Monday, April 1, 2013

Bully Recap: The Character of a Bully

"The Looking Glass" is now officially two months old. I wanted to take a quick look at what has been covered and proven thus far, and to take a good hard look at the character of these bullies. We started out in grand style with a major story about adults and minors sexually role-playing on Goodreads on day one. The bullies came out in full force (as I predicted) to try and refute the evidence with no success. They also attacked me and STGRB even harder than before because of it.  They even invented more lies - and ways to twist the truth around.

When my "character" was attacked with claims that I am a sexual deviant, I posted a John Green comment talking to a porn actress. Yeah, we learned a little bit about what he enjoys eating. Unfortunately.

We got to see first hand how Ann Somerville predicted that STGRB would turn on me at first chance and not even a week later - she was turned on by her friends over at GenXpose.

We also learned that GenX was Amanda Welling. (Her own words, not mine) And that she wrote about me first in the month of July 2012 on her "Hippies, Beauty, and Books, Oh My" blog. We also learned that GenX made first contact to me and STGRB by not just leaving comments on our blogs, but emailing us as well! Then we saw how she tried to lie about it by telling everyone that "we" or "I" started it.

We also learned more about her husband Jonathon (Mepis) and the blog they started called "CB Lies".  Obviously, their accusations that I won't leave them alone falls by the wayside. They call me and STGRB the bullies.  I'm not the one starting blogs about them with their name in it. Nor is STGRB.

Then a new blog popped up. More people looking to get famous off my name. The name of the blog is itself hypocritical - "Tired of Bryant". LOL

We discovered that while Amanda Welling and her friends accuse me and STGRB of doc dropping, and cleverly forgetting to post the evidence of this, that I provided evidence that in fact Amanda Welling will not hesitate a moment to post people's personal information on her blog. Which included two addresses of two people (Athena and Melissa) with phone numbers included. Proving one of their own lies - that Athena and Melissa are one and the same yet, their own doc dropping scam proves otherwise. So how can Athena be a sock puppet of Melissa if they both have different addresses and phone numbers?

Not only do I take great pleasure in proving these bullies lies, but apparently, they take pleasure in revealing their own lies also. LOL

But what does it say about a persons character that even if the information they posted on their blog about somebody is public, that they would still even post that information in the first place? The bullies say that STGRB does it yet there is no evidence they practice this behavior. I heard they did it in their first week of operation but has since decided against doing it and took what they did down and apologized. If this is true, then what does it say about these bullies that they would still be living in the past like that? Kind of like them still yapping about the "model pic" which I have long "owned" up to and explained. These bullies just can't let anything go.

They also claim that I doc drop. They supply no evidence to support this claim. Just their words, And we know all about their "word" - right?

What does it say about them when they themselves admit to things and yet, never apologize? Like reading and rating books they never read. Can't they see that simply by this practice, they expose their true character of "lying"? And once you expose that you are willing to lie about something as insignificant as reading a book, you pretty much tell the world you will lie about anything and everything.

Then I showed you where one of the bullies "Zoe" misquoted from my book and tried to say that I wanted to "rape" a girl. Even after "Zoe" admits she misread that quote, did she ever offer up an apology to me? No! And why not? Because bullies do not apologize for their lies or actions. Only authors are obligated under "Bully Law" to apologize for having an "opinion".

 But what does it say about your character that even when you know and admit you are wrong, you still don't apologize?

Think about that.
The bullies have so much hate running through their veins that to even try and attempt to grasp it would send you to an underworld of shame and embarrassment. Why else would they proudly defend their actions and words and lies as an "Anon" and hide the names of membership on the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on Goodreads, to which I akin that group to with the Ku Klux Klan in regards to their philosophy?
They say they hide their true identities so that I nor STGRB will "doc drop" them yet, Amanda Welling has been the only one so far to be proven to do that on her GenXpose blog.
We also saw some of these bullies wish me dead. (Mrs. Joseph) What does that say about their character as human beings, just to wish anyone dead?
We have exposed a lot of bully lies here on "The Looking Glass" so far - as well as their hypocrisy and true character. It doesn't bode well for you when you are caught spinning things that people say. Or exposing your own lies. But I also said that hate will make you stupid. And these people say that I hate them yet, they are the ones creating hate blogs in my honor.
Go figure.

Through all of this mess, I still have to ask myself one question, what are these bullies trying to accomplish? What is their goal, and why? 

Why is it so important to them to hate so much? To try and ruin people's dreams and careers? What is the purpose? 

They say that they are not the bad ones in this whole thing yet, they are the only ones who are going around and doing harm. They are the ones doing all the attacking. It's not like you just say your peace and move on, they stick around and make sure they spread lies and rumors - and try to get others to believe them - just for the sole purpose of trying to hurt author's book sales. Here is a head's up bullies, good people do not do that sort of thing. Nor do they accuse people of crimes without proof. Nor do they wish people dead. Just saying. 

One other question I ask these bullies is - if you're not ashamed in what you are doing, why do you hide your true identities? Even in the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on Goodreads, the bullies have hidden their members names. Seems like there is a lot of shame being shown here by this action. 

Oh, and word up, I was informed that Jude Henderson is the one behind "Tired Of Bryant". 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned:

* Same ole, same ole


  1. Hey Carroll, did you know that Amanda is claiming that you met Jude when she was 15 on her Genxpose blog? I did the math and it is humanly impossible. First of all, you joined Goodreads in the Spring of 2011 when you first met her. She is 19 now so that means you couldn't have met her until she was at least 17, almost 18. In fact, Jude joined Goodreads when she was 16 so how could you have known her at 15? God that bitch is such a liar. Her and all her friends. Thought you should know.

    1. Yeah, I know. I think this was covered a while back in the comments section of another post. maybe I should do an official post to address this outright lie.

      This is what you can come to expect from Amanda Welling and her goon squad over at GenXpose. Their version of freedom of speech is to have the right to libel and lie about anyone they choose and then cry and complain about it when their lies are exposed. That is the bully code.

  2. Jude is behind that blog. How did you find out?

    1. He pulled a name out of his magic hat, because that's the best he can do.

    2. .... Nothing up my sleeve .....

      Never sell short the power of magicians.


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