraction of her being nice. Then she says she is fond of "some of you". I think that was a shout out to her new buddy, Athena, whom she is now convinced isn't Melissa Douthit after-all.

And now we get to the most disgusting part (in my opinion) of this post. This is where the GenX evil really shows itself. She starts mocking my previous post, "A Letter To Carroll Bryant" where I shared an email I got back on Saturday. Prior to that, I talked about a tragedy that occurred recently. One that involved a friend of mine and her two daughters. Her oldest daughter, 11 years old, was killed in a car accident. The younger one was seriously hurt but I hear she will pull through. The mother wasn't seriously injured.

Anyhow, the evil GenX takes a stab at that. Mocking it. 

She first questions the email I shared. Okay, whatever, but then she talks about my friend and her daughters. She says that I claim to have bought junk food / candy for these girls ONCE and then proceeds to make my friendship with this woman and her daughters out to be something perverted. She assumes that I was a stranger to them. First of all, how pathetic and twisted can another human being be to even go there? To turn something so sweet and wonderful like a friendship into some kind of porno or something? Especially when it involves a young child that lost her life? How sick can one be?

The fact is, I live in a small town. Maybe a big city slicker GenX doesn't understand how small town America works. And why should she know? She doesn't even live in America. (Unless she really is Amanda Wellling) But the fact of the matter is I didn't just meet this woman and her kids ONCE. And I didn't buy her kids junk food or candy just ONCE. 

When you live in a small town, you're bound to bump into the same people on a somewhat regular basis over a period of time. I have lived in Piketon for about 8 years or more now, so I have seen the same people over and over plenty of times, even if we never spoke to each other, we're still familiar with each other just by the amount of times you see one another around town. 

I've know this woman and her kids for the past three years. The year prior to us actually meeting and talking we saw each other plenty of times in and about the town. Our first verbal exchange occurred one night at the gas station. She was already in line standing behind another girl. I got right into the line behind her because all I was there for was a pack of smokes. We nodded to each other as we had done a few times before but never really said anything. It wasn't anything romantic. Her daughters were not with her this time as sometimes when I saw this woman, they wouldn't always be with her. 

When it was her turn to be served, she was paying for some gasoline, a loaf of bread and some milk. Once totaled up, she ended up a few dollars short. When she went to return the milk, I stopped her and paid the few bucks she was short. She was grateful for my kind deed. She thanked me and said "I will pay you back next time I see you." I told her not to worry about it. It was just a few bucks. 

I guess a few weeks or so passed before I saw her again in the store. Or rather she saw me. I had my head shoved in the cooler picking out a drink when she and her daughters approached me from behind. She tried to hand me back the three dollars she owed me but I again tried to refuse it. When she insisted, I just glanced down at her daughters and told her I would accept it on one condition, that I buy her daughters their favorite treat with that money, if it was okay with her. She pretty much gave in and so the girls picked out Skittles. 

As we stood in line, the woman and I got to talking and we introduced ourselves. We were just friendly people being friendly to one another, something GenX doesn't comprehend. 

The following months we continued to bump into each other here and there. A couple times at the Walmart, at the gas station, the dollar stores in town, Taco Bell, wherever. About once a month average. In the first year of introducing ourselves, they spotted me at the Walmart one day and we all ended up just walking around together and talking. Nothing special. Nothing romantic. We went through the line together and then parted to our cars after that. "See ya around." We always joked. 

And that's pretty much how it went for the past three years. We would just see each other around when we bumped into each other in town. And yes, I would buy the girls Skittles or ice cream and even one time, when we ran into each other at the dollar store, I bought them each a coloring book. The woman would always joke that I was spoiling her kids. But that's what I enjoy doing. I know I spoil the kids in my family. Maybe that's because I don't have any of my own. I don't know. But yes, I am just nice that way. 

So you see GenX, it wasn't just one time. It wasn't anything sick, twisted or perverted like your pedophilic mind wants to believe, and put into the minds of your readers. For you to even go in that direction demonstrates how evil and hateful you really are. I'm beginning to think there is a reason your mind is always associating sex and children together in the manner that you do. You are a grown lady with a lot of under aged friends online. You're always talking about children in a sexual manner to some degree. I'm beginning to believe that maybe you're the real pedophile here. You have absolutely no concept of what friendship or kindness is all about. You attack the decency and innocence of a child who lost her life. You purposely, and maliciously - with evil intent - try to suggest that I am some kind of pervert when you have absolutely no reason, or evidence to ever show justification for your inhumane assaults on me. I know now that if there is a heaven, you GenX will surely burn in hell when your days are over on this earth. Nobody would have deserved it, or earned it more than you and the rest of your bully friends. I am only thankful that you live in Canada. I wouldn't want your kind of evil to be living in my country. You are the most despicable and gross human to ever walk this planet. I would rather be friends with the 9-11 terrorists than to ever be a friend of yours. 

And as for the content of the email I shared in my last post, nowhere in it have I or the person who emailed me ever said that I have never done anything wrong to anyone in the entire history of time, as GenX lays claim to me saying. I merely said, and the person who sent the email was merely saying, that in the history of my time on the internet, nobody, not you GenX, not Jude Henderson, not any of your other bully friends, and not even Athena Parker or STGRB has ever produced one single solitary screenshot of me doing anything to anyone in a hostile manner for no reason at all. Not one. But hey, you can always prove me wrong by continuing your web searches on me, stalking me and my blogs to try and find one. I'm pretty sure if it was out there, of all people, you would have found it. 

Meanwhile, I have screenshots all over this blog of catching you and your bully friends in so many lies it aint even funny anymore. I even have shown a few of them in this one. Things you claim I say in screenshots you yourself posted that fail to deliver. In essence, you prove your own lies most of the time. All one has to do is read what you say then read the screenshots. It's clear and simple, you don't understand the English language. And you couldn't be nice to someone to save your own life. And just remember, GenX, when you die, don't pack a sweater. You won't need one where you are going. 

All you can do is make snarky comments about my emails. Or the design of my blog. Talk in speculation. Bring up my mother. Mock my friendships. Mock the death of a little girl. Mention pedophilia every chance you get and lie, lie, lie. You will spin and lie anything and everything and make a big deal about nothing, like a name, all for the sake of your own amusement. This is why no one takes you seriously, or your hate blog. All you can do is hide behind a fake name like the coward that you are. What you can't do though, is show a screenshot of me threatening people, attacking people, bullying people, talking inappropriately with people, lying about people. Oh no, you can't do this at all. I bet that kills you inside, doesn't it? I bet it eats you up internally. It keeps you awake at night, doesn't it? This is why you spend all of your time searching me out on the internet like a stalker. Now let's just sit back and see how long it takes you to do it again. Oh wait, never mind, you got such a "busy" life to lead, you have no time to stalk me on the internet, do you? What a stupid compassion-less bitch.  

And now everyone knows what a disgusting piece of garbage you really are.

Final score? 9 screenshots that prove nothing. 3 lies from GenX, and a couple points of hypcrisy from her ... and still zero screenshots or proof that show me being mean to people. (In the history of time)

Okay Athena, I guess it's your turn to take a shot.  

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass. 

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