Friday, April 18, 2014

Genxpose: Still A Zebra (Updated)

Still keeping true to form, GenX continues stalking me and spitting out the same old blah, blah, blah. Check it out.

So I guess in return I have to keep counter-stalking her. Not that I am really, but my inbox gets a visit from a reader or two (or three) sending me a link of yet another moan and groan from the queen of the bullies herself.

She keeps on claiming she has all of these screenshots that prove something or another on her blog but just like her previous whine about me, she had 9 or so screenshots that I showed on my previous post about her that didn't show a single thing that I did wrong to anyone. And she still does not have a single screenshot of me bullying people, harassing people, stalking people, talking inappropriately with anyone - let alone with minors - threatening anyone, nothing. All she presents are screenshots of me talking about my name, or whatever. All she talks about is "that model pic" *yawn* or "his pen name. *yawn* Or, "he probably doesn't have a mother" *yawn*

Get the picture?

What you fail to own Gen is the fact that this whole thing between you and I started back when you emailed me for no apparent reason. Then you emailed Athena. Then Athena blocked you from STGRB. Then she blocked you from emailing her because you wouldn't stop emailing her per her request. Then you got pissed and emailed her again with a different email. Athena blocked you again. Then you started your hate blog, attacked STGRB and Athena, and in your comments section, you and your bully friends started talking about me. Which brings us to this next screenshot. Take a look.

GenX seems to think that I incite others or cause them concern (even for her own safety?) Are you kidding me? And how many death threats from her friends have I posted on this blog (or death wishes?) 

I have posted plenty!

Then she finishes with asking me why I don't answer some of the direct questions that are put to me? Then wraps it up with, "Or perhaps that is too much to ask as the answers would not support your agenda?" 

The only agenda I have Gen is to address your senseless attacks against me and to try and hopefully put an end to your bullying and your bully friends bullying of myself and others. That's it!

As for those direct questions you want me to answer, didn't I try that once before? I do believe I did because after you opened your hate blog and began posting attacks against STGRB, like I mentioned earlier, you and your bully friends began attacking me in the comments section. I came to your blog to address those direct questions and give you answers but in return, I got attacked even more. I was called a pedophile, a liar, you name it. You and your friends would not allow me to answer any of your questions and then afterwards, you mocked me with a post for trying to answer those questions. 

I'll answer any and all questions anyone has to ask me. The thing is, Gen, you and your army of idiots never listen to the answers. Instead, you post defamatory posts about me approving profit for hate just because I didn't have a problem with STGRB's paypal donation box. Now, for the most part, I can easily deal with the most stupid, but your kind of stupid just can't be dealt with sometimes. That's because your stupidity stems from your the hate you have in your blood and soul for me and probably for life itself. 

Just remember Gen, you contacted me first, and I have already proven that. You talked about me first on your blog, and accused me of things you have yet to back up. You have made such stupid claims like, "He met Jude when she was 15." and so forth. And the only reason I started this blog was to address all the bullshit lies you and your idiot bully friends spoke because you all just wouldn't shut your stupid pie holes about me. You wouldn't stop lying about me, and wouldn't leave me the hell alone. (Even I after I announced on my other blog in November / December of 2012 that I was no longer going to respond to the bullies.) The fact is, you people wouldn't let me walk away from it. 

And your bullying also extended to trying to sabotage my other activities that had absolutely nothing to do with you, like for example, trying to find out who I was planning to interview on my other blog in so that you could email those people to recommend that they don't give those interviews to me and giving them reasons that were nothing but lies. 

Your brand of hate and evil has no shame.

I can't answer your questions Gen. I can't answer them because you never listen to the answers. You are too self centered to own up to your actions and lies. (Just like Athena Parker) You're a bully. You run a hate blog. I can't answer your questions because all you do is mock those answers and mock me when I try. Because I tried to answer your questions once before. And you mocked them and you mocked me. But yeah, I will answer any serious and direct question anybody has, provided those questions are asked by a serious individual who honestly seeks the answers. You, Gen, are not a serious individual who honestly seeks the answers. You're a serious bully who playfully wants to mock and hurt others. That's it. That's all you are. That's all you have shown yourself to be. Why on earth would I think you have changed? You've done nothing at all to indicate to me that you have changed. And I seriously doubt you ever will. A zebra is a zebra no matter how much they profusely declare themselves a horse. I know this because; even in your recent post to me, to bullishly put into the minds of your few readers that I have an agenda; to indicate that I am selfishly trying to accomplish something just for my own gain and purposes tells me you are still the same old you. 

I am not Athena. My concerns are for others, not just for myself. I stood up to you and the rest of your bully pals in the hopes that I could keep you all occupied with me in so that you might not target and attack other authors. That and to defend myself from all of your many lies. 

You started all of this, Gen. YOU! I didn't know of your existence, nor cared about it, until you reached out to me. And see, you still won't own it. You haven't changed a bit. You're still a zebra. And until you admit the truth - and own up to your initial actions - there is no question I can answer for you that you will bother to listen to. (Or spin for your few readers.) 

When you cease to being a self righteous know it all bitch, I will start taking you and your questions seriously again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. (There will be no shame on me.) So just burn in hell with those questions until you acknowledge that when it comes to Carroll Bryant, you don't know Jack Shit.  

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Update: 04/19

The anonymous troll known as Gen Xavier is still crying over my name. GenX - like every bully - feels she is entitled to seeing proof of my name, saying that I need to show legal documentation. 

 Newsflash: I haven't seen her show a legal document proving her real identity either. Or are we to believe that an envelope from Domino's Pizza is a legal document? You know, because they deliver. 

The only time I visit your blog Gen is when I see a link on my blog traffic from your hate blog.

She claims I tried to extort her and then she links to this as her proof.

 I have never used "hushmail" in my life. There's no evidence on that screenshot showing that I sent it. This is what I mean when I say that she never shows evidence. Whenever you want to file charges against me for this email Gen, knock yourself out. I know law enforcement can still trace that email back and I have as much money as you want to bet that it won't link back to me or to anyone that I know. I have a funny feeling that you created the hushmail account, and sent that email to yourself with all those LOL's to try and make it look like it was sent from me. Just because you "think" I did it doesn't mean that I did. Then again, you're so self entitled, self centered with an ego the size of Texas that you naturally assume you're right about everything. (Still waiting for the badges to show up.)

Facts: I know you dislike them, Gen, which is why you never use them.

Here is what you left out Gen. (Funny how you tend to do that.)

Facts: Why use them when half truth's work just fine, right Gen?

You mean the screenshots of facts you post like the hushmail email? You know the one, the one I just posted in this update? The one that DOESN'T show my email address? Or my name? Is that the evidence of "facts" you're describing that YOU provide? And by the way, you got it all wrong, Gen, I want everyone to look at your "facts" because all of your "facts" are just like the hushmail email you posted. You know the one, the one I just posted in this update. The one that fails to show my email address and name. The one you "think" I sent because we're all to believe that what "you" think is proof? And as for your amazing "math" skills, let's take a quick peek at them, okay?

So, Jude was "15" when I met her? Are you sure you didn't mean "17"? Because when she joined Goodreads she was "17" back in October 2010. (Her birthday is in August.) In April of 2011, I joined GR. Jude was still "17". When I first met her in mid June of 2011, she was still "17" - a couple months shy of her "18th" birthday. I guess in your mentally ill world, 2 months shy of her "18th" birthday is considered - and I quote your own words - "well under the age of consent" - unquote.

How is that "telling the truth" again? How is that "not spinning" again? And oh, by the way, if you need more evidence of this, then take a look for yourself at her Goodreads profile. 

You see Gen, if you were any good at "math", then you would be able to use that skill to figure out that if you take August 29th, 1993, and count the years to August 29th, 2010 (when she joined Goodreads as per her profile states) then you would come to the answer that she was 17 when she joined GR in October of 2010. (Two months after her 17th birthday.) Then if you add another year to it in 2011, you would get 18. Then when you factor in my joining GR 8 months after she did, you would see she was still 17. When you factor in that I didn't meet her until mid June, the "math" shows she was still 17. 

But since you like to "porno" everything up, and before you go foaming off at the mouth that our friendship was somehow sexual, then I assume you will have screenshots (or emails / messages) between her and I showing this to be a fact, correct? Or once again, are we just to take your word for it that you "think" there was something perverted going on - and like with your hushmail email - if you "think" it, then it must be true? 

I'm an author. I wrote a YA book. (Or two) I am going to have readers / fans who are going to be under 18 years old. When they reach out to me (like Jude did) I'm going to be nice and polite towards them, and be friendly. It's how you sell books. Plus it's just common decency. And before you go off the rails (again!) about the "model" pic, Jude knew about it within four weeks of us meeting. (That's a month, in case you can't do the math.) And about five weeks before her 18th birthday. 

Now, either it's true and you seriously don't have very good "math" skills, or you're saying that she was "15" when she and I met just to be spreading hate lies about me on purpose. (Which would then prove that I am right that you are a bully, spread lies about me intentionally, and are hateful.) So which is it, Gen? Do you just suck at math, or are you a hateful lying bully and purposely made that statement with no regards to the actual truth? It has to be one or the other, correct? 

You all can read about it right here

I think I just did, Gen. Got it?

So, you don't even remember what you say now? Allow me to remind you then. 

 If you read what I blocked in at the bottom you see it says: "I'm sure that's just a coincidence, even though some people who develop alternate personas often "borrow" the identities of elderly and/or dead people to do it." - Your words Gen, your words. You are insinuating that I "borrowed" this mans identity. How is that not "spinning" words again? 

Facts: Not easily identifiable by Gen Xavier. 

I did not devote an entire post talking about my name. I devoted an entire post talking about YOU and ATHENA being so fixated about my name. (Big difference) Allow me to show you the PROOF below, starting with you first. 

And now Athena's fixation. 

So you see, Gen, my name is not a big deal to me, but from the evidence presented above showing YOU writing a post referencing my "name" and Athena making it a point to "mention" my "name", it would appear that you two are indeed the ones who are consumed with my name. Not to mention, all of your self entitlement in believing that I owe you (or anyone for that matter) any proof to what my name is. I don't owe you shit. You're not entitled to shit. So, get over yourself. And even in the screenshot that you boxed in to "try" and make your point, I say; "Then THEY (meaning you and Athena) conclude their bullying of me by saying that Carroll Bryant is a pen name." - So again, I refer you to the FACTS, that i am not talking about my name, but rather, talking about YOU and ATHENA "talking" about my name.

Facts: I know you dislike them, Gen, because they always seem to get in the way of you "spinning" words.

Yes you did ridicule that young girl who lost her life. You did so by merely making a mention of it, then lying to your readers about how long I knew her. There is no excuse in the world to even bring that up, and you should know this. You attempted to put a perverted SPIN to my relationship with that girl and her mother. And that, Gen, is sickening and despicable. But you're too mentally sick and twisted to comprehend that. 

That girl and her mother were not people I just met once for five minutes. For you to even say that shows how evil you really are. There was absolutely no reason for you to go there. And it shows just how little you know me. I knew that woman and her kids for three years. What part of THREE YEARS do you not understand? How dare you to presume you know anything about my life or personal relationships? And then spew off from the mouth about it? And on top of that, to insinuate something perverted? You do this a lot, Gen. You talk about pedophilia quite a bit. The only people I could ever imagine talking about pedophilia as much as you do are people who engage in that kind of thing. People like me expose people like that, just like I did with the sexual role play groups on Goodreads. Then again, you never believed the evidence that I presented in that post. Too bad I didn't stumble into the group you were a member of. I assume you participate in that kind of thing by the way you are so adamant to dismiss the evidence. (Another behavioral trait of someone who is guilty - or so I have read.) 

And you show no class or compassion by mentioning it. And I don't give a rats ass what you do for a living or how you spend your time when I say that. A fact is a fact. And while we're on the subject of proof, where is your proof that I only met that woman and her daughters one time in a gas station as you claim? Where Gen? If you knew me and my life so well, then surely when you say that you can present evidence to back it up, right?

That's what I thought.

And you did insinuate that maybe my mother doesn't exist. That would mean that I don't have a mother. You said, and I quote yet again: "Or maybe his mother doesn't really exist?" - End of quote. (Just read the bottom of the next screenshot.)

You see, you did insinuate that. Case closed.

And as for why my age and relatives didn't show up in your web search / stalking of me, how the hell am I suppose to know? Now I'm responsible for what others put out there for the world to see? And quite frankly Gen, the fact that "Carroll Bryant" even showed up at all in your stalking of me, I mean, your web search of me, must indicate that I am using that name on official documents to some capacity, otherwise, "Carroll Bryant" wouldn't even show up at all in a stalking, I mean, web search. How is it that someone like you can't figure that out? I would think that if it is an alias, then nothing at all would show up. The fact that it does show up is more proof than not that it's not an alias, and that I am using that name. 

There you go again, Gen, "thinking" again. Just because you "think" you know me isn't proof that you know me. If you know so much about me then why is it that you can't even tell us all my "real" name? Or the last name of my best friend here where I live? Or what kind of car(s) I drive? Better yet, (and this is easy) when I will be going back to the studio to work on my songs? Or even what the new song is called? (I announced it on my Facebook) If you know me so much, then what are the first names of my sister(s) and brother(s)? Or even my mother for that mother? (Assuming I have a mother) I bet you don't even know my favorite sports teams, do you? Hell, Gen, you know me so much, how come it is that you don't even know my age? 

Or is it that you do know all of this stuff but just choose not to reveal it? Of course, for you to know any of that stuff would indicate the lengths you have gone to "uncover" who I really am, and that in itself would be fact of how much you stalk me. And are obsessed with me. Tell me Gen, why are these things about me so important to you? Why is so important for you to let everyone know how much you know me or of me when I have released so little online about me? For you to know anything more than what I have revealed publicly, would show how obsessed you are with me, wouldn't it? Because I don't know you except for what I know through your hate blog. And I don't want to know you anymore than that, and even more truthful, I don't want you to know anything personal about me because you're a sociopath who is a danger to me. You and your bully friends. 

So come on Gen, you say you know so much about me when I have told you absolutely nothing, and revealed so little online, how is then that you know me so well? Please, confess. If your claim isn't proof enough that you have been stalking me, then I don't know what is. With all of this having been said, how is it that you think you know me so well? Either you are lying about knowing me, or you are confessing to having stalked me for so long that you know everything about me. Which is it? 

You say I do not supply any real evidence to support my claim that my legal name is Carroll Bryant. But on the flip side, you haven't provided any evidence that it isn't. And why is it that you think I owe you or anyone proof of my real legal name? And why is it so important to you? And why won't you supply any real evidence of your identity. Tell you what, since you brought it up and since it's so important to you, why don't you reveal who you really are, and prove it, then I will do the same. How's that for a deal? That would end this argument. Or do you need a few weeks to create a new fake identity? *Wink, wink* Gotcha! 

How do my own words and actions prove that I am lying about you stalking me? First, I just explained that you are by your own admission that "you know me" so well. Secondly, the post you reference, "Facts, rumors and speculation" that you wrote and posted on January 10th, 2013 was about three weeks before I started "The Glass". (And you're talking about me announcing on MY blog (my personal internet space) the situation at that time regarding why STGRB went off line. And they went off line because of you and Angela Horn complaining to their host and getting them shut down. (How is that not you stalking STGRB or Athena again?) And then you post a screenshot from MY blog (my personal online space) of my announcement. How is that not stalking me again?

Of course, in the end, STGRB didn't go away, did it, Gen? Your feeble attempts and those of your co-conspirators, failed miserably, didn't you? So what lie again was I saying in that post? What lie do you actually think I was saying? The fact is, that post actually shows you doc dropping Athena Parker. That's all it shows. I know you will say it's a matter of public record, but the fact that YOU went to so much trouble to "dig" it up shows your resolve to stalk people. 

As for me providing evidence that you stalk me, I have already done that in the "GenX Says" series by showing the emails you sent me. By the fact that you sent unwanted emails to Athena, even after she blocked your first email - you sent her more emails from a different email account. Normally, when somebody blocks you, it means they don't want you emailing them. Apparently, that concept is lost on a self entitled bully like yourself, isn't it? 

More proof of you stalking me can be found in your owns words that you claim to "know" me so well. To know me so well would mean you had to go a whole lot of searching on me. That alone pretty much constitutes "stalking" a person. 

As for my "counsel", ditto. Have your attorney contact me anytime. I would love hear from him or her. I would love to settle this in court with you one day. I really would. I'm sure you know my number. After all, you know me so well.  (Your words, not mine.)

Your delusions are more serious than once thought. You do not have a "good name". Neither does Athena. You're both fakes and frauds. And I have not been trying to "destroy" her, she's been trying to destroy me. (And like you, failing at it miserably.) The fact is, you two could be twins. As for me thinking you are Amanda Welling, if I thought for a moment that you weren't her, I would have taken down all the posts about her in a heartbeat. I guess we will never know the truth for as long as you hide behind the Gen Xavier mask, now will we? But unlike you, I don't really give a rats ass. Which would explain why I don't go web searching for that information. I only took it that you were Amanda because of a post you did that connected you two. That and the fact that she always seemed to have her chubby ole head shoved up your chubby ole ass all the time when you first popped onto the scene. Where there's smoke, there's fire. 

And honestly, Gen, discredit you by associating you with Amanda? Trust me, we all know her name is about as good as yours and Athena's. But I will say this much for her, at least she uses her real name. You and Athena don't even have that much going for you. (And fine, if you want to say that i don't use my real name either, knock yourself out. I'm sure you will say it.) *Yawn*

And here's a word up: I'm not trying to work any strategy. If I wanted to go after you or Athena, you wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. If I really wanted to end this thing with you that you started, it would have been over a long time ago. but here's the thing, you are no threat to me. Neither is Athena. But as far as finding my ass with both hands, you only need a finger. It's that big! (I'm sure.) Just like your head and ego. 

I still don't know what Fox News has to do with anything. Who gives a shit about Fox News or even MSN for that matter? I clicked on it. Big deal? So some blowhard has a problem with Fox News. If I would put my mind to it, and if I gave a rats ass, I could come up with 30 reasons why Rachel Maddow, Bob Beckel and MSN are illegitimate. What does politics have to do with this? The answer of course, is nothing. And FYI Gen, we never met. You pushed yourself into my world. You stalked me. (Still do) To have met would indicate we know each other, and I don't know you except for the garbage you write about me, and you don't know me except for what you read on my blogs. (Unless you stalked me to find personal information.) 

Okay Gen, I will show you it's a real email .... just as soon as you tell me why and how it is any of your damn business. And why it's so important for you to know? Okay?

 Really Gen? You have never treated me inhumanly? So I guess calling people pedophiles on your hate blog for all the world to see, without providing evidence to back it up isn't treating someone inhumane? Really? I have no police record. You have no screenshots of me talking inappropriately with under aged girls. There is nothing on the internet that would indicate I partake in such a horrible thing. And this is business as usual to you? Are you so fucking stupid that you don't see the damage something like that causes when you say it? Jesus Christ girl, you need some serious mental help. You have never presented one screenshot that would indicate I partake in such a thing, but that has never stopped you or your bully thug friends to accuse me of it. Jesus Christ Gen, you are fucking retarded. 

And yes, it does make you an it. Because to say that kind of bullshit lie indicates you have no morals or values what so ever. You are an "it". There is no mistake about that. You are not human. You are a monster. I'm still trying to figure out why you even emailed me from out of the blue. Why you attacked me when you opened your blog. I am not the one who sought you out, you sought me out. And you and your hateful monster bully friends have called me a rapist, a pedophile, a racist, you name it. How is any of that shit humane? 

You're evil Gen. You are an "it". Is that clear enough for you?

It cost me nothing. More than you realize. Or did you just threaten me? 

I never said that I wanted you to die. I said "evil" never dies. How is this not you "spinning words" again? But I will say this, when you do eventually die, and we all will at some point, the world will be a much safer place to live. And I didn't make an enemy out of you, you pushed your way into my world as an enemy. When someone I don't know just walks up to me and calls me a pedophile right out of the gate, then yeah, they must be an enemy. Now capture that screenshot and spin it as you will. You know you want to. But you still haven't told me what evidence you seek or why you are entitled to it. I still don't know why you're entitled to know any truth about my name, or why you are entitled to know anything about me. Perhaps when you explain to me why you are entitled to this, maybe I will tell you everything. But as of yet, I don't know why you're entitled to know anything about me. So why don't you come to this blog post and leave your reasons for me as to why you think you're entitled to know any personal information about me. 

Let's play, "Whose Business Is It Anyway?" - We'll start with Gen Xavier as our first contestant. Okay Gen, you want to see proof of my real name? Fine, but first, tell me why it is "any of your business?" - Leave that answer here in my comments section. 

And next, we get to see Gen being the "it" monster again as she lies about something she claims I said. 

I did not say that i made a habit out of buying candy for a strangers children at a gas station, Gen, you said that. And you said it because you're a lying bitch. A monster. You only say it to try and hurt me but what you don't realize because you're so goddamn stupid is - it hurts you. It hurts your name. I don't have to discredit you, you discredit yourself. And if you know me so well as you claim, then you would know I drive a car(s). And if you want me to post my drivers license online, then fine, I will .... right after you do it too. Or is it that you just want to know where I live so you can come and stalk me here? Yeah, that's it isn't it? You just want to know so much about me so you can stalk me in real life. I see your angle now. But again, I have to ask, what business is it of yours to know anything about me? I don't get that part. What makes you so special and entitled that you feel as if you have to know everything about me? 

What you already know about Gen. 

She has called me a pedophile. 

That screenshot proves her a liar. 

You say you're not Jude's buddy, Gen? Okay. Let's see what the screenshot says.

That screenshot (and the truth) can be seen right here.

That's two lies, Gen. Care to go for the TRIFECTA?

I didn't accuse you, Gen, I just merely suspect it was you. Big difference. All I said was, that they told me the call appeared to come from Canada. And then I asked if you were from Canada. But I like how you put your spin to it. More importantly, I like how you showed the screenshot of what I said to prove your lie. Oh wait, you didn't post the screenshot of what I said, did you? Maybe that's why I felt compelled to post it here for you. And the reason why you didn't post it was because then you couldn't say it. The screenshot would have proved you to be a liar. I like how you cleverly left it off your post. 

That's three lies right there, Gen. Read it and weep. 

How's that for showing evidence? 

Facts: An enemy of Gen Xavier. 

And calling me a pedophile isn't defamation? Tell you what, Gen, have your lawyer call me. Better yet, just file your defamation lawsuit as soon as you can. I'll counter that lawsuit with one of my own and then we'll see what a court says, okay? And hey, if you think you or any of your friends are bad-ass enough to kick my backside, take your best shot. I look forward to it. The only thing best removed is your hate blog. Your lies. Your defamation. And certainly, your stupidity. 

And here is Gen talking about how amazing she is. 

I have a charity in mind that you can sponsor, Gen. How about the one that helps mentally retarded people? You can use all the donations you can get. But hey, at least you admit to being a compassion-less bitch. That is the only honest thing you said in your whole entire "update" post. 

Now if you all will excuse me, I have to go get my "backside" kicked. 

Wait a tick! What am I thinking? Gen is going to kick my backside for me. Guess that means my schedule is free for the day. I think I'll take in a baseball game. And if you want to know which game I will be watching, ask Gen, she knows me. (You're still a zebra, Gen)

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and this is still The Looking Glass. 

(And my backside has still yet to be kicked.)


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