Monday, April 22, 2013

Obesity: Why You Are Fat

Here is a question for you: If you were trying to get your child to live healthier, would you want them to stop drinking a drink that has 39 grams of sugar per 12 ounce serving, and replace it with another drink that has 40 grams of sugar per 12 ounce serving?

Before you answer, and before I blow your mind, let’s talk about obesity.

In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to push city legislation to ban 32 ounce sodas. His reasoning? To help combat obesity and diabetes. My question is – what is his motive? Trust me when I say, no politician gives a rats ass about your health, my health, or anybody’s health outside of themselves and their friends and family. So again I ask, why does he want to do this?

I think it is just another step forward for the “progressive” movement in America where the extremists of the Democratic Party (Progressives) are really trying their best to insult the intelligence of the American people and or continue their quest to take away personal choice from the American people.  (I.E. – Communism/Socialism.)

That or, Mayor Bloomberg is just plain stupid and or a liar.

Here is why:

Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of these “progressives” keep yapping about how junk-food, fast-food, greasy food, sugary drinks are all making Americans obese. These people couldn’t be any more wrong! Food is not our health problem. It is exercise.

Let me say that again – IT IS EXERCISE!

But why have Americans, adults and children alike, stop exercising? Oh, I don’t know, let’s think for a moment. Here, better yet, let me tell you a story:

When I was a kid, do you know what me and my friends did when we got home from school? We went outside and played. Not for a lousy hour like these nitwits are trying to do with these ridiculous commercials that stress “60 minutes of play”. While they have good intentions I guess, I can’t help but to shake my head and chuckle. When I was a kid, we played for hours on end outside. From 4PM to about 9PM. Every single day! And you couldn’t find me anywhere on the weekends or in the summertime.

So why aren’t our kids playing outside anymore? Why do we have to always try and trick them into it or something? Well, because it is all we can do to distract them from their X-Boxes, or their iphones, or ipads, or Kindle’s, or laptops, or desktops, or whatever latest version of technology we have to distract our kids with (and ourselves) that requires them to sit down on their ass for hours on end.

I didn’t have those things to distract me when I was growing up.

Granted, I ate just about as much junk food as kids today probably eat, the only difference is – I burned off those calories and fat grams with extended physical activities like baseball, football, basketball, hiking, or whatever with my local friends. And also, we weren’t scared into our homes by the media and government officials with the “cry wolf” syndrome known as “sexual predators will get you”. I mean, everywhere you turn the channel there seems to be some fruit cake talking about child abductions like they occur every minute of every day in every city and town.

Hey, we had our share of child abductions too when I was a kid. In fact, there was a girl who lived within a couple of blocks from me and went to my school who was abducted. Fortunately, she was released and found and the guy was caught, but nobody tried to use a scare tactic against the rest of us kids to make us scared to go out and freaking play.

Listen up folks, this may surprise you but, not every man walking the streets wants to rape your kid. Just saying. Child abductions occur to about one percent of the population – maybe! - yet if you went by the media and government officials, you would think they occur to the tune of 90 percent. My point being this – we make our homes little prisons for our kids. We give them electronics to pass the time away so they can text and what not. For the majority of the parents out there, you actually encourage your kid to get fat without maybe knowing it. So if you want to know what is making your kid fat (or yourself) then now you know it is technology.

Let me say that again. TECHNOLOGY IS CAUSING OBESITY!!!

Did you hear that Bloomberg? Progressives?

So – now that you are armed with this knowledge, then why are you attacking sodas? Why are you attacking my freaking double bacon cheeseburgers and chilli-cheese fries? Hands off you communists! Hey, I have been thin as a rail for all of my life since until my car accident when I had to take it easy for a year or so and ultimately, spent more time on the internet and my writing that I rose to about 250Lbs. but now coasting at around 230. For a six foot three inch man in his late yadda yadda’s, that aint bad. (And a head full of non-gray hair) LOL So if I decide that I want to get fat in my later years say …. In ten or 15 years perhaps, then I say that I have earned the right to get fat. So leave me alone democrats and stop trying to make personal decisions for me. My health is none of yours or anybody else’s business. And regardless of your attempts at Obamacare, it just isn’t right for you to go around insulting America’s intelligence.

You “progressives” are telling the same lies that you told back in the late 1990’s that smoking was destroying our health care system because of all the “lung cancer” cases. Of course, that ended up being proved a lie because our health care system is worse off now than ever before. The truth is; our health care system is screwed up because we allow health care providers to jack up the prices. The health care industry isn’t regulated and it needs to be. (Just like oil companies and gas prices need to be) But that is a problem caused by our career politicians who take contributions by these special interest groups to “look the other way” – and or pass laws that benefits them and sucks for the American people and screws them over. (The car insurance law was just the beginning, now it’s health care insurance and later, home insurance, renters insurance and who the hell knows what else these communists will come up with to pass into law something to make us “buy” a product from these special interest groups.)

I’m still trying to find the freedom here folks.

If you think I am blowing smoke up your ass, then consider this: These brainless toads of the democratic and republican extremists lobbied for soda machines to be removed from public schools because they have 39 grams of sugar per 12 ounce serving and they replaced them with Snapple drinks that have 40 grams of sugar per 12 ounce serving.

Are you kidding me? Don’t you people ever do your research? Are you going to spend the rest of your lives believing politicians? Hell man, it almost seems like instead of looking out for our health, they are trying to kill us. Or at least, our children. Really? Remove drinks with 39 grams of sugar and replace them with drinks that have 40 grams of sugar?

This is why I have no respect for politicians anymore. This is just utter nonsense. It goes beyond stupidity if you ask me.

With American politics and our “career politicians” – it is one lie after another. It is finger pointing. It is always the other guys fault and it is just simply put, stupid beyond comprehension. What’s next? Replacing our 100 grams of fat hamburger with a by-product replacement burger that has 101 grams of fat?

How much you want to bet that when they do, they will pass a law requiring us to “buy” that burger or else pay a lofty “tax’ penalty?

Wise up people. Stop being stupid. Stop being blind. Stop being played by politicians.


                                I’m Carroll Bryant … and this is the Looking Glass.

Things we learned today:

* Schools across the nation removed sugary soft drinks and replaced them with drinks with more sugar

* Technology (and laziness) is the biggest factor contributing to obesity

* America has to get rid of the "career politician" if it wants to survive

* NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg displays communistic traits


  1. As someone whose husband was raised in communist state (USSR), I think you're insulting communism here. What you're talking about is Nanny State/Nanny Government. That's why they pass so many laws to protect stupid people. Personally I think we could do with a lot less laws and a lot more common sense, but I don't think it is necessarily communism/socialism. It's just idiocy. Let's say it like it is, shall we? :-)

    1. Agreed. Nanny state it is. But, the next step is communism, yes?

      As for passing laws to protect stupid people, what ever happened to "natural selection"? LOL Isn't that how we evolved from the caves? We asked the stupid ones to go out each morning to check and see if there were any Saber-tooth's lurking about? If they didn't return, then the answer was yes? Ha-ha

      The bonus was that the clan got smarter for it?

      On a scary note: If we have that many stupid people in America, then we are surely doomed. Doomed I tell you. Doomed as Doomed can be. LOL

      Hi Katy! :)

  2. Nanny state/communism all the same.


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