Monday, April 14, 2014

STGRB Bullies Carroll Bryant

So I guess now it is official, the website that claims to stand up against bullying of authors is now bullying me. Don't believe me? Check this out.

Yes, you read correctly. Their claim is that I was banned from Goodreads AND THEIR WEBSITE for threatening members. Notice though how they FAIL to present any EVIDENCE to suppport their claims. Not to mention, didn't they cover the attack on me on Goodreads? I think they did. And for nearly two years, they were perhaps the biggest Carroll Bryant supporter. Of course, then came Athena Parker's meltdown over a post I made regarding Lucy Flood, who already came with his or her own baggage before that, as author Rick Carufel proved that Lucy Flood is a pen name some guy is using.

STGRB also claims in the screenshot that they do not condone my tendency to "publish" information given to me by confidence to others without getting permission first. You know, the same way they failed to get my permission first when they posted about the attack on me. And again, they offer up no evidence to support their claim.

Then they conclude their bullying of me by saying that Carroll Bryant is a pen name, like first of all, if that was such a horrible crime to begin with, and secondly, they still fail to show evidence to support their claim.

However, in this next screenshot, you will see me showing evidence that contradicts their claim that Carroll Bryant is a pen name. What you will see is my actual billing statement by my cable provider - minus certain personal and private information such as my account number, my street address, the amount due, and things of that nature. Take a look.

Perhaps someone should inform STGRB that when you post an actual story about someone, or make a claim of a defamatory nature, that when you present evidence to back it up, it's a story. However, when you make claims that you can't back up with evidence, it's called lying and that my friends is what they call bullying. And apparently, Athena Parker and the people over at STGRB have now crossed over into the area of bullying.

This is why I intend to file an official complaint with their host very soon. I will also supply their service host with evidence that will dispute their claims. Also, keep up with this post as after I file my complaint against them, I shall update you on what happens, and I shall also supply a direct link to their service host for any and all other authors to file a complaint against them.

The point is this: When you defend yourself it's not bullying. When you post an actual story with evidence to support your claim, it's not bullying. But when you post things that you can't back up with proof, it is bullying. And STGRB, you have now become an official bully website. You are hypocrites to the very core, and I have shown this with actual evidence right here on The Looking Glass time and time again. Not just with my words.

And oh, one more thing, while it appears that they (STGRB) do not condone publishing information given to me in confidence, then why did Athena send private emails I sent to her in confidence to other parties behind my back? Isn't that just as bad? (As this next screenshot will PROVE.)

So again, I ask the question, which is worse? Me posting private information that was sent to me in confidence that STGRB claims that I do and still hasn't proven that I do, or Athena Parker sending private emails people send to her in confidence behind their backs to other parties as I have proved she does? Only you can honestly answer that question. And if you go by the evidence I have shown, then you already know the answer to that question.

Meanwhile, since STGRB brought up the whole "pen name" issue, and seemingly, they have a problem with that, here is a screenshot from one of Rick Carufel's posts where he presents evidence that Lucy Flood is indeed also a pen name. (And they don't have a problem with that?)

It seems Mr. Lucy Flood has no problem with talking about his bullying but he and STGRB has a problem with me talking about it?

As the EVIDENCE shows, STGRB is now bullying me. 

As I have stated before, I won't just speak mere words, I will back up what I say with proof. When you do this, it is not bullying. But what STGRB is practicing where I am concerned, they say a whole lot of words but not once, to this point, have they ever presented any actual evidence to back it up. One would think they would either put up or just plain shut up. And since they can't "put up" then perhaps they should just shut up before they find themselves without a host for their website. 

I also want to leave a link for any and all authors who have been victimized by STGRB or any other bullies on the internet. It's a lawyer website that specializes in going after those people who say things about you and make false claims like STGRB does, and you want to put an end to it. They are defamation removal attorneys. Here is the link. Just click on it. ( Defamation Removal Attorney's )

Again, keep checking in with this post as I will be adding updates in the future. Thanks. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


I sent a complaint to Blue Host and now waiting for a response. If you would like to send a complaint against STGRB then email them at <> 



  1. It has been brought to my attention through an email that I have received that at one time I did admit that Carroll Bryant was a pen name. This is true, when I first started out writing it was my pen name. However, it is now my real name and has been for almost a year now. Just thought I would clear that up. Not that it's the least bit important because it's not. Pen name or not, it is not proof of any wrong doing on my part of any kind. What Athena thinks she is accomplishing by even mentioning it is beyond me as well I'm sure, beyond any of you. It's just another example of how far she will reach just to try and find something to say about me. It demonstrates her need to just simply bully me.

    All she has on me is the blog post I did about Mr. Lucy Flood that I posted without HIS permission, based on a post Athena made in the WIN group on Facebook. But I already owned it and apologized for it. But it still doesn't keep Athena from trying to reach for something to bully me with.

    As for me threatening people on Goodreads and STGRB website, just flat out more lies from Athena Parker. She has no evidence to offer any of you to support those claims. Nor does she have any evidence that I had ever posted a story about anyone else (outside of Mr. Lucy Flood) without their permission. And let's face it, if she had this proof then she would have presented it a long time ago.

    1. It's nothing more or less than a personal attack on an abused author. STGRB is a hate group that must go.

    2. I think Athena has lost her mind. She links directly to my post "The Athena Parker Emails". She's trying to use the fact that I did the Mr. Lucy Flood post without HIS permission against me, not realizing that I have already owned that mistake and apologized. In other words, she's trying to prove I did something that I'm not even denying that I did it. It doesn't make sense.

      What she fails to comprehend is that post focuses on HER lies and damages her, not me. LOL That post shows her blackmailing me. Not to mention the fact that she is trying to use that Lucy Flood post as an example that I post about people without their permission when first of all, she practices the very same thing, and secondly, she can't use any other post as an example that I post stories without people's permission. One mistake does not constitute a "trend" or pattern. Maybe more people would buy into her lies if she actually had more examples of me posting about people without their permission. But she can't show these examples because they don't exist.

      And her "victim" - Lucy flood - is a pen name for a dude! Tallk about transgender identification syndrome. Haha What is he, "Silence of The Lambs" guy? Haha He's a dude pretending to be a girl.

      The recent posts on STGRB regarding Shelby and Booklikes comes off more like an Angela Horn special edition than a serious post about bullying. But since STGRB and GR became best buds, I guess now she's trying to "make friends" with Booklikes? Maybe she thinks if STGRB starts going after BL that BL will make a back door deal with her too.

      Hey, it worked with Goodreads so .......


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