Monday, April 8, 2013

Tired Of Bryant: Bryant Is Tired Of You Bullies

The odd blog of "Tired Of Bryant" was created in my honor. Apparently, someone is tired of me standing up for myself against bullies and their attacks, lies and libel against me. I guess the message that they send is the same that "CB Lies" and Amanda Wellings blog, "GenXpose" sends and that message is this: "Stop standing up for yourself against us bullies"

 Okay, well, Bryant is tired of bullies. And not just the bully attacks against me, but the bully attacks against others as well. I am tired of these bullies on the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" of Goodreads and Amazon Forum Boards who act as "Judges, jury and executioners" of authors and their careers. I hate their feeling of entitlement where they feel it is okay for them to talk about others but nobody can talk about them. I hate their hate. And trust me, that is all they spread around. Hate.

I am also tired of their fake reviews and book ratings. 

The funny thing about this review from our number one bully, Amanda Welling, is how she says that I can't get an honest review from a neutral party. Yeah, she isn't neutral by a long shot. She also hasn't read any of my books yet like so many others, she gives a rating and review. Now that is hate right there. But the reason there may not be any neutral review - good or bad or fake - is because the bullies would probably go after them if anyone put up a good review. The bullies don't get it, that they are the bullies and good honest people are afraid of them and their terrorist behavior.

Anyhow, I am also tired of all the lies and hate from these bullies and them wishing me and others "dead". (As Mrs. Joseph does)

I am tired of Patrick Brown and Otis Chandler supporting these bullies and hate groups by allowing this stuff to exist on their site. I am tried of them allowing these bullies to attack people. I am tried of them allowing people to break online laws on their website and them not enforcing their ToS.

In short, I am just tired of all the stupid these bullies bring to the table. I would most certainly hope that many of you would be tired of them too. If you are, just say so. Speak out. Stand up to them. These bullies will not go away on their own. They have to be pushed away. The only way to push them away is to stand up to them and let them know that we will not tolerate their bullying and terrorist ways anymore. Send the message to Amanda Welling and her husband Jonathon, John Green, Jude Henderson, H.J. Leonard, Patrick Brown, Otis Chandler, Ade, Belle, Mrs. Joseph and the rest of them that us good people are not looking the other way any longer to their internet crimes and special brand of hatred. Let them know that they stand on the side of evil and it will no longer be acceptable, their ignorant and hateful ways. Let them all know that their hate blogs are not acceptable either. 

It is time for the good people to stand up and just say NO! No to the internet bullies. You can do this by supporting STGRB. By commenting on their blog, my blog, these bogus ratings and reviews on Goodreads. Don't be afraid of these evil bullies any longer. There is no need to fear them. There never was. They are cowards. Show them that they are the evil bullies they refuse to see in themselves. Tell them that enough is enough. Hate needs to stop. 

This is what I am tired of .... what are you tired of?

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Hate needs to be stopped



  1. I left this comment on CB Lies but doubt they will post it. I posted it on their "history" page on the blog. Will you post it here Carroll? Thanks.

    This is what I said: "I agree with the previous anon that I haven't seen anything he has done either. There are two hate blogs about him and they both pretty much say the same things and none of it makes sense. I also saw where this Jude girl became friends with his friend and asked his friend to make her an admin on their blog but none of you address this. Why did she stalk Carroll on his blog for? What does she have to say about that? I want to know why she did that. Isn't that a form of harassment? Surely even you would have to admit that she should have never done that. Why aren't any of you addressing this? Why aren't you addressing all the hate comments on his books on goodreads? I don't see the point in that. I don't think you realise this but Carroll and stgrb are making you guys look bad. I also read on stgrb where one of the bullies was proved to have over 6 sock pockets. I think her name is Anna? Or Janis? They say she is a teacher. This doesn't make you guys look good either because she is one of you, yes? They also say she is a member of the BBA group on goodreads and amazon. Why is that Jude girl a member of that group? People say it is a hate group and I have seen so many of comments by these people that it looks like its true. Sorry so long but this whole thing is confusing. Why don't you guys ever address the things you do and say that are bad? I doubt you will post this but I had to ask. Oh, and do you guys have proof he is associated with stgrb? Just because he comments on it doesn't mean he is associated with them. Isn't that considered misleading of the truth? I also have yet to see and doc dropping on stgrb but I did see on carrolls blog where amanda doc dropped. Why don't you guys talk about that? I am going to leave this comment on Carrolls blog too just in case you dont post it here. Thanks, Bye."

    1. I'll post your comment.

      You almost suckered me into going to that hate blog to understand what you were commenting to, but I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?

      Be it Amanda Welling's GenX blog or any of the other hate blogs, they all say the same thing. "Blah, blah, blah, I hate my life, blag, blah, blah, Carroll Bryant, blah, blah, blah, STGRB, blah, blah, blah, I still hate my life ..."

      It's like they write one post and take turns posting it under different names.

  2. They're at it again Carz over at genxpose. Some dumbass named AJ ward. Even when you don't talk about them, they still talk about you. Sounds like a hate blog to me.

    1. I received three emails pertaining to that article by "AJ Nobody". Hey, I'm just glad that he or she took the time to think enough of me to write it.

      At least the bullies are thinking of me and following my blogs. With each post, they make me more famous. Granted, it is all hate posts, and unproven lies, but still, they can mock me and my blogs all they want, my main blog still has over 430K views in less than 16 months.

      I bet they all wish they were that popular. LOL

      Besides, if they (the bullies) could ever produce evidence that proves I chase underage girls, doc drop, stalked Jude, or even said that I wanted to be a rock star and have multiple sock puppets, then I would not only take down all four of my blogs, but I would delete my songs and Youtube account as well as Twitter and to top it off, I would remove all of my books from the internet and nobody would ever see or hear from me again in the internet world.

      The problem with this is, they don't any evidence. Even if they did, they would never post it because they wouldn't know what to do without me. Nobody would ever pay any attention to them again because they would have nothing interesting to write about. I'm all the bullies got. Just me and STGRB. But mostly, they have me. I'm as interesting as their little lives will ever get.

      And you're damn right I am proud of that! LOL

  3. I almost forgot to tell you the funniest part where AJ goes after your songs and your singing only everybody knows you don't sing your own songs. He says you want to be a rock star. Wouldn't the fact that you don't sing your own songs contradict that statement? He even attacks your poetry. Somebody is jealous of you.

    1. I really don't care. I have more important things to worry about at the moment. For example, I just ordered some eggs and pancakes and now I am trying to decide between the sausage links or the sausage patties.

      I'm leaning towards the links.

      Seriously though, you have two ways to live your life. 1) Like this AJ Nobody by writing hate posts on hate blogs or you can go out and enjoy your life. Live with hate like AJ or live with love. Take your pick.

  4. I was thinking about closing the comments because the bullies are nit-picking about them. My friend suggested that would be a bad idea. Apparently, by them nit-picking, it demonstrates that I am still getting to them. I'm still a force to be reckoned with. I'm still a threat to their bully way of life.

    Kind of like North Korea. They hate America like the bullies hate me. I think this is best represented by the post made about me by AJ Nobody on Amanda's GenX hate blog. AJ apparently has attacked me from "A" to "Z". I don't even know who this Nobody is. But since he or she took the time to write a post about me then obviously, I am still in their minds.

    This is flattering.

    So the comments shall remain open. And it would be a great honor to have the bullies continue to post hate rants against me. It is always nice to know that they still consider me an enemy. And it's still funny that they keep putting their feet in their mouths.

    I hear from sources that AJ thinks I am a horrible singer. AJ is correct. Which is why I do not sing my songs. I get other local singers to do that. However, if AJ would have done his or her homework / research, then he or she would have known that it is not me singing on any of my songs.

    All AJ had to do was click on the CD cover in my "Music" page and looked at the credits to see that where "Vocal" credits are given, my name is not mentioned. It really isn't that difficult to do.

    Of course, this merely proves the lack of effort on the bullies part to research their information. They all just wing everything that spills out of their hate filled hearts and mouths. It also continues to prove that they (the bullies) still do not know anything about me.

    Apparently, from what I have been told, AJ thinks he or she knows me just because he or she clicks on all of my blogs and reads a few things or skims over them.

    That's hilarious.


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