Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bully Shenanigans

Hey everyone, this is a spur of the moment post. You know I do this from time to time so stop looking so surprised. LOL

Anyhow, there is a great post over at STGRB called "Nice Try, Elly" documenting a recent attempt by a bully to gain access to another recent STGRB post called "Why Do Bullies Bully?"

Here's the thing, that post "Why Do Bullies Bully?" is password protected and it's driving the bullies up a freaking wall. I can hear them whining all the way from here.

Anyhow, this person known as Elly tried to get the password from Athena by pretending to be some guy. A classic bully tactic. Kudos to Athena for being able to smell a rat.

If you haven't read this post yet on STGRB, I highly recommend that you do. 

I would leave a link but hey, don't be a bunch of lazy asses, just click on the STGRB site link to the right on my blog in the aptly titled "My Blog list". STGRB is the first site listed. No foolin!

Seriously! if you would stop reading this and click the link you would be reading that post right now. 

Go on, what are you waiting for? Go. Click the link already.

We're done here. 


 Play nice. Peace and love to all.


B.o.B. - "Ghost In The Machine"

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  1. yo carz, great music selection. I bet the bullies r feelin like a ghost right about now.


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