Friday, April 12, 2013

Democrats Versus Republicans: What Happened After Clinton?

This is a rant. It is my rant. It is my rant against our political parties in America. For the record, I am not a democrat. I am not a republican. I am not an independent

I am an American!

It is a rant to demonstrate that I have had enough of this democrat and republican stupidity that has embarrassed this country now for who knows how long. Both sides think that they are right about everything all the time and the other is wrong about everything all the time. Here is a news flash for you idiots of both parties; No one is right about everything all the time and no one is wrong about everything all the time. Both parties have brought our country into the mess that it is currently in. Both parties are destroying this country. Both parties are at fault. The two biggest idiots who have contributed the most to the decay of America is MSNBC and Fox News.

Now …. On with my rant ….

It’s the age old question: What happened since the Clinton administration? Think about it, I mean, back in the 1990’s, when Bill Clinton was elected president, we were looking for jobs in America. During Clinton’s administration, America started getting those jobs. In my lifetime, there was no more prosperous time than during the presidency of Bill Clinton in the 90’s.

During the 90’s, I had a plethora of jobs to choose from. It was an employment smorgasbord if you will. This worked out great for me. I was working through three different temp companies, getting jobs here and there that fit my schedule. I liked to travel in those days of glory so I wanted to work sparingly. A few weeks here, a few weeks there, a few months here, a few months there, and in between I would take off and travel around.

I remember going to places such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or take off to Cancun or Florida for spring break. If the mood struck me, I would go to California or where ever I wanted to go. I was young and free and willing to do or try just about anything. It was a wonderful life. And every time I would return from one of my crazy adventures, I would go to the temp service and they would send me out to a new job for however long I wanted and with great pay to boot. I would get to work my hours, my shifts, my days for a time period of my choosing. I was single and loving every minute of it.

It was a grand time. A time of excess. Jobs were available left and right. In fact, there were more jobs available than what could be filled. I didn’t like the thought of being tied down to one company. I didn’t like to always work overtime. Working through the temp services, I had the luxury of refusing extra hours if I had other plans. Which often times, I did have other plans.

I watched as those around me got married, had children and were working their butts off for their family. That’s what they wanted, I always assumed, so yay for them. It appeared as though everybody was winning in those days. Things were good. The democrats were looking good also. President Clinton, you did good sir. Not that the republicans weren’t trying to kill those good times. They did everything possible to try and destroy Clinton’s administration with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Quite frankly, I couldn’t have cared less that Clinton was getting some intern tail. Our economy was clicking on all cylinders and if the trade off was that my president was getting laid in the Oval (oral) office, then fine with me. Just keep the jobs coming. The impeachment by the republicans against Clinton was a big shame of our political structure. If only it would have just stopped right there.

Then came President Bush and the republican lunacy. Everything changed. I saw the problems that were forth coming and I am half ass where politics is concerned. But if I could see the end of paradise approaching with the Bush agenda, the republican agenda, then why couldn’t they? And why couldn’t the rest of America?

Sometimes I think Americans just like the smell of their own bowels because we spend most of our time with our heads inserted in our asses. I’m just trying to figure out why that is. The next thing I know, there is a war against tobacco. The argument was that it was killing our health care system. So the communists created laws that would lead to raising sales tax on tobacco products and lawsuits were filed left and right against tobacco companies because apparently, so many “ignorant” Americans didn’t know that by putting cigarette smoke in your lungs over a long period of time would lead (or could lead, or increase the possibility of) to them getting lung cancer and or other forms of cancer. Hell, I knew this at 17 years old, the time when I actually started smoking. My first clue was the insane coughing I experienced the first time I took a puff of my first cigarette. (Keeping in mind that I started smoking cannabis long before I ever started smoking cigarettes, and it still made me cough.) But I knew it wasn’t a good thing. So why didn’t everybody else know this? Why did they need the Surgeon General to tell them this?

Common sense people - acquire it, utilize it.

I think back and believe that this was perhaps the time when Americans started their desire to be coddled by their government. To be told that they are stupid by the people they elect. Now Americans are addicted to it. They yearn to be called stupid by their elected officials and apparently, they like it.

As always, I knew this health care claim was BS. And it was later proved to be so because now, after all of these years, our health care system is worse off than ever. But if that wasn’t enough, they (republicans and democrats alike) then decided that we needed to invest billions into a sexual predator data base and make convicted sex offenders register with law enforcement in order to “protect” the children. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am all for protecting the children, but I am not for a program that costs billions of dollars to fund and still doesn’t protect the children and quite frankly, making sex offenders register with law enforcement does not do a damn thing to protect the children. We now have over a million people registered as sexual offenders and the list continues to grow every year and keeping track of all of them is becoming close to impossible. In fact, the whole program soon got abused and every guy that looked up a girls skirt on a windy day is being slapped as a sex offender. About 20 percent of all registered sex offenders probably shouldn’t even be on the list. Then we started registering children as sexual offenders when a 17 year old has sex with a 15 year old as was a case in Georgia about 6 years ago. A program that was started to protect children from adults became an abused weapon to turn children into sex offenders for them being kids. And that is the nature of our politics in America.   

Not only did the war on tobacco cost us millions (if not billions) of dollars in lost revenue from tobacco sales tax, and jobs lost from businesses going belly-up from the ban of public smoking to boot, we increase our expenditures with this sexual predator data base system.

So I watched as restaurants and convenient stores and wholesale outlets, along with night clubs and diners and ‘mom and pop’ shops started disappearing. My neighborhood started to look like some deserted cow-town or something what with all the boarded up buildings that sprung up, and for the most part, are still boarded up to this day, and I saw the coming of the end of our paradise.

My friends were finding it harder to find and keep their jobs. All of those houses, cars and electronics they bought with credit, throwing them into a financial “dire straits”, was finally coming back home to roost. I started to take my own actions to get rid of stocks, bonds and investments. Then came 911, and with it, the war against the terrorists in Afghanistan. If that wasn’t enough, the lies from President Bush, vice-president Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld – throwing us into a war that we not only couldn’t afford, but should have never started in Iraq. All I heard was “They have weapons of mass destruction.” And all that was proven was, “There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

Thanks republicans.

Our jobs were lost, our local governments went to shit, our infrastructure went to even more shit, the unemployment level shot up like a junkie with two needles, and the war between the democrats and republicans got worse and more childish with each passing year.

Really? All of you so called “experts” and college grads, politicians and financial wizards didn’t see the writing on the wall? Really?

Please refer yourself to my earlier statement about Americans savoring the flavor of their anal passages.

Greed finally caught up with America and Americans. We are perhaps the most greedy of species and at the same time, linger in our contentment.

Fortunately, I saw it coming and took my own initiative. Meanwhile, I watched the rest of America and other countries who were (are) foolish to follow the steps of Americans begin to fall apart where their economy is concerned, and turn a blind eye to their greed and stupidity. It soon became common practice to not hold ourselves responsible for our own words or actions. But rather, point the finger at somebody else and  say that it is their fault I make stupid mistakes and we need our government to tell us what to do and how to do it.

Now look us at, America, and I mean, really take a look at ourselves. We are one sorry of an excuse, aren’t we?

So finally, the Bush disaster came to an end and the country was looking for leadership once again like they got from the Clinton administration. What else could we do but turn to the democrats again in hopes they could pull us out of this mess the republicans got us into? What other choice?

Enter Obama. That’s right, Barack Obama. Enter the promises that he made to start cutting down the deficit, create jobs and get our economy back on track. “No more politics as usual.” He said. He preached. He promised. In the process, blaming the Bush administration for everything instead of sucking it up and working for a solution. A real solution!

Barrack Obama, democrats – you fail!

I look around and still see so many out of work. I see taxes going up. I see more and more of our rights being taken away. I see the progressives (another word for communists – The republican word for communist is “Tea Party”) forcing us to buy health care insurance. And that “Obama-Care” system is going to take us down a darker path even further. Gas prices are soaring, inflation inflating, no middle class, and most certainly, no freaking answer. I see things getting worse. This is when I realized, it will only keep getting worse because our politicians are more about arguing with each other and their own party agenda that they don’t have the time to work on the problems they were elected to work on for the American people. Evidently, in order to fix this mess they have to pass more laws that takes away more of our rights and freedoms. Really? That’s your answer Dems, GOP? I look around and see our national deficit grow by three trillion dollars in the past four years under Obama. One trillion of it coming from the senseless war in Iraq. (Again, thanks republicans, even though, you weren’t totally to blame for that. Hilary Clinton also believed your lies and fake intel that Saddam was back in the business of producing and storing chemical weapons.

How is that for a kick in the ass?

I watch MSNBC and the democrats hating on republicans. I turn to Fox and watch republicans hating on democrats and then it hits me, this is our leadership. These are the ones who teach us all how to hate one another. These are the ones who teach us how to bully one another. These are the people who teach us that it is okay to point the finger of blame rather than stepping up and accepting responsibility or try and find solutions to our problems. These are the people who are teaching us how to spin every little thing, including the out-right truth, and make it look like something else entirely. These are the people who are dividing this country.

People like Rumsfeld who tweets about the ten year anniversary of “freeing the Iraqi people” makes me sick. It makes me sick because even to this day, he and the republicans continue to fail when it comes to the truth and accepting responsibility for the truth and the many lies they told the American people. The truth is; it was never about freeing the Iraqi people from Saddam. Oh, how I wish it were though. I would have accepted that. But that isn’t truth. And Rumsfeld knows this. The republicans know this. The Iraqi people know this. But do Americans know this? Or are we still enjoying the smells of our anus?

Yes, America, these are our true leaders of our country. And they all suck. They are all liars and corrupt politicians who have spent their entire political careers learning how to be corrupt and lie and swindle the American people. Not to mention, insult our intelligence.

No wonder America is screwed up.

So I ask yet again, what happened to paradise? Why did it have to end? What happened to our leaders? Where is our leadership? Why do our politicians continue to insult our intelligence? And make things worse? From both sides; democrats or republicans, we have no leadership, period!  

Detroit is just the beginning. But America, you have your choice. Remove head from sphincter or continue tasting the turkey from our last Thanksgiving dinner of the Clinton administration. We need a better class of elected officials. We deserve a better class of elected officials. But if we continue to elect idiots like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama, then we deserve every ounce of poverty and socialism we get from them. After all, if we continue to elect them, and people like them, and tolerate them, then we must want to become a communist society or, a little sister to our big brother, China.

And now we have Obama and the democrats blaming everything on the sequester. Really? Some Marines get killed in a training exercise and what do we do, blame the sequester? This is our solution? Cancel Whitehouse tours and the Easter egg hunt because of the sequester yet, we send billions of dollars to countries that wish us all dead? Really Obama? Really democrats? This is how you “lead”?

Insert shocked face here ( _______________)

Has anybody even noticed that the states and cities that have the worst problems financially or highest crime rates are primarily “Democratically” run? Places like NYC, Chicago, Detroit and California have all gone to hell in a hand-basket while Republican states like Texas seem to have their shit together…. Well, except for the executing mentally retarded people and intolerance to gay and lesbians by depriving them of their rights for them to get married like the majority of the rest of the country.

Land of the free? I think not. We always seem to be living on the edge of Eden. Right on the cusp of perfection and yet, we seem too stupid to get over the top. This is what happens when you have “career” politicians. They are always more concerned for their “job” on the short-term to get re-elected rather than the long term needs of the people they are elected to serve. This is why nothing can get accomplished in Washington. And why nothing ever will for as long as the American people allow this nonsense to continue. And trust me, if the “extremists” of both parties (Tea Party and Progressives) have their say then this nonsense will continue until “Olympus Has Fallen.” And we will fall. History proves it to be inevitable.   
However, that being said: If the democrats can’t fix it, and the republicans can’t fix it … Then who do we have left to turn to?

Democrats versus Republicans – We all lose!

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The looking Glass.

Things we learned today:

* Politicians are the puppet masters and Americans are the puppets. I don't know if that's how it was meant to be in the beginning, but that is the way it is now. Or worse yet, special interest groups are the puppet masters and the politicians are the puppets and the American people are the audience with no say anymore. Just sit quiet and watch as your life goes to hell. And your country. 

Yeah, that's what we learned.


  1. Carroll, you do drugs?

    1. No. I did experiment in high school though. I quit afterwards and never went back to them. Mostly just weed. Nothing fancy. I learned by my experimenting that drugs were not the way to go.

      So kids, if you're reading this, don't do drugs, mmmkay? Drugs are bad.

    2. Wait! That's what you got from this post? That I did drugs in high school? LOL Okay.


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